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  • Nominations - I Need Your Help!

    With only 5 days to go the nominations numbers are looking incredibly low this year, and I'm hoping that some of you can help me to boost these numbers in the next few days!

    Below is the list of categories with the number of nominees we have so far this year and the number of nominees there were in this category last year [if it existed!]

    Category Grouping 1: Supernatural
    • Best Episodic - 15 [16]
    • Best Character - 11 [16]
    • Best Group - 12 [15]

    Category Grouping 2: BtVS & AtS
    • Best Episodic - 13 [24 for btvs, 13 for ats]
    • Best Character - 15 [28]
    • Best Group - 13 [25]

    Category Grouping 3: Other Series
    • Best Supernatural/Fantasy Series - 15
    • Best Sci-Fi Series - 12
    • Best Comedy/Drama Series - 17
    • Best Moonlight - 6

    Category Grouping 4: Twilight
    • Best Book/Film Scene - 10
    • Best Bella/Edward - 9
    • Best 'Other' Couple - 10
    • Best Character - 8

    Category Grouping 5: Extra
    • Best Female Celeb - 15 [29 for best 'celeb' m&f]
    • Best Male Celeb - 13
    • Best Book/Film - 15 [18]

    Category Grouping 6: Emotions
    • Best Love - 11 [21]
    • Best Comedy - 13 [17]
    • Best Drama - 20 [29]
    • Best Tearjerker - 21 [23]

    Category Grouping 7: Techniques
    • Stocks - 16 [25]
    • Colour - 18 [colour/lighting got 29]
    • Lighting - 14
    • Composition - 20 [28]
    • Texture/Brushes - 17 [27]
    • Manipulation - 15
    • Text - 18

    I am really worried about the Twilight categories, I was hoping they would have the same kind of numbers as the Supernatural categories, but it's looking as though maybe we gave Twilight too many categories! If you want to prove me wrong please start nominating in the categories with low numbers!!!

    I also cannot believe how few entries we have had for the BtVS/AtS categories, I knew the art had been dwindling but when discussing the categories there seemed to be a lot of argument to keep all of these categories, please, please nominate if you want to see these categories back next year, we need the numbers to support them!!

    If you have already nominated, think of the categories you didn't nominate in and check out your art collection, I'm sure you could find something worth nominating, we need your entries!!!

    And for those who haven't nominated, I BEG you to please send your forms in soon and help to make this event what it was last year!!!

    Art by Sayjay at Radiance

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    Too bad about Twilight! I could enter all the categories, only most everything I made I did this month!

    And yes, shocking how many entries for Jossverse last year. Wow.
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      I can't believe numbers for Twilight are that low! Even with the decline in art, I know I've seen more posted around here then that! And I would love to help out in a few of those categories, but everything I've made for some of them were made this year.


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        Oh, wow! This is a shock! :eek: I expected lots more entries from the SN, Jossverse, and Twilight categories!!!! I'm afraid that I entered all the pieces I could. It's sad that the Jossverse categories might not be back next year, cause that is supposed to be such a big category


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          I'm not saying things won't be back, just that they might need to be cut back. For SN & Jossverse perhaps 2 instead of 3, and for Twilight 2 instead of 4... I think it's better to focus on the more general categories that everyone can enter as opposed to more specific ones, because then if you have no art, you can't enter, and as such we wind up with low numbers which was something I was actually hoping to avoid this year (apart from the Moonlight category which I knew would be low).

          But hey, we still have 5 days, and a few people still to nominate so all of that could change drastically in just a short time!

          Art by Sayjay at Radiance


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            There are still over 10 members of the AFA to nominate, I've begun PM-ing people on here as a reminder just in case you check on here more frequently.

            Deadline is midnight (GMT) on Friday, please try to get those nominations in on time!!

            Art by Sayjay at Radiance