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  • Angel After the Fall Coming into its Own

    It took long enough to get to the backstory but some pieces are falling into place. First we have a defiant and desperate Wesley forced to become the Wolfram and Hart company man. Also there is a little more definition to the perpetuity clause. It gives the company the right to pull you out of your afterlife to work for them, corporeal or not.When they have no further use for you your soul goes wherever it's destined to wind up. As Lilah said in "Home" when I am done here it is straight back to hell for me. Wes is jonesing to move on, maybe once he does, they won't be able to get at him anymore.
    Faux Fred can't keep her hands off of Wesley, she might not want him to move on.
    Why is he the key, I would guess because he is Illyria's Achilles heel. He brings her Fred out, and Fred is obviously more vulnerable than Illyria.
    Who are the Senior Partners trying to defeat? Not the Fang Gang, they are on the down and out, I think some Old Ones/Old One are the true enemy.
    Romance wise, besides the yuck of Spike/Illyria (he belongs with Buffy) what happens when Kate meets a very human and yummy Angel?
    Where do we go from here?
    Any thoughts?

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    the senior partners/the black thorn already said they had interest in wesley (and not so much in spike). gunn had potential, but got healthier. wesley is the one they now have their eyes focused on. lorne even said way back in happy anniversary that wesley had a huge future as a big player when he read him.

    it's not a spike/buffy vs. spike/illyria issue. it's the fact that it is wesley's story to be mixed up in the fred/illyria drama. spike/buffy and angel/buffy are in the same place... still their most important relationships (along with spike/drusilla and angel/darla/connor), but both are on the back burner, possibly permanently.

    angel/kate... kate hasn't wanted a relationship with angel since she found out he was a vampire, her father was killed by vampires and she was fired for the zombie cop incident. let's throw in her distaste for how he handled the wine cellar incident--which she also got in some trouble for. hence why her attitude towards him went from undressing him in her mind's eye to treating him like dirt until epiphany.

    granted, angel is a human now, but kate lost her job because she got caught up in angel's world. kate might be playing human cop now in hell.a., but she doesn't like the supernatural world. angel might not be supernatural anymore, but he is deeply embedded still in the supernatural world. that hasn't changed. the epiphany speech didn't change that she still views humanity vs. supernatural as a very black/white thing. even a human angel is still in that gray area.
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      Yes Wesley has the potential to become an important player in the apocalyse but because of who he "watches" or guides not because of his own potential as a champion. He recruited and guided Faith but it was Faith who captured Angelus. I believe that Illyria is again becoming unstable and this time she is opening up dimensions that normally would be closed. I don't think that the SP send LA to hell, I think that Illyria's own unstable condition sucked LA into an alternate hell dimension. I have a feeling that there is a real time LA that is just fine. Once before Hamilton alerted Wesley on how to find a way to program the Mutari generator to contain Illyria's power in season 5. I believe the SP's are using Wesley again to find a way to stabilize/recruit/destroy Illyria once again. Why will Wesley, a noble sort, do the right thing, even if all he wants is the prize of heaven with Fred? Will he only be able to destroy Illyria by destroying the love of his life at the same time?