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Beta George: Like him or hate him?

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  • Beta George: Like him or hate him?


    Saw on LJ that Brian Lynch posted about the hate he's seeing for the character of Beta George and thought, since we talk about everything else here I'd open up a thread so people could say wether they like the character or not?

    Personally, I don't see much point to him.

    I don't have a big issue with the fact he's a telepathic fish anymore that I did Dawn was now a giant which is complaints I've seen from some fans. In a world with a giant snake made of Mayor, talking hamburger, loan shark, dragons and the giant demon variety we've seen in the likes of 'Band Candy' and 'Expecting' I don't their either are too farfetched for the Buffyverse whatsoever.

    So that's not my issue with him, my issue is more with "what's his point or purpose in the series?" We're into coming up to Issue #8 soon and it's still kind of unclear why he's been brought into the series? Perhaps I'm being too judgemental? I was thinking it's perhaps because we haven't been left with a mystery to keep us hanging but then I realised we have, we need to know what Gunn plans for him. The same way Dawn's story has been pretty un-progressive this season except for the questions "what's a Thricewise, who turned her into a giant and what else is she keeping secret?" I don't know what it is, perhaps I'm more invested in Dawn's character? Perhaps it's that I don't enjoy reading Beta George that much, I don't find him that funny or interesting?

    I dunno, I want to like him but he's just not really working for me right now.

    So what about you guys, love him, hate him? I voted for "Indifferent." He hasn't really inspired any strong feelings one way or another from me. Maybe if the suspense or questions concerning Gunn's reason for capturing him were hyped up a bit more I'd have more interest but they haven't really focused on it.

    I love him!
    I hate him!
    I'm pretty indifferent to him!
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    I feel the same way,

    I think that he is funny and interesting, but I don't really care for him and he takes a lot of space every issue and I would prefer other characters having that space.

    I haven't really thought about him being a big fish, I took it for granted ... but when I start thinking about it ... it doesn't really fit in Angel's world.

    So, I did also vote for "Indifferent".


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      I've pretty much loved Betta George since his first appearance in Spike:Asylum. One of my favourite scenes for him there was seeing him take on a load of tough guys in the shower at the Mosaic Asylum. I think that Brian writes some really awesome original characters - so far my favourites being George, Tok and Beck(from Asylum and Shadow Puppets).

      I think that Gunn has captured George for a reason and that we will find out that he is very crucial for Gunn's plans.


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        at first i was like, um... why is there a floating fish?
        But, i love the beginning and end of Atf issue 7. so i dont mind him.
        Although i dont know if he's real or imagination?
        (ive only got issues 4 and 7)


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          As far as I know ... he is real. But you never know it in hell.