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"Spider, throw this angrily" -- who is Spider?

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  • "Spider, throw this angrily" -- who is Spider?

    Basically all we know is that she's really quite attractive, has some natural aggression, what with offering to run Angel through, is very accommodating (who doesn't want to hang around with a woman who will actually emote on your behalf?), and doesn't know what irony means.

    What do you think her deal is?
    She's a demon and up to no good
    She's just kind of insane
    She's a Slayer
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    I really don't know what to expect from her. I think she is more as just an insane girl in Spike's harem. But I'm not sure what she is, I doubt if she is a slayer, it's quite downgrading for a slayer to be a servant of a vampire. I don't know, but she has my attention.


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      Well, it's in the text that she's a demon, isn't it? She seems to have extra-sensory powers or something, and even her name is "Spider". Aside from that... I think she has her own agenda.

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        if she is a slayer, it's quite downgrading for a slayer to be a servant of a vampire.
        Very true. I was actually thinking about this today, and then wondered if maybe she didn't know she was the Slayer- if Buffy and Co. somehow missed her- and Spike was the one who found her. Obviously, if he saw her fight and defend herself (Maybe when he was making rounds?), he'd be able to identify her as a Slayer pretty quickly. If this is the case, then it's not likely she'd know all of the ins and outs of Slayerness, (It's not like Spike would teach her) and I could see her agreeing to help Spike out.
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          I think she's either a demon or demon half-breed. Spike met quite a few in Spike:Asylum. Beck is a demon half-breed with "Firestarter" powers. (bad news for Spike if he ever crossed her...) Many of the "clients" at the the Asylum were mutants, demons, etc. I expect Spike may have rescued these girls along with the other humans he's housing. However, because they are beautiful with powers he can train them to fight for our side.

          I'm still not too sure about Spider's role. I don't know if the "emote-on-command" was something she actually does for him or if it was part of the act for Angel.

          Because if she is really that subserviant to him?? Homegirl's gonna throw down on Homeboy big time. She will either come to resent his orders or she is pulling his fangs.
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