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  • Quartoth

    I was thinking about season 3 and noticed something i never noticed before.
    I dont think it ruins the overall story or anything but i just thought it was a bit
    of a plot hole.

    Quartoth i supposed to be the worst of the worst hell dimension.
    But Connor was *the destroyer*.
    At the end of the price an intimidating, formidable looking hell beast drops
    through a portal, followed by Connor who simply backhands it away, probably killing it
    as we dont see it again.

    Then Conner was shown to be not as strong as earth dimension people(like Angel, faith and groo). So when i think on the tough trials AI and the scoobies have been through, and that theres much better fighters than Connor, it dosnt make the worst of the worst hell
    dimensions seem that bad. Maybe they shouldnt have called him the Destroyer.

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    Connor's power changes everytime, just like the power of some others. If they made Connor too strong, he would've killed Angel in season 4 ... but we also see him killing a lot of vampires at the same time (Deep Down, I believe), that monster from Quartoth, he killed Jasmine and Sahjan. And when he came back from Quartoth, he was very difficult to stop ... Groo and Angel were there to fight him ... but he was quicker and escaped. Connor can't be found if he doesn't want to, he is quick, smart and very well trained. Besides, he is still very young ... he can get stronger and better.

    And I doubt that Quartoth was an easy place to live. I've no idea if it's the worst place, but sometimes bad places don't mean only big evil monsters. When Angel returned from hell, he didn't look like he was beaten or kicked ... there is a chance that there was not one big scary monster ... but it's still hell. And if Connor kills scary monsters, he deserved the title 'the destoyer'.

    I was wondering if it works with Connor like it works with vampires. How older, how stronger ... and because Connor's life isn't forever, would he get stronger very quick?
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      I imagine Connors strenght would definetly improve, just like vampires, and slayers.