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After the fall, who did fall?

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  • After the fall, who did fall?

    Maybe it's a very obvious answer and I'm just stupid. But I can't decide who or what did fall?

    LA? W&H? Angel and team? The Circle of the Black Thorn? Something else?

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    LA real estate prices?

    But aside from that... it's an interesting title for the series, implying (ironically) that season 5 was Eden. Well, it did have Eve in it. So, with the irony. It's more of a fall from an already fallen place. Perhaps the question is, how far can you fall, when do you hit the bottom - are they at the lowest place now? Or is there a worse place - emotionally, morally - than they are now? Being after the fall, perhaps now is the time for salvation? They've eaten the apple, taken over Wolfram and Hart and learned its secrets, taken its pretty baubles, suffered the consequences, and now they're in hell...can they be saved now? If this is after the fall...who's Jesus in this scenario?

    Biblical imagery aside, who lost out? Who's at their worst?

    Well, Gunn for one. His worst nightmare came true.

    Angel, I feel is actually in a better place in this season. Sure, he's got the guilt of all this being his fault...but I think he feels comfortable with that kind of "simple" guilt (in his mind at least). He did something bad. Now he has to make up for it. In season 5, he was having to live with complexities and present choices that were ambiguous.

    Spike, also, not in such a bad place. He's having a romp, he's having a laugh, he's getting laid, he's (albeit a little reluctantly) getting stuck in to the fighting).

    Lorne, again, perhaps has had a bit of a renewed sense of purpose here.

    Wesley...well, he couldn't get much worse than he was in season 5, but being a ghost that's owned by W&H is arguably worse still. So, yeah, a fall for him.

    And the Circle of the Black Thorn, yeah, they fell.

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      Yeah it's really interesting that it's the demons that are surviving best in hell, kind of makes sense if you think about it. Angel, Spike, Lorne.. heck even Connor, they're all coping with Hell far better than the humans. Gunn and Wes in particular had a horrible time and paid the price the most. Angel’s human but he’s lived a long time as a demon, it’s not as if his perspective has suddenly completely changed just cause he’s not a vamp anymore.

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        I always took the title in two ways, the first being simply that the series was set after the fall, which is British season Autumn... then I thought how it meant Wolfram and Hart because it looked like the LA offices at least were destroying themselves.