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  • Holtz.

    Holtz, for me, is up there with Angelus and the Mayor as the best big bad.
    I just thought it was a phenomenal story, probably the best single story in Ats.
    ive always loved flashback episodes and theres loads in s3.
    I loved Holtz's introduction in Heartthrob.
    The story of chasing Darla and Angelus through Europe, travelling 200+ years into the future, kidnapping Connor, escaping to then returning from quartoth, then killing himself in one last attempt at defeating his arch enemy.
    Absolutly superbe stuff. He would have fit right into Btvs.

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    I was glad that Holtz was on Ats, more the place for grey area humans.

    Holtz was a great villian, I already stated it more than once ... a good man changing into a moster because of wrath and revenge is a great story. And it's so well done, Holtz was never a psychotic ******* without clear motivations, he was awful but you knew why he was that way ... and Angel dealed so beautifully with Holtz. He was also very well acted and the story was very good especially because it blended with Wesley's change.


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      Holtz was a good addition to the world of Angel. At first, he wanted justice for him and his family, but that line got blurry and he became blinded by revenge and hatred for what has been done to him centuries ago. Then, he lost sight of what he wanted and became prisoner of his hatred, anger and revenge.