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    Loves. The characters. Doyle and Kate and all the Buffy characters showing up.
    Hates. Only 6 good episodes in the first 15

    Loves. Darla's back. Lorne and Pylea.(and W & H)
    Hates. Serious lack of really top class episodes.

    Loves. Holtz and all the flashback episodes.
    Hates. The beginning of Connor.

    Loves. The middle of the season with Angelus/Beast/Faith
    Hates. Connor(again)Jasmine and generally the way some of the characters are becoming, especially Cordy.

    Loves. Spike, Harmony, and the few top class episodes, plus no Cordy.
    Hates. The highest rate of bad episodes of any Ats season. Also didnt like illyria. Shes so cold and robotic.

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    Originally posted by lee View Post
    Hates. Serious lack of really top class episodes.
    Huh? Season 2 has episodes like Reprise, Epiphany, Reunion, The Trial and Are You Now or Have You Ever Been. Those are really high class, good acting, great writing, important for the big story episodes And the speeches and ideals in Epiphany and Reprise.

    My list;

    Season 1:
    Loves: The great stand alone episodes, Wesley and Cordelia have depth and Angel has humor.
    Dislikes: Lack of an arc ... I love arcs.

    Season 2:
    Loves: Darla and Dru, Darla who is so much better in Ats than in BtVS ... Angel's dark arc with a great epiphany.
    Dislikes: The final arc was a let down after the amazing Darla/Angel arc.

    Season 3:
    Loves: Holtz and his great history with Angelus and Darla, the return of Darla, Angel dealing with Holtz in the right way ... and Wesley's arc of course.
    Dislikes: 'Angel is a cute daddy' episodes and Cordelia becoming a saint.

    Season 4:
    Loves: almost everything ... character development, relations, guest stars, a villian with a great plan, pacing, fantastic episodes etc.
    Dislikes: Evil!Cordy and C/C sex.

    Season 5:
    Loves: The arc in the last episodes with the amazing NFA as finale. Connor is back and better than ever.
    Dislikes: Corrupted Gunn, no Cordelia, too much Angel/Spike scenes and not enough Angel/other cast moments. The first episodes.
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      ^^Season2 is my favorite, alot of 7, 8 and 9s but not really any 10s, theres no episodes(imo) as good as ones like Prodigal/Destiny


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        Heres mine...

        Season 1:
        Loves: All the monster a week episodes, DOYLE!, Funny Angel & Wesley.
        Dislikes: All the Kate, im not fond of Kate at all.

        Season 2:
        Loves: Dru & Darla.... The Hotel (yay!), the Pylea arc, Angel on his own without the gang...
        Dislikes: Hmm, cant think ill come back to it.

        Season 3:
        Loves: Holtz...
        Dislikes: Little baby Connor, Cordy and her awful hair!!

        Season 4:
        Loves: All of it nearly apart from a few tiny bits...
        Dislikes: Gwen bugs me, Connor bugs me, Evil Cordy bugs me, Jasmine bugs me.

        Season 5:
        Loves: Illriya.. The return of Cordy...
        Dislikes: A whole bunch of the eps are so boring... Spike bugs me... I agree that their isnt enough Angel with other cast members.


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          Season One
          Love: The bond between Angel/Doyle/Cordy and later Angel/Cordy/Wesley, especially in scenes like the end of Lonely Hearts and the end of Parting Gifts.
          Hate: Not a big fan of the MotW formula; I like the arcs much better.

          Season Two
          Love: Angel going dark; Lindsey; Darla and Drusilla.
          Hate: Pylea. Has very little redeeming factors in my mind, and is a major part in what makes Season Two the second-best Angel season.

          Season Three
          Love: Wesley's struggle to do what he thinks is right, and how he deals with the repurcussions of his actions. Angel and Connor (yes, every scene, even in Dad, but especially in the last episodes of the season).
          Hate: Cordelia's abrupt change in character after she gets back from vacation.

          Season Four
          Love: Wesley and Lilah. Gunn/Fred/Wesley. Angel and Connor. Faith and Wesley taking out Angelus. The epical nature of the entire season.
          Hate: Angel vs. Angelus stuff, especially when Angel starts referring to Angelus as "him" instead of "me". If Angel doesn't feel responsible for Angelus's Season Four actions, why should he feel responsible for 200-some-odd years that he as Angel had no control over?

          Season Five
          Love: Well, I liked Gunn's and Angel's power arcs okay, but I feel like they both could have been handled better. I like the Spike and Angel scenes. I loved Cordy's sendoff, as well as the wrap-up to Connor's story.
          Hate: The fact that they were at Wolfram and Hart and not the Hyperion. I think the bonds among the core group disintegrated somewhat-- the feeling of "family" was gone. Also, I'm really not a fan of Fred's death.
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          The story's kinda bland. It's about this guy named Dumbledore Calrissian who needs to return the ring back to Mordor.


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            Season 1
            Love: Faith, Five By Five, the crossovers
            Like: Cordy, Wesley
            Hate: Everything else, Angel included.

            Season 2
            Love: Darla, Drusilla, Lilah, Karaoke songs, dark Angel.
            Like: Cordy, Wesley.
            Hate: The rest of it.

            Season 3
            Love: Cangel, Fresley.
            Like: Angel, Cordy, Wesley, Sahjahn.
            Hate: Fred, Connor, the last three episodes, Holtz, Justine.

            Season 4
            Love: Episodes from 6 to 17.
            Like: Episodes from 1 to 5.
            Hate: Episodes from 18 to 22.

            Season 5
            Love: Fresley, AHITW, Cordelia, YW, Shells, Illarya, dark Wesley.
            Like: Spike, Angel, Connor, NFA, Harmony.
            Hate: The 10 first episodes, NFA's cliffhanger, Eve, Hamilton, Wolfram and Hart.

            Love: Wesley, Fresley, Cangel, AHITW, Illarya, Season 4's arc, Lilah and some things.
            Hate: Angel (Season 1, 2 and 3), Connor, Season Finales, Wolfram and Hart, Season 1, Lindsey, Jasmine Holtz, Justine and a lot of things.
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