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Who is the mystery jossverse person returning in angel after the fall#7

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  • Who is the mystery jossverse person returning in angel after the fall#7

    I have been giving serious thought as to who the mystery person is in angel after the fall#7. At first I thought it would be Cordy because who else would be close to Wesley. Fred has already been revealed in after the fall #5. The I read a summary of a future release, I think it was #10, saying that someone has been manipulating everyone from the beginning. I also remember that Wesley told Lorne that there was a greater evil in play that had the Senior Partners worried. Who has been guilty of manipulating everyone of AI for her own goals before? Who pretty much used her minion to wipe out Wolfram and Hart La branch in Angel season 4? Who did AI defeat in season #4? I think the mysery person is Jasmine getting her revenge on Angel for destroying her attempt at world domination. Why would the Senior Partners activate Wesley's perpetuity clause and drag him out of his afterlife to be their liason if they weren't hoping that Angel and Wesley would defeat Jasmine for them yet again? Am I playing with a full deck here? Any thoughts?

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    I still think that Kate is the mystery woman. But I don't think that she is evil or manipulating anybody.

    Originally posted by ilovewesley
    saying that someone has been manipulating everyone from the beginning.
    I haven't heard this before ... but I'm curious who it is ... and is it since the start of Ats or since the start of AtF? Do you have the quote or an article? Because that will be a great discussiontopic.

    Spider is very obvious ... but maybe it's Gunn? They still don't know that Gunn is a vampire.

    And I also want to know about those new powers ...


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      It's the description for AtF #10:

      Months ago, Los Angeles went to hell. Or maybe hell came to Los Angeles. Find out the truth once and for all. Plus, someone's been manipulating everyone from the start. Angel would very much like to meet him, and he'll tear through every demon in LA to do so. Meanwhile, Spike has something important to tell Wesley, Illyria has a new role, and what the hell is Gunn keeping in the basement?

      I think the manipulator is Gunn, personally, since he had that line about doing so in #5. I unfortunately think the mystery person is Kate-- not because I don't like her, but because I would rather it be Cordy. I don't know-- I'm kind of undecided how I feel about this, because I do very strongly believe that dead characters should, you know, stay dead, but I really feel like 1) Cordelia's death was the most ambiguous of them all, especially with her connection to the powers, and 2) ...I want her back! But with "Fred" here now, I would think that two people returning is overkill. (So to speak) Plus, Kate's been gone longer from the 'verse, and I read a comment saying that it would be someone we hadn't seen in a long time.
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      The story's kinda bland. It's about this guy named Dumbledore Calrissian who needs to return the ring back to Mordor.


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        Thank you,

        I'm almost sure that the manipulator is Gunn, all the others won't manipulate ... maybe Lorne, but I guess Gunn.

        I've the same trouble as you with the whole Cordy thing ... I love her so much and she is a really important part of Ats, but I really don't want another dead character to return; Wesley, Gunn and Fred are already back ... so Cordy would be an overkill indeed.


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          "Plus, someone has been manipulating everyone from the start." I found it on Comics Continuum website which has a preview of Angel after the fall#10, it says that Angel is going to tear thru every demon in LA to find out who it is, the date on the the brief is 4/6, I followed a link from Whedonesque


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            Personally, I'm over the bringing people back randomly. There's Gwen, Nina, Wesley, Groo, and Fred. And that's just in five issues. One or two, I get, I understand Gwen, who I doubt even left L.A. to begin with, and Wesley coming back and maybe Fred, but I don't understand why Nina or Groo were still there. Groo left two seasons prior and Nina was supposed to be gone, she had at least a day to leave. Angel even gave her the tickets. I just think there's other characters, like Anne, who is still in L.A. that could have had a great storyline, especially since providing a safe haven for people is nothing new to her. She's been around the Buffyverse for years, and has never gotten much story told about her.

            My bets is Cordy, since she's like the only person who hasn't returned yet. I'm guessing whoever it is, it'll just be a cameo, since whoever it is is supposed to be a surprise so, they probably aren't around anymore. Unless, it's Fred, and she was blocked out so Issue #5 wasn't spoiled? Hopefully, it's just Fred.

            As for the manipulator, it's definitely Gunn. That's been what he's been doing for the past five issues. I'm really excited to see Angel's reaction when he finds out that not only Gunn is still alive, he's also a vampire.