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  • Wifi help please

    Hi everyone, I need help with my Wifi and I don't know what to do. I will post my message that I made a thread from another forum (But nobody answered).

    Okay I need help with my wifi: Here's the story

    A couple of days ago an OP (From the chat) told me of a Windows Vista verison of the Wifi which I can download so I did and everything worked out fine. I was able to battle and trade again like normal.

    Then today (Didn't play it a bit after that) when I was about to get a Shaymin the wifi stops working. I went to connect and at first the green icon that shows the connection shows up for a few moments like it's about to work but suddenly goes back to red so I get a message that says Unable to connect to the Wifi.

    So I went to test the connectivity in the Wifi settings and the same thing happens with that icon. And this time I got this code error 52103.

    What is going on?
    So any ideas or advice please?

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    Is the wireless internet coming from a good source? I tmay not even be your computer but maybe the actual internet.

    Or it could be your computer and maybe the download didn't "stick" so to speak. If i were you i would try deleting the version you dowloaded and try downloading it again, if you run into the same problem you might want to talk to an expert! Hope i could help at all!! And good luck i know how frustrating it can be!