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    I was just thinking, what do you guys think of Angel?s first season? I like it alot, it doesn?t have a specific arc and I usually read online that bothers some people. They say it?s kind of boring without an arc.
    IMO, it?s great, we see the gang starting a family of her own, some episodes to develop the characters a little more. And the chemistry is great and the episodes are amazing. I?ve already seen it three times and it amazes me everytime.

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    Originally posted by buffyholic View Post
    I was just thinking, what do you guys think of Angel?s first season? I like it alot, it doesn?t have a specific arc and I usually read online that bothers some people. They say it?s kind of boring without an arc.
    IMO, it?s great, we see the gang starting a family of her own, some episodes to develop the characters a little more. And the chemistry is great and the episodes are amazing. I?ve already seen it three times and it amazes me everytime.
    I'm not really a fan of the first season of Ats. I don't like the fact it is made up basically all of stand alones, and some of the episodes I found to be pretty crappy... 'She' springs to mind. I don't really think the show found its feet until season two where Darla was a much needed addition to the show. I'm a big fan of seasonal arcs instead of one shot stories throughout, I don't find they really have any lasting impact on the characters. There are a few exceptions, I enjoyed the Faith episodes and have come to appreciate "City Of.." a lot more than I used to. I also enjoy "In the Dark" "Hero" "War Zone" and "To Shanshu in LA." But there was a lot of pretty ordinary episodes in there as well.

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      Season 1 had some great episodes and the Faith episodes were fantastic. But I love the big arcs Ats had. Season 1 was some kind of fase between BtVS and the rest of Ats. IMO the biggest problem of season 1 were the stand alone episodes and Angel himself. The writers didn't really knew who Angel was, the same for Wesley and Cordelia, they had to become complete characters. The three leads were some kind of wallpaper in BtVS and now they had to lead the series.


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        I also enjoy "In the Dark"
        'Worth alone for Spike speech on that rooftop.

        "I have a brother who's gay" *hoots

        I don't mind season one, but like all shows Angel took time to really get going.


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          It's my least fave Angel season. But I find that the first season of most series are never my fave; it takes a little while for a series to find its footing and hit its stride. Angel is no exception. There are a few great eps in there but overall I find it laden with some boring, sucky stuff.
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            Season 1 is my second favorite season of the series (season 5 is my favorite). I liked this season so well because the characters still resemble those that I loved on Btvs. Angel was still sweet and brooding and tortured. Cordy was still shallow and pampered and bitchy. Wesley was still an adorable dork.

            And they formed this cute little family. One of my favorite episodes of the season was Wesley's first eppy - Parting Gifts. I loved the ending scene where Angel was cooking them breakfast. I missed that aspect of the show as the series wore on. Angel became less sweet and unsure of how to interact with humans and just became, well, bitter. Which really was a let down for me as a fan personally. Cordy became unrecognizable (don't get me started). And though I loved Wesley's character transformation from S1 through S5, I will always hold a special place in my heart for dorky 'rogue demon hunter wearing leather' Wesley...

            And for me, personally, I always liked the more stand-alone type of seasons to the arc-related seasons. Plus season 1 delivered some outstanding episodes. Starting with a fabulous pilot in City of..., to a great wrap-up of the Bangel ship in the dramtic tear-jerker IWRY, to the incredibly well done Five by Five, this season just kicked ass...
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              And what about the episodes? What are your opinion of them, episode per episode?

              City of is a brilliant premiere. It shows in what situation the characters are, their mission. Angel, Cordelia and Doyle are a very good team. And I even like the fact that Angel doesn?t save the girl.

              Lonely Hearts - I think this episode is amazing. The demon part is very good, a metaphor for people searching for their soulmate. Kate is introduced and I like her a lot.

              In the Dark - Oz and Spike come to LA. For me, that?s worth the episode. Spike and Angel have great chemistry together. And the combination Oz/Angel/ Cordelia is very cool. My favourite scene is the beginning, when Spike mocks Angel. Priceless.

              I Fall to Pieces - A little weird but still a decent episode. The dialogue and the character interaction is great.

              More to come in the following days.


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                There is some real quality in Season 1. "Somnambulist" is awesome, to me, and really draws the brightest line between the aesthetic and concepts of "Angel" and "Buffy". Kate is a great character, too.

                "Five by Five" and "Sanctuary" are two of the best episodes of the series in any season.
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                  I love Season 1 Of Angel. Especially the Character of Doyle, I was Extremely Saddened by Doyle's Death and I believe that they should have used Him More that Season. "Hero" is My favorite Episode that Seaon Followed Closely Behind by Parting Gifts.


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                    Some of the episodes like "City Of...", "In The Dark", "Rm w/a Vu", "I Will Remember You", "Hero", "Somnambulist", "Five By Five", "The Ring", "Sanctuary", "Blind Date", "To Shanshu In L.A" are just amazing. Great standalones but I'm a lover of arcs, and since we didn't get one, it's my second least favorite Angel season.


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                      Brilliant season. When you compare it to the best seasons of Angel (2, 3, and 5) it can't compete, but it beats out four. However, it's way better than anything else on television. Other than Veronica Mars, of course.


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                        Season 1 is probably one of my favorites. I loved Doyle and Kate. I loved when Faith, Spike showed up. It has an entirely different flavor to the show than say Season 4 (my least favorite)
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                          Happy 2008, guys.

                          Let?s continue our review.

                          Room With a view - This one really grew on me. I just find Cordelia very funny here and the house search is hilarious.

                          Sense and Sensibility - I love it. One of my favourites. It?s really silly but it?s a kind of silly that I just keep laughing. For me, Sensitive Angel is the best.

                          Bachelor Party - One of the weakest episodes. I don?t like the plot very much, I?m more interested in how all the characters interact with each other. Mostly Cordelia finding out that she might have feelings for Doyle.

                          I Will Remember you - Tearjerker. That?s all I have to say. Angel becomes human for a day, spends it with Buffy but then he has to give it up in order to keep Buffy safe and what?s worse is that he?ll remember everything that happened. The last scene is just heartbreaking. Kudos to DB and SMG.

                          Hero - Very good, solid episode. Again tears all around. The character interaction is very good and Doyle dying is painful.

                          Parting Gifts - Another one of my favourites. Extremely funny. The introduction of Wesley is also funny. Barney being the demon after all is well done and I kind of like him. Very good dialogue and character interaction.
                          "What?s a rogue demon?" is always a line that makes me laugh.

                          Sonmambulist - At first, I wasn?t so crazy about this one but the more I watched, the more I came to love it. The Penn storyline really intrigues me and the fact that we?re supposed to think at first that Angel might be bad again is amazing. And of course, Kate finds out about Angel. Talk about tension between the two!


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                            Expecting - I like this one. Sure the plot is kind of lame but I don?t know why, but I have a blast watching this. I find alot of good qualities in this one.
                            Not an A, but definitively a B+

                            She - The only redeeming thing in this episode is the first scene. Wesley trying to hit on girls and Angel imagining himself dancing is hilarious. But that?s it.

                            I?ve Got under my skin - Another of my favourites. Really good dialogue and good plot. As always, Cordelia, Angel and Wesley make a very good combination.

                            The Prodigal - Excellent. Just amazing. The flashbacks are awesome and the comparison between the two fathers, Angel?s and Kate?s father is very well done. From now on, Kate hates Angel more than ever.

                            The Ring - Not so great, but not bad. Maybe it?s the plot that really doesn?t do it for me, but we have the introduction of Lilah, one of my favourite characters.

                            Eternity - I like it. Maybe the Angelus thing isn?t very well executed but what the hell, I have a great time watching it. My favourite things involve Cordelia, the confrontation at the end with Angelus and the first scene. Very good.

                            Five by Five - What can I say? Perfect from beginning till the end. Faith here is amazing. God, everything here is amazing. My favourite scene is when Faith is dancing and at the same time kicking ass.

                            Sanctuary - Another mind-blowing episode. Nothing more to say.


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                              I enjoyed the first season, though I was put out by the reboot halfway through. Just when everyone was starting to find their place in the show, Doyle is out and Wesley is in, bringing a completely different energy with him. Overall, I think the season will be remembered more for how it tied in with Buffy than how it stood on its own.


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                                War Zone - A decent episode. Not one I like to watch very much. We get the introduction of Gunn, a character that I like, although sometimes he?s a little boring.

                                Blind Date - This one really surprised me and it still does. A lot of good stuff here. We get development for Angel and mainly Lindsay.

                                Too Sanshu in LA - Explosive, that?s what I have to say. This episode is amazing, scene after scene. The bad guy is effective here and my favourite scene is Angel confronting Kate. And the ending is amazing too.

                                I have a great love for this season. One of my favourite characters is without a doubt Cordelia. She starts by being funny but throughout the season she starts to develop in more areas and begins to be more human.
                                I really like Wolfram & Hart, really evil. A law firm who?s actually evil.


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                                  I thought it was a great season, even if there was no big seasonal arc. The Faith episodes are by far my favourite, not only because they focus on Faith but also just the episodes in general, and crossovers with Buffy are always good

                                  Not my favourite Angel season though, probably second or third.


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                                    Season 1 had some good episodes, like 'In the Dark', but also some truly awful ones- like 'She'. I love Doyle's character. It's a shame they killed him off. He was adorable. A pretty average season, in my opinon. Season 2 and season 5 were much better. (I reckon season 3+4 weren't worth air-time)
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