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Anybody saw this animated movie?

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  • Anybody saw this animated movie?

    Sorry to made a topic for this but I cant find one to discover movie titles.

    I saw an animated movie in tv in the end of the 80's who was probably distributed by Disney, but had the graphic of Asiatic animes. The story was about a boy who was training magic to confront a sorcerer. In the climax fight they changed in wolves and serpents while climbing a mountain and a house was being destroyed. Forgive me but I was a kid whe saw it and can't remember more details.
    Anyone can help me?
    Sorry, I don't speak English.

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    It sounds like The Black Cauldron.

    However, its one of the only Disney films I've never seen (and that's saying something, because I've seen an absurd amount including old rarities like Song of the South, Darby O'Gill and the Little People, So Dear to My Heart, The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad, Donald in Mathmagic Land, etc...).

    The film was made in 1985 and is known for being quite dark for a Disney film. It's the legendary forgotten Disney movie.

    Is this it?
    The Dark Avenger
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      I belive it isn't.

      I remeber something more in the oriental style something like an anime.
      Thanks, anyway.
      Sorry, I don't speak English.


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        Well hun, I have no idea which movie you're talking about but if you know it's an 80's movie, try searching this list. It might have it on there. I know for sure that it's not The Black Cauldron though. A few months ago I had to watch that movie back to back to back........ because my cousins son kept watching it over and over again without watching anything else in between. Hope that helps.

        EDIT: Are you sure it isn't the movie Dragonslayer???!!! It's about a boy training to defeat a sorcerer. Sounds a tad familiar.
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          Thanks, but wasn't any of these

          I saw DragonSlayer and is a great movie with an amazing dragon.

          I'm starting to believe that this animation was mistakenly aired in the Disney slot time by the Brazilian channel, but without any real relation with the Mickey company.
          Sorry, I don't speak English.