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  • Favorite Angel season

    What is your favorite Angel season?

    I've said it many, many times already but mine is season 2. *goes through the list again* Lorne, Dark!Angel, Lindsey, Lilah, Holland Manners, Wesley/Cordelia/Gunn friendship, Pylea, Fred... and some of the Darla eps were pretty good too.

    If I had to rank the seasons right now I don't think I could. I'm in the middle of watching them all again and am just starting season 4. My second favorite season would probably be season 5. Seasons 1 and 4 both had some great moments as well as a lot of crappy ones and because of that I'm not sure if I would place them above or below season 3. Season 3 was pretty solid throughout without being as awesome as seasons 2 and 5.

    Umm...yeah. So what do you guys think is best?
    Season 1
    Season 2
    Season 3
    Season 4
    Season 5
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    Season 5 for sure. Everything in it works, arc and stand alones, don't think there is 1 episode I don't like. Whereas every other season there's always at least 2 episodes I can't get into. Season 1 would prolly be second because it's really fresh and funny.. season 2 isn't bad either.. didn't love the dark Angel arc as a whole though, while understanding why it happened.

    Rank.. 5...................1..2....4...3


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      My favorite is season 2

      I love everything in this season

      - The amount of humor (It's the season, i laugh the most)
      - Character's development :
      Angel,Cordelia,Wesley,Gunn,Holland,Lilah,Lindsay are at their best in this
      season. Angel & Wesley had great development in the later seasons though.
      - Darla & Angel are love and the flashbacks with Angelus & Darla are
      awesome. David & Julie Benz have such a great chemistry.
      - Drusilla and Darla have great chemistry together
      - The Best Arc of the serie with wonderful episode (Dear boy, Darla, The
      Trial, Reunion, Redefinition, Reprise, Epiphany )
      - Wolfram & Hart at his best.
      - Lorne's debut
      - Angel turning dark (not saving attorneys from W&H, firing his friends,
      sleeping with Darla)
      - Harmony excellent short appareance (disharmony: a great episode)
      - Anne who i couldn't stand in "Buffy" has become likeable in "Angel"
      - Some excellent stand alone episode ("Are You Now or Have You Ever
      Been", " Dead end", belonged)
      - Some serious subjects : sexual father abuse (Untouched), people losing
      respect for Gunn therefore some jealousy (First impression), Wesley being
      the hero for a day (Guise will be Guise), non-return love (happy anniversary)

      - I totally dig the Pylea Arc
      - Nice season premiere (Angel singing Mandy )
      - Love Gunn/Wesley male friendship
      - My beloved Cordy matures a lot in this season

      The only thing i didn't like in this season : The shroud of ramon. What a piece of shit. It starts well then it turns to be very dumb and pointless.

      Angel S2 is my favourite season of the Buffyverse.


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        Season 5! I love pretty much everything about it. The setting in particular. Loved the way W&H was constructed! I loved the Fred/Illyria storyline as well, and even though we lost an amazing character, we were replaced with an even better one! This is actually one of the few cases in television shows when the last season is my favourite. The Black Thorn/Senior Partners storyline at the end was wrapped up so amazingly.


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          I voted for Season 5, too. We got Spike, we got Wesley/Illyria, we got more layers of Angel's, and we got the best series finale I could have hoped for. I didn't like most of the standalones, but the last few episodes more than made up for those. Great stuff.

          Other favourites include Season 2 and Season 4.

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            I think season 2 was the best ATS ever got, I really also enjoyed season 1 and 4. Season 2 really had a good mixture of everything though. The story was air tight.

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              Season two.

              Sometimes I flip between 2 and 4 because they both rocks it hard. But lately I have felt like 2 is better. Some of the eps are not so good but overall I enjoyed the seasonal arc, not to mention the sweet Pylean adventure. Plus, Reprise has one of the nest scenes ever! With Holland and Angel in the levatort o hell. Oh, and Epiphany with the ending Kate and Angel scene! LOVE it.
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                I loved season 3. I love the family aspect of it. For me it's really the only time they have that. While I love so many parts of the other seasons as a whole 3 is my favourite.

                I love Fred finding her place with the gang and Cordy taking on some demon so she can keep the visions, even when an acting career is put in front of her. I really enjoyed Angel starting to fall in love with Cordy through the second half of the season. I think Conor really brings them together as a family more than would have happened without him... it's such a lovely season


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                  Evn though I love alot of S1 including Hero (Which is My Favorite Episodes of the Series).The Plyea Arc of Season Two also is at the Top of my List. My Favorite Season is Season 5 Due to the Fact that it has Spike, and The Whole Fred/Illyria Storyline, and A great Series Finale with the Blackout Ending, Plus Hamilton was a great Villain.
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                    I have to say I really enjoyed both Season 2 and 3, but I liked 3 more because it had more of Fred in it, who was my favorite character ever. I loved her when she was all shy and a little bookworm with the big glasses. I also really liked Conner when he was a baby. I really enjoyed the episode when Cordy was turned into the demon as well.

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