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  • Top 20 Angel eps?

    ...since we've already done Buffy.

    It's tough for me to decide since Angel is my favorite show. But I'll give it a try. The first 2 at least are in order, not too sure about the rest though!

    1. Not Fade Away (one of the best episodes of anything, ever)
    2. A Hole in the World (makes me cry every single time)
    3. To Shanshu in L.A.
    4. Forgiving
    5. Lullaby
    6. Reprise (the end of Dark!Angel, my favorite arc)
    7. Reunion (the beginning of Dark!Angel...whooohoo)
    8. Salvage (Wesley gets chatty with dead Lilah then cuts off her head; Faith tells Connor what's what)
    9. The Magic Bullet
    10. Damage
    11. You're Welcome (just saw it for the 2nd time recently and it was better than I first thought...Cordy's back, along with her personality which she mysteriously lost around late season 3)
    12. Dead End (evil hand issues! Too bad Lindsey came back in season 5 and they ruined his character)
    13. Through the Looking Glass (cus Pylea rocks)
    14. There's No Place Like Plrtz Glrb (see above)
    15. Belonging
    16. Over the Rainbow
    17. Epiphany
    18. Destiny
    19. Time Bomb
    20. The Prodigal
    No power in the 'verse can stop me.

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    Difficult, I wil try.

    01. Reprise) The lift scene, Darla/Angel and ofcourse Dark!Angel.
    02. Never Fade Away) I love all of the gang on the end so much ... I don't really care that it wasn't a difficult story. They were so brave.
    03. Orpheus) Kick-ass Willow, the scene with Faith in Wesley's arms, Faith and Angelus walking around in his memories.
    04. The Magic Bullet) Poor team, the love is gone. But the happy shiny people in contrast to poor tiny lonely Fred.
    05. Orgin) Connor is back, and he is nice.
    06. I Will Remember you) I'm a sucker for cheesy, bitter sweet lovestories.
    07. Hero) Doyle dies, that last scene makes up for the weird nazi demons.
    08. Deep down) The dream, Wesley and Lilah, Justine in a closet.
    09. Salvage) Angelus in a cage
    10. Forgiving) The last scene is fantastic. poor Wes.
    11. Reunion) The fight on the roof, Darla/Drusilla team up.
    12. Redefinition) Angel fights Darla and Drusilla ...
    13. Damage) Angel is back in the field, and the scene with Andrew telling Angel the trust is gone. Angel's eyes ...
    14. Five by Five) Faith's break down, Wesley on the end in the alley.
    15. You're Welcome) Cordy was back! Angel came back!
    16. A hole in the World) Fred dies and Wesley can't do anything else as reading her a book, is there something more sad. And there is hole in the world.
    17. Smile Time) Funny, not much else as that ... but I loved it.
    18. Darla) the other side of FFL, I liked this one more.
    19. Lullaby) Holtz and Angel, Darla and Angel, Connor.
    20. To Shanshu in L.A.) The Shanshu and the friendship between Cordelia, Wesley and Angel.

    And I want to mention, Double or Nothing ... I didn't liked te story ... but the last scene with Angel moving on and putting away the little bed of Connor breaks my hart everytime.


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      I threw a list together, not as carefully thought out as the Buffy list was, though.

      20. Somnambulist -- I've always liked this episode. I liked the wire-fighting supernatural quality vampires had on "Angel", in relation to humans. Plus, I'm a big Kate fan, and I love the montage of her researching Angel's past. Plus, her decision to spare him.

      19. In the Dark -- I loved Angel's attitude through this, and the impression we get that his personal mission is more meaningful than Marcus' psychobabble. Plus, the ballsy flaming suicide run across the Santa Monica Pier!

      18. Reprise -- I love the scene between Holland and Angel, and the reveal of W&H's viewpoint in general. It's awful to see Angel fall apart like he does, but Boreanaz plays it so well, as well as Julie Benz.

      17. Release -- Angelus vs. Faith! I think the mindgames and the ideas about good and evil and the dynamic between Angel and Faith is so fantastic anyway, and it really comes to a head in this episode. Plus, for the unspoiled, one of the freakin' awesomest zOMG endings to any episode!

      16. Five by Five -- See above, re: Angel and Faith dynamic. Angel's whole mission is summed up so well in that last scene in the alleyway where Faith breaks down.

      15. Apocalypse, Nowish -- Great, action-packed episode. Gunn gets to be the brains, Wesley gets to be the muscle, introduces scariest nasty that the entire Buffyverse ever really had besides Illyria and Glory, and the rain of fire effects were great.

      14. Forgiving -- The intense finish of this episode, with Angel trying to kill Wesley, and Angel going far enough off the deep end to kidnap W&H people, being willing to kill Lilah to please Mesek'tet, just awesome. Really, it was in Season 3 of Angel that I realized how much Boreanaz had come into his own as an actor.

      13. You're Welcome -- This episode makes me cry, even though I know what's goin to happen. The ties back to Season 1 are so needed, and the whole episode proves just how much value Cordy added to, not only this show, but the entire Buffyverse. Plus, I'm not sure Charisma had ever looked more gorgeous on the show! I don't know if anyone would ever ask, but I have to wonder if Joss realizes it was a mistake not to bring her back.

      12. Waiting in the Wings -- It's the look and feel of this episode that makes it so memorable. The love triangle stuff with Wesley, Gunn, and Fred on one side, and the *very* sexy Cordy/Angel stuff all blend in perfectly with this kind of gothic, "Phantom of the Opera"-ish aesthetic. Plus, I think that ballerina chick went on to do some cool stuff.

      11. A Hole in the World -- Amazing performances from Amy Acker and Alexis Denisof, but a much more poignant message not only about Fred's overall place in all the character's lives, as well as a nice essay of just how little value Angel has gotten out of W&H -- for all those "resources", his astronauts are helpless.

      10. City of... -- I really enjoyed the series premier. Fantastic teaser, with these really iconic images of what Angel was about. I also loved a few of his very cool, Batman-ish lines, like "I'm the message" and "I have a message... from Tina". Just a great way to set the tone for the series.

      9. Epiphany -- This episode is so great because it basically is the one that spells out the show's entire philosophy of doing good. The scene between Angel and Kate was just that awesome. Plus, Angel realizing how he'd hit bottom and the scene between him and Darla.

      8. Peace Out -- Gina Torres was so great. Her argument with Angel, and subsequent beat down of Angel, had more of a season finale feel than "Home" did. Plus, Connor was so good throughout, and the regret with which he killed Jasmine was so awful.

      7. Are You Now or Have You Ever Been... -- Fantastic, fantastic episode, with the noir feel that really separates Angel tonally from Buffy in the first place. One of the best insights we get into who Angel was with his soul but without direction.

      6. Destiny -- What a great fight scene! And Spike finally being able to stand up to his big brother or father or whatever he thinks Angel is anyway. Such a welcome thing to focus on the Shanshu implications that fans had been so interested in seeing.

      5. Not Fade Away -- Again with the noirish feel. I would put this higher if it wasn't for the fact that the entire plan to get away from W&H didn't work for me, really. But, I totally loved what Joss was saying with the episode ending the way it did.

      4. To Shanshu in L.A. -- Vocah was a great villain. As great as it has been to see Angel's mission deconstructed, this episode is so important because we really see Angel's sense of purpose take shape. Not only because of the prophecy, but also the connection to Wesley and Cordy. Plus, great twist bringing back Darla.

      3. Sanctuary -- Eliza Dushku always brought so much to this series. She appeared in six episodes; three of them are in my top 20. Not only does this episode show Wesley's commitment to Angel, but it also demonstrates the effect Angel is able to have. Faith saves herself. Plus, I think it was very necessary for Angel's character that he stood up to Buffy.

      2. Lullaby -- The scene between Angel and Darla at the end is just so danged awesome.

      1. Reunion -- This is always the coolest episode I can think of at any given moment. I love episodes that revolve around the main vampire characters. This was also such a huge episode because it's basically Angel's darkest moment.
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