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Can a non-"Angel" watcher enjoy the comics?

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  • Can a non-"Angel" watcher enjoy the comics?

    I don't watch "Angel". And I've recently visited my comic geek store and they had the latest "Angel" season 6 issue on the stands. I didn't buy it, simply because I haven't watched the 5 seasons prior to it. Although, I do know the series in a nutshell. I know who Fred is, and I know how some demon named Illyria (is that an allusion to the Greek city? ) took her body.

    My question is, if I were to pick up this series of comic issues, do you think I would enjoy it? Or would I have to have I had watched the TV series?

    I'm really interested in reading the comics, but if I won't have a chance of knowing what the who-ey is going on without knowing all the X amount of hours of TV episode before it.... well, you know... I need to know. Thanks.
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    I think you would be lost. Unless you know much of the story I would say you could be continuously frustrated with the comic.

    Try reading some of the comic Transcripts and see how you do... KoC transcribes them for the Forum for each issue. If you can read them and not have any questions you might be okay.

    Do you have any buds you could borrow the DVD's from??
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      Well I said no.. but you could probably get the idea generally, just not as well. Maybe it's like watching star wars sequels before the prequels.
      But I'd so recommend watching season 5 of Angel. For one it begins right after season 7 of Buffy so you'd be able to follow Spike's story etc., and a little info about the scoobies. Plus it's just a really awesome show, and you'd be able to understand After the Fall much better after watching this season specifically. You will not be sorry if you go out and hire this season.. you'll come and here and say 'Oh yes alexa was right! Alexa is the best of all!' Well possibly not the last part.


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        If the only obstacle is financial as for watching "Angel", then read recaps.

        Here are some great ones, Jenoff's Angel Reviews

        Or, you can find recaps on Television Without Pity, although they are quite sarcastic at times.

        If you haven't watched it because you just aren't interested, I'd say... don't bother with "After the Fall". If the TV series didn't interest you, the comic won't, and the comic isn't going to give you nearly the satisfaction as a cold read with no background as it would if you'd seen the series.
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          Weredog... why haven't you watched Angel? Do you realize that you will be taken over a plague that will cause boils to form on your skin that burst every day at six o'clock in the evening if you don't go buy Season One tomorrow? You are angering the Powers that Be, my friend...


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            I'm number 9 to vote 'yes' in the poll. So I agree with the others. You will know some of the characters, but they are changed since BtVS. And the journey which changed them is in Ats, and you should see it ...
            So I also agree with Patxshand, you miss a lot. Ats was a fantastic series with great characters and really good arcs. And to be honest, I think 'After the Fall' is much better than season 8. (But I also think that Ats is better than BtVS season 4-7)