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  • Angel season 2

    We?ve talked about season one already. And what about Season two? What is the general opinion. I honestly think it?s amazing, the themes and how it develops Angel and Cordelia?s character. I?m not quite a fan of the group working separately but I feel it was necessary to the story. And besides, Angel got dark and the Darla arc is just awesome. Darla is one my favourite episodes.

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    I loved season 2, the Darla Arc (Darla - Epiphiny) is a really good one with great episodes. It was the last season with Cordelia before she became Buffy v.2.0 and Wesley and Gunn were great.

    And Angel's arc was fantastic, he became darker every episode ... but I could still feel for him ... I saw his points and I understood him. But the way back was almost just as good. I loved how he had to fight to get his friends back and how Wesley was the new boss. It was a little like Buffy's season 7 arc ... only much better.

    The Pylea end was funny and light, I liked it. But it wasn't the end I wanted for a dark season like season 2. It felt a little forced. But I wouldn't want to give up those stupid dances (wasn't that Joss himself?), Lorne's mother and Queen C.


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      The Pylea universe was very funny. Good to finish up the season, although I was expecting a different finale.
      Ok, now let?s go to the episodes one by one:

      Judgement - I like this a lot. Sure for an opener is weak but the introduction of Lorne and just the character interaction is plain good. Love the pre-credit scene and when Angel sings.

      Are you Now..... - Just amazing. Nothing more. The whole episode is a masterpiece. The flashbacks are amazing, the story is wonderful. Ok, the entire episode is a gem. Truly one of Angel?s best episodes.

      First Impressions - Kind of lame. The demon is very lame and I don?t like Gunn here very much. Although I really like his interaction with Cordelia and his little breakdown in the hospital.

      Untouched - One of my favourites. The story really interests me here. Bethany is very likeable and of course, I love Lilah. Lilah intrigues me a lot and I like how Angel is gradually stepping away from the gang. I really love Cordelia this season.

      More to come....


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        Dear Boy - Wow, mind-blowing. Everyone here gives a stellar performance. The way they framed Angel is amazing and the directing, music, actors, everything is perfect.

        Guise will be Guise - Funny. A chance to Wesley to develop a little. The introduction of Virginia is good, although I?m glad she doesn?t stick around much.

        Darla - Another breathtaking episode. The flashbacks are amazing and exquisite. Mind-blowing.

        The Shroud of Ramon - I like this a lot. The plot is kind of weak but the interaction of the characters, Angel acting like he does and finally Kate getting bitten more than compensates. Kate finally steps down from her stupid notion of a black and white world to find out that the world is in fact a lot greyer.


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          The Trial - Good stuff. Angel gets darker and darker and the finale just blows me away.

          Reunion - Another amazing episode. W&H is getting what they want when they pull Angel away from his team. Darla and Drusilla are just wonderful together. And again, a killer ending.

          Redefinition - And here starts the gang working separately, which is something I don?t like very much but still, this episode is also a killer.

          Blood Money - Surprisingly good. I just love Lilah and Lindsey together, they have great chemistry and seeing Anne again was great too.

          Happy Anniversary - I don?t like this very much. The plot is very weak but I like how Angel relates to the guy. And the gang is learning to stand on their own feet.

          The Thin Dead Line - I don?t like the plot very much on this one but what really intrigues me on this one is the character interaction. Cordelia finally shoves Angel away and tells him what a jerk he?s been and with reason.

          Reprise - A 10. An amazing, mind-blowing episode. Everything here is amazing and the speech Holland gives Angel about evil being everywhere is chilling.

          Next week, I?m gonna finish the rating of the episodes.


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            Season 2 is my second favorite season. Mind-blowing. The Dear Boy - Epiphany is the best arc in the Buffyverse, imo, and I love Darla, Lilah, Holland, Drusilla, and Lindsey here. All of it is fantastic. I'll give the episodes a rating out of ten.

            Judgement - 8/10 (good)
            Are You.... - 9.5/10 (amazing)
            First Impressions - 6.5/10 (eww)
            Untouched - 9/10 (love it)
            Dear Boy - 9.5/10 (amazing)
            Guise Will Be Guise - 7.5/10 (okay)
            Darla - 9.5/10 (amazing)
            The Shroud of Rahmon - 5/10 (hate it)
            The Trial - 10/10 (fantastic)
            Reunion - 10/10 (fantastic)
            Redefinition - 9/10
            Blood Money - 8.5/10
            Happy Anniversary - 5/10
            The Thin Dead Line - 8.5/10
            Reprise - 10/10
            Epiphany - 10/10
            Disharmony - 6.5/10
            Dead End - 9/10
            Belonging - 7.5/10
            Over The Rainbow - 8.5/10
            Through The Looking Glass - 9.5/10
            There's No Place Like Plrtz Glrb - 7/10


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              Season 2 is such a mixed bag for me. I thought it was absolutely brilliant for 5/6ths of the season. Everything with Darla and Angel was excellent, and it got even better when Dru was thrown into the mix. It was everything I love about the Buffyverse.

              Then it ended and they went to Pylea.

              I'm still not sure why they didn't continue the Darla storyline the entire way through and give it the climactic conclusion I think it deserved. I mean, the Pylea stuff was fun and all, but considering what it came after, I felt like I was watching a completely different TV show. I felt it undermined the entire season.


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                I think I heard somewhere that they had originally intended for the season to end with Darla but Julie Benz became unavailable? Though I could be wrong? Anyone?

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                  I loved Season 2 when I watched it for the first time. It was a vast improvement over Season 1, in my opinion (although I didn't exactly hate Season 1 either). The show took a much darker turn and I loved how Angel (the character) had taken such a dark turn without losing his soul.

                  The Darla arc was fabulous and I loved the flashbacks. Julie Benz and Juliet Landau played out their roles so effortlessly. It was a real treat!

                  I also loved how the show ended with the Pylean arc. I especially loved Numfar! ( ) We also got to see hints of Wesley's transformation into a more sombre character for the first time. Willow's appearance at the very end was heartbreaking.
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                    Epiphany - Another amazing episode. Nothing more to say.

                    Disharmony - This one surprises me everytime. I mean, it?s nothing great but it?s very funny and I love Harmony.

                    Dead End - Pretty good. We see more of Lindsey, that?s cool. The last scene with him with the senior members is hilarious.

                    Belonging - Good. Nothing great but funny.

                    Over the Rainbow/Through the Looking Glass/There?s no Place like.... - This finale disappoints me a little, I was looking for something else after all the tension throughout the Darla arc but hey, this isn?t bad. I don?t like Groo very much but the priest thing, the wolf, ram, and hart is a pretty good concept. I also like Through the Looking Glass better than the other two.

                    I really liked how Angel went darker this season. Amazing stuff and I love Darla and W&H.


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                      Season 2 ( and 3) are my favorites. Season 2 because of the almost Shakespearian themes it lays out. From the start "Judgment" lays out the premise of the season. Coming from the revelation of the Shansu prophecy in season 1, the title not only relates to the pregnant woman and her story but to Angel as well and his arc. He too will be judged in this season. I know many fans do not particularly like this episode but I find it so fitting for the season as a whole. Even more so in retrospect.

                      "Are You Now or Have You Ever Been" is a real gem on so many levels. The setting up of the Hyperion as their next office, the great director work, the writing, the underlying theme. If I had a gun pointed to my head and I had to name that one episode in the whole series I would pick as the number one, this would have to be it.

                      I don`t really think there is one weak episode at all up to the whole Pylea thing ( which I can`t say I like much) I find them all to be deeply rooted in the mythos of the series. Even the "Shroud of Rahmon", as it deals with the relationship between Gunn and Angel and their trust/distrust in each other. ( And also Kate) It`s rather telling for the 4 main characters I think that when under the influence of the shroud, Gunn and Angel are sorta badly infected, while Cordy and Wes goes all shiny happy people... Just in their reaction to it the writers tell a lot about these characters.

                      And of course, the whole Darla Arc here that continues in season 3 is just breathtaking. We also get to see Angel blurring the lines and go all murky. It`s like the writers drag him down from that pillar they placed him on during season 1, making both the character and the show so more interesting to watch. Where Angel is a rather bland character in season 1, in season 2 they add more layers to him. I also find the Kate character to be interesting as well and serves as a counterbalance.

                      The season`s peak is "Reunion" I find. When Angel closed those doors, and LOCK them I was flabbergasted. I can`t find any other word for it really.. Flabbergasted, yup. And my reaction was the same as the trio in Hyperion afterwards. You did what ??? In two episodes back to back we have the best and the worst of Angel, The Trial and Reunion.

                      Oh, no, wait. This season has "Reprise" as well. Holland Manners in the elevator, Angel looking out on Hell. My heart sank, cause at that point I was certain Manners was right. You know: "No point fighting. What is it all for. Just roll over and die already." As I wrote above, Shakespearian in it`s scope., which continues in Epiphany which concludes with that beautiful scene with Angel and Kate.

                      This season just has it all basically. And whenever I rewatch it I just pretend the whole Pylea thing do not exist ... If they just could have kept that momento up throughout the whole series.


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                        Season 2 was in the middle for me, it wasn't the worst season but it wasn't the best, my favourites are Season 3 and 5. I really didn't like the Darla arc, I didn't like what it did to Angel's character. I know a lot of people on here rate Reunion, Reprise and Epiphany really high but I'm not overly keen on them. I much preferred the Pylea storyline, season 2 seemed to get really good just at the end for me.


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                          Originally posted by carousel_girl8 View Post
                          Season 2 was in the middle for me, it wasn't the worst season but it wasn't the best, my favourites are Season 3 and 5. I really didn't like the Darla arc, I didn't like what it did to Angel's character. I know a lot of people on here rate Reunion, Reprise and Epiphany really high but I'm not overly keen on them. I much preferred the Pylea storyline, season 2 seemed to get really good just at the end for me.
                          You must really hate Darla as a character

                          I personally didn't think Season 3 was that good, it wasn't the worst season (S4 is my least favourite because it was the worst angel season) but definitively not a favourite of mine. As for S5 the first half was pretty mediocre, the second half was excellent though.