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    I have been ill for the past week, and am now going away to work an event this weekend. I will be back Sunday night and hope to reply to everyone's emails & PMs then regarding awards & nominations.

    I know that I put a deadline up for the awards but it was more of a "suggestion" than an actual deadline in order for me to get as many awards in as possible and see how many we have left and figure out if I'll get them all. I haven't been able to check any of the ones sent in - but it's going to be the first thing I do when I get back so that I can see how well we are doing with the awards.

    In terms of the votes that have been sent in, the last thing I wanted to do while I was ill was add them into the spreadsheet on the off chance I did something wrong, so I have left them all to do next week when I'll be back to normal and fully capable of getting them done!

    Sorry for the lack of replies etc. I am still around, I've just been really ill!
    Thanks for all the help with the awards as always!!
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    Feel better!

    I hope there won't be too many awards left to do. And I am almost done with votes. Just one category and the best wallpaper one to go!

    Take it as easy as you can.
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      feel better sayjay

      I sent my votes in! It took me all morning to do the best wallpaper category - especially since your last e-mail telling us we have to 'make sense' with our votes.... I've been doing one or two categories every few days, and it's strange how my tastes change every time I look at them. Needless to say, I'm glad I'm done....


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        Feel better Sayjay!

        All my awards are done and I've sent all of them, except one (I'm not home this weekend). I'll send it you when I get back on Sunday. As for the votes, I plan on beginning tonight and finish this coming week.
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          Aww, I hope you feel better Sayjay! I'll be sending you my awards as soon as I finish my last one. I don't want you to have to chase me down for them once you get back.
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            Feel better Sayjay! That's the number one thing!

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              Your welfare comes before the ceremony Sayjay!
              I'm sure everyone agrees that we would rather you be well than have the AFA's running on schedule!
              Get better hun!
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                I hope you feel better soon Sayjay
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                  Aww. *huggles tight* Feel better SJ! Like everyone else said your health is the #1 one concern. If it effects the award ceremony being pushed back we will all understand completely. I hope you feel better soon.

                  I''ve finished all my awards and sent them to you. My votes will be coming soon...I have one more category and the best artist/wallpaper yet to do. Man, judging all of these fabulous pieces is HARD!