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  • The alley fight

    Let's discuss the unseen alley fight. After "Not Fade Away" but before "First Night" there's a big-assed battle going on.

    Apparently we're never going to actually see the alley fight. "First Night" will give us glimpses but there'll be no comic actually dealing with the fight in great detail.

    So I thought it might be fun to list some of the things you hope happened during the fight. What action movie cliches do you secretly hope the fang gang pulled off? What monsters do you feel should have been in Wolfram and Hart's army?

    Obviously there were vampires and demons. I think some of the vampires might even have been ubervamps. I'm hoping there were zombies. Lots and lots of zombies.

    Which is why I was very pleased when Angel saw that zombie right before he jumped off the roof. If I'm not mistaken the zombie's nametag said Urru.

    And since I figure W&H has access to lots of other crazy dimensions, I hope that some werewolves, orcs, bears, giants, dinosaurs, Stormtroopers, Xenomorphs, Nazis, Terminators and Dementors were there too.

    As for cliche's I hope that Gunn spits in the face of the vampire that tried to sire him. The vamp forces Gunn to breathe in the blood, but instead of swallowing, Gunn spits it back. I imagine siring Gunn would take some doing.

    I hope Spike fights off a huge bear saying how much he hates them. This would be a nice callback to that Thanksgiving episode.

    And I think that Illyria would flip out for no reason just because some kid opened a window. Illyria is totally awesome and that's a fact. She's fast, smooth, cool, strong, powerful and sweet. I can't wait to go to the Deeper Well next year.
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    Oh, I would love it when Angel and Spike used the 'matrix moves'. I love those.

    I think that they did lose eachother pretty soon, everybody fighting whatever they can fight.

    If this was Angel's last fight as a vampire, he should be a lot with his vampire face. Jus one more time ... vampire Angel.

    And Illyria should be crushing heads again and play with time. And Gunn should fight until the very end with his big wound. It would be nice to see him snarking and kicking some vampire asses.


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      Originally posted by Nina View Post
      Oh, I would love it when Angel and Spike used the 'matrix moves'. I love those.
      I can totally see Spike running up a wall and slicing someone's head off.

      And Angel would bend over backwards really far while a demon took a swing at him with an axe.

      With Gunn and Illyria I'd want to see plenty of one-liners.


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        I could def. see Illyria using a buch of one-liners as she justSlices and Kills any one that moves. As for Spike and Angel, I would love to see tham argue as they help each other kill demons, monsters and other weird things that go bump in the night