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"Angel The Ceremony Awards 2007" Nominations

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  • "Angel The Ceremony Awards 2007" Nominations

    For those who voted for the Buffy awards, they know what this is about, for the others, you'll see.
    This is a ceremony to celebrate Angel and choose through 20 categories what is the best of the best of the TV show Angel.
    There's gonna be three parts:
    First part, you have to decide who's gonna be nominee by PMing me your votes for each categories, you can give one, two or three names, three would be better of course.
    I numbered the categories so just give the number, followed by your votes. For example, for the category "Best Episode", if you wanna vote for I Fall To Pieces, She and Double or Nothing, just write:

    I Fall To Pieces
    Double or Nothing

    After counting the votes, there will be 3, 4 or maybe 5 nominees by category and then, there ill be the second part: the vote.

    Here's the categories, some inspired by the Oscar and Emmy awards, some not. Just to say, the examples I choose aren't necessaraly my favorites, I don't try to influence anybody.

    For each category, you'll have to choose one, two, or three names, three would be better of course.

    01. Best Episode

    02. Best Episode - Drama

    03. Best Episode - Comedy/Musical

    04. Best Actor - Drama

    05. Best Actress - Drama

    06. Best Actor - Comedy/Musical

    07. Best Actress - Comedy/Musical

    08. Best Direction for an Episode

    09. Best Writings for an Episode

    10. Best Art Direction (Best Set, for example "The Hotel" or "Cordy's Appartement")

    11. Best Costume Design, Hairstyle and Makeup (Be specific, both character and episode, for example: "Fred-The House Always Wins-Lornette Costume" or "Cordelia-Waiting In The Wings-Dress")

    12. Best Death (When I say "Best", I think more of the oh-god-is-there-enough-tissue-in-the-world-to-dry-my-tears kind than the finally-dead-let's-party kind)

    13. Best Kiss (Again, characters and episode)

    14. Best Moment - Drama (Again be specific, for example: "Five by Five-Faith asking Angel to kill her"

    15. Best Moment - Comedy/Musical (Same here, for example: "Smile Time-Angel/Spike Fight)

    16. Best Villain

    17. Best Guest (For a character who appeared in 6 or less episodes, it was 5 in the Buffy ceremony but I accepted Halfrek who played in 6, so let's make it 6.)

    18. Best Season

    19. Best Fight

    20. Best Original Music (Describe the episode and the moment, I can't really give an example, I don't remember any right now, I hope you do... )

    Don't forget you have to PM me the votes.
    The Doctor
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    3 days left to vote!!!


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      Last day!!!