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    I?ve finished the season and the series and I gotta say that season five is one of the best seasons. The first half is slow and a little weird but then the second half is just awesome.
    "Shells", "A Hole in the World", "Smile Time", "Power Play" and "Not Fade Away" are some of the best episodes. The themes of the seasons are also pretty good. They talk about power and that the ones with power control everything. What I loved about it was Illryia (Amy Acker is just amazing), Wesley(again), Angel/Spike combo and Gunn got a whole lot more interesting. I also loved the addition of Harmony and Lindsey.

    Tomorrow, I?ll have the episodes`ratings.

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    What do you think about the 'new' Connor?

    Season 5 is a 50/50 season for me. I love the second part of season 5. But I hate the first part, it's slow and boring. And because of DB's knee, Angel barely walked or did anything.
    But Damage is the first great episode in a row of fantastic episodes. My favourites; Smile Time (I can't help it, it cracks me up), You're Welcome, Origin, A Hole in The World, Power Play and Not Fade Away of course.


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      I actually find "Smile Time" pretty silly, and rarely delivers any laughs. Well, except, "You're a bloody puppet!"

      I'm with Nina; it's a 50/50. Therefore, it's one of my least favorite seasons. Most seasons are good throughout, and may take a dip for an episode or two, but not this season. Almost ten episodes in a row without any standouts. Kinda depressing. Anyways, I think Spike sucks. Like, majorly. He didn't add anything to the series, IMO, except for dumb married couple bickering. However, I guess he did bring cool Fred/Spike tension, but, yeah, other than that, no. The whole season was lacking without Cordelia, and her presence in You're Welcome shone. Then, they killed her. Then, they killed Fred. They basically killed every female character of the show. I also hated the new setting of W&H, really disappointed me. Anyways, here's my ratings:

      Conviction - 6.5/10
      Just Rewards - 6.5/10
      Unleashed - 6/10
      Hellbound - 7.5/10
      Life of the Party - 8.5/10
      The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco - 5/10 ( dumb)
      Lineage - 9/10 (first great episode)
      Destiny - 9.5/10 (first awesome episode)
      Harm's Way - 8.5/10
      Soul Purpose - 7.5/10
      Damage - 9.5/10
      You're Welcome - 10/10
      Why We Fight - 7.5/10
      Smile Time - 7.5/10
      A Hole In The World - 9/10 (pretty overrated)
      Shells - 10/10
      Underneath - 8.5/10
      Origin - 10/10
      Time Bomb - 9/10
      The Girl In Question - 4/10 (worst episode of the season; bickering Angel/Spike, whiny Angel, obsessing over faux Buffy, everyone being an idiot, etc.)
      Power Play - 7.5/10
      Not Fade Away - 10/10

      But still; WOAH! Four perfect episodes. That's something. If only the rest of the season wasn't as crappy...*sighs*

      That averages out to....8.0.


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        Conviction - 6.5/10 (H?, nothing really happens)
        Just Rewards - 5/10 (nothing special)
        Unleashed - 4/10 (eating a werewolf ... ew! Nina is cool)
        Hellbound - 5/10 (uhhh, bad guy is scary)
        Life of the Party - 7/10 (funny, but a bad Something Blue)
        The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco - 6/10
        Lineage - 8/10 (finally a little bit better, only the cyborg twist *sigh*)
        Destiny - 8.5/10 (Amazing fight, but nothing special)
        Harm's Way - 7/10 (45 minutes of Harmony)
        Soul Purpose - 8/10 (less version of Restless, some great stuff)
        Damage - 9.5/10 (Stupid Andrew, evil scoobies but the first amazing potential/new slayer in the verse ... and the last scene is great.)
        You're Welcome - 10/10 (Cordelia is back ... )
        Why We Fight - 6/10 (Boring, but the prince of lies is pretty funny)
        Smile Time - 9/10 (Like I said, I can't help it ... I love it)
        A Hole In The World - 10/10 (overrated? sure ... but Amy and Alexis are amazing)
        Shells - 9.8/10 (Illyria is fun, Knox dies *yeeh*)
        Underneath - 9/10
        Origin - 10/10 (Connor is back! And he is fantastic!)
        Time Bomb - 9/10 (Good episode, don't love it like some others)
        The Girl In Question - 1/10 (Evil episode, it makes Angel looks stupid and like an a**hole ... besides, Buffy and her team are evil too. Really Spike and Angel team up ... funny sometimes, but also very tiresome)
        Power Play - 8.5/10 (It's all about the speech, look Buffy ... that is how to speech.)
        Not Fade Away - 10/10 ()


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          oooh, my favorite Season of here goes my rank....

          1. A Hole in the World ~ 10/10
          2. Origin ~ 10/10
          3. Lineage ~ 10/10
          4. Not Fade Away ~ 10/10
          5. Shells ~ 10/10
          6. Damage ~ 10/10
          7. You're Welcome ~ 9.5/10
          8. Life of the Party ~ 9/10
          9. Destiny ~ 9/10
          10. Time Bomb ~ 9/10
          11. Hellbound ~ 8.5/10
          12. Underneath ~ 8/10
          13. Power Play ~ 7.5/10
          14. Harm's Way ~ 7/10
          15. Just Rewards ~ 6.5/10
          16. Why We Fight ~ 6/10
          17. The Girl in Question ~ 6/10
          18. Smile Time ~ 5/10
          19. Conviction ~ 5/10
          20. Soul Purpose ~ 4/10
          21. Unleashed ~ 3/10
          22. The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco ~ 1/10

          Overall, fantastic season....only one real stinker in the bunch....


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            Conviction- 5/10 (I understand that they had to explain the new premise, but still.)
            Just Rewards- 7/10 (It was funny, but nothing great)
            Unleashed- 6.5/10 (I like Nina, but this one isn't too memorable.)
            Hellbound- 5/10 (I saw the previews and had high expectations, but I really didn't care for this one. It wasn't scary; it just bored me.)
            Life of the Party- 3/10 (Worst episode of the season by far. So. Unbelievably. Boring.)
            The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco- 5.5/10 (It was....weird. I've only seen it once, so I do need to view it again, but I just remember thinking, "This isn't Angel...)
            Lineage- 9/10 (I love Wesley and his screwed up life)
            Destiny- 8/10 (Good, but not amazing)
            Harm's Way- 7.5/10 (I thought this one was funny.)
            Soul Purpose- 8.5/10 (Neat look inside Angel's head. Plus, it's hilarious)
            Damage- 9.5/10 (Retroactively improves LMPTM. That is impressive)
            You're Welcome- 10/10 (I love Cordy.)
            Why We Fight- 4.5/10 (Too long, very boring, awful episode to follow YW)
            Smile Time- 9/10 (I love it. Funniest Angel episode ever.)
            A Hole in the World- 7.5/10 (Yes, it's sad, but it drags on forever. And I still hate that the men all go off to try to save poor little Fred)
            Shells- 8.5/10 (Better because stuff actually happens)
            Underneath- 7/10 (Didn't really care for it; I thought Gunn's 'punishment' could have been a lot better)
            Origin- 10/10 (CONNOR!! Plus, this completes the arc started with Darla's resurrection in To Shanshu in L.A.)
            Time Bomb- 7/10 (Okay, but nothing special)
            The Girl in Question- 6/10 (enjoyable if I don't think about it too much)
            Power Play- 8/10 (Good, but too much setup)
            Not Fade Away- 10/10 ("Let's go to work." Damn.)

            All in all, I like Season Five, but since my favorite thing about Angel is the arcs, I felt like something was missing. I understand why they had to do it, and I'd take this Season Five over nothing at all hands down, but I still miss the Hyperion. Wolfram and Hart is too bright. Seasons 2-4 just have an entirely different feel to them than Season Five, and I never really adjusted to the change. Plus, I lost Connor and Cordelia, two of my favorite characters, as well as the 'outsider' feeling that made the early years so great.
            The story's kinda bland. It's about this guy named Dumbledore Calrissian who needs to return the ring back to Mordor.


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              Im going to do this as I have in other threads and just list them in the order that I like them.

              1. Hole in the World
              2. You're Welcome Any of the top 3 couldve been #1 in my book
              3. Not Fade Away

              4. Shells
              5. Timebomb
              6. Origin
              7. Smile Time
              8. Power play
              9. Lineage
              10. Damage
              11. Underneath
              12. Soull Purpose
              13. Why We Fight
              14. The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco
              15. Harm's way
              16. Destiny
              17. Unleashed
              18. Just Rewards
              19. Conviction
              20. Hellbound
              21. Life of the Party
              22. The Girl in Question


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                Nina, the new Connor is great. Ver sweet, endearing and funny. I liked how he remembered things from his past, but still wanted to carry on with his new life.
                And now, the ratings:

                Conviction - B
                Just Rewards - B-
                Unleashed - A-
                Hell Bound - A-
                Life of the Part - C
                The Cautionary Tale..... - F
                Lineage - A-
                Destiny - A-
                Harm?s Way - B+
                Soul Purpose - B+
                Damage - A
                You?re Welcome - A-
                Why we Fight - B
                Smile Time - A
                A Hole in the World - A
                Shells - A
                Underneath - A-
                Origin - A-
                Time Bomb - A-
                The Girl in question - B-
                Power Play - A
                Not Fade Away - A


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                  The first time i watched this, i loved it, but after watching it again, i definetly think overall the first 3
                  seasons are much better.

                  Conviction 8(good start)
                  Just rewards 7
                  Unleashed 5(starting to slip)
                  Hell bound 6
                  Life of the party 7
                  Catiounary tale... 4
                  Linage 7
                  Destiny 10 (at last, the start of a good run)
                  Harms way 8
                  Soul purpose 8.5
                  Damage 9
                  You're welcome 8.5
                  Why we fight 8
                  Smile time 6.5
                  A hole in the world 7
                  Shells 7
                  Underneath 8.5
                  Origin 8.5
                  Time bomb 7(am i the only one who didnt like illyria?)
                  The girl in Question 9
                  Power play 7.5
                  Not fade away 8.5

                  Overall s5 gets a 7.5/10.
                  +Spikes and Harmony are back.
                  +No Cordy
                  +Loved the final 15 minutes
                  +A few of the best episodes seen on Ats.

                  -But also some of the worst.
                  -Illyria is just to robotic and unemotional, i couldnt connect with her, she had the same personality as Adam.
                  -I prefered the way the main characters were in earlier seasons too.
                  -Overall the last 2 episodes were quite dissapointing. Blackthorn, Hamilton and Eve were all totally crap villains.


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                    Bad first half, great second half, my three favorite episodes are in it, the two last episodes were disappointing and the cliffhanger over-upsetting.

                    Conviction - 2/10
                    Just Rewards - 4/10
                    Unleashed - 3/10
                    Hellbound - 4/10
                    Life of the Party - 4/10
                    The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco - 0/10
                    Lineage - 4/10 (worst twist of the Buffyverse.)
                    Destiny - 8/10
                    Harm's Way - 7/10
                    Soul Purpose - 8/10
                    Damage - 9/10
                    You're Welcome - 10/10
                    Why We Fight - 5/10
                    Smile Time - 8/10
                    A Hole In The World - 10/10
                    Shells - 10/10
                    Underneath - 6/10
                    Origin - 8/10
                    Time Bomb - 9/10
                    The Girl In Question - 4/10
                    Power Play - 6/10
                    Not Fade Away - 8/10