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WHat Did You Get For Christmas?

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  • WHat Did You Get For Christmas?

    Here's what I got for Christmas and the past few days for Hanukkah


    Lindsay Mac - Stop Thinking
    Weeds: Season 1 Soundtrack
    Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog


    Bones: Season 3
    Dead Like Me: Season 2
    The Dark Knight 2-Disc Special Edition
    Iron Man
    $50 Best Buy Gift Card
    House: Season 3
    Lost: Season 3
    That 70's Show: Season 7
    The Killers - Day and Age
    Some Clothes

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    I got...
    • iPod Touch (8GB)
    • The Dark Knight (2 Disc Special Edition)
    • iPod Speakers
    • $30 iTunes Card
    • Wii Points Card
    • Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia
    • Kings of Leon - Only By The Night
    • Slippers
    • Shower Kit
    • Some Clothes


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      Well, I was wondering who's thread was going to get the first reply and it was yours Ben, so I think you won the battle. Anyhoo...

      My Gifts included:
      • 4 shirts- Three are like funny ha ha t-shirts (1 says "no entry" <-- made me laugh the most, 1 says "tell your boyfriend, thanks", and then the last t-shirt says "bubble yum" like bubble gum yeah it's not that funny but that's alright; and then the other is a cashmere shirt my oldest sis got on her trip to China.
      • Silk scarf re: above trip.
      • A fleece blanket that has like, the tied edges. You know what I'm talking about?
      • Gift cards for: gas, Subway (which was a joke but my parents took it seriously since I go to Subway ALL THE TIME! ), and Target
      • A phone card
      • Some money
      • What my 2nd older sister called a "romance gift basket". It sounds a lot dirtier than it is. All of us girls got them from her. It has like champagne glasses (but I don't drink so...), bath salts, bubble bath, hair binders, body spray, like winter gloves (don't ask me why) loofah etc. etc. etc. Basically it's just a girls girl basket. *shrugs*
      • A wireless mouse for my laptop
      • Pearl necklace, again from the China trip
      • This compact type thing from China. There's no makeup in it but when you open it up there's the mirror side and then the other side you can put stuff in. It's pretty.
      • Bioshock (Xbox 360 game)
      • Christina Aguilera's Greatest Hits.
      • 4GB flash drive

      And I think that's it. I can edit if I forgot something.
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        Handful of clothes..and some tea!


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          Fine. I give in. I closed the other thread. Even though it wasmy idea and Ben beat me to it.

          Anyone get a puppy?
          Parents, what goodies did you get your kids...?

          I'm pretty mainstream... T:SCC, Lost (4), Grey's (4) and money with which I just bought Supernatural (2)


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            I got

            Veronica Mars S3
            A Perfect Murder (This movie rocks)
            A purse
            A pyjama
            Some socks
            Some chocolate
            Alicia Keys - As I am super edition
            A blouse and a sweater
            Some bath soap and towel

            I?m thinking of getting some other stuff, it?s presents post-Christmas


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              Let see I got:

              Bones: S1
              Smallville:S1 and S2
              HIMYM: S1 and S2
              Gilmore Girls:S1
              The Dark knight, A joker T'shirt to go with it
              Madden '09
              and I think thats it


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                22" computer monitor / T.V. screen
                The Rogers & Hammerstein Collection - The Sound of Music, The King and I, State Fair, Oklahoma, Carousel & South Pacific
                3 Elvis ornaments
                4 Barbie ornaments
                2 Madame Alexander world dolls (Finland and Thailand this year--I have India, China, Arabia & Scotland)
                2008 Holiday Barbie (I have all of them but 1988)
                The Dark Knight (maybe), Indy IV (which I hated), Mama Mia (eh) & the new Mummy film (which I won't ever watch) (my mom tends to buy her own movies and give them to me for Christmas)
                assorted books (a lot of them about fairies, an Eragon sequel and a J.K. Rowling book--again, mostly for my mom)
                a fairy doll to add to the collection my mom has around our living room
                a book on castles and palaces
                sewing machine
                cake decorating stuff
                2 bras
                3 shirts
                1 sweater
                1 small, fuzzy hand-knitted scarf
                2 necklace and earring sets
                Christmas wreath earrings that light up
                fleece socks
                $25 gift certificate to Barnes & Noble
                Christmas moose stuffed animal
                kitty pocket planner
                kitty note pad
                2009 Elvis calendar (I've been using them since 2007)
                2 containers of Nutella
                3 bags of Hershey's Kisses
                Junior Mints
                Creme Drops


                It looks like I'll have to pick up Bones season 3 on my own, but I think I did pretty well!

                I spent last night watching (and probably singing along to) The Sound of Music.
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                  • iPod Touch (8 GB)
                    Bones Season 3
                    Lise Dion's 20th Anniversary DVD (Quebec stand-up comic)
                    Concert Tickets

                  Other gifts are coming soon.
                  Banner Set made by the lovely Dana.


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                    I didn't get much but some fuzzy socks and a Jeep Cherokee! Yup, you heard me, my father in-law got my husband and I a new vehicle (well used but new to us) We don't have it yet, but he's supposed to be dropping it off in the next couple of days. This is the first Christmas I spent away from my family and spent it with my husband's family.

                    My daughter got a large stuffed ducky, some new clothes, stickers (galore), a large Dora the Explorer doll, and a V-Tech V-Smile along with a Dora game for it. My daughter made out like bandit here in Arkansas especially from her grandparents (my daughter is the only grandchild on my husband's side). We are expecting a package here within the next week with more stuff from my family. But overall great Christmas for my daughter so far....and that is all that matters to me these days. (just means we have twice as much taking back to Michigan when we go home at the end of January).


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                      I got:

                      Singstar Abba
                      Singstar Disney
                      Pink - Funhouse
                      Take That - Circus
                      A couple of perfumes
                      Guitar Hero World Tour!!!
                      A new top
                      Mahjong game
                      A new bag
                      Oh and of course.... Buffy complete Season - I've been waiting ages and finally got it


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                        Originally posted by carousel_girl8 View Post
                        Singstar Disney
                        There is a Singstar Disney?????? Oh. My. GOD! I need to get that!

                        Well, for Christmas, I got...
                        • Wii Fit
                        • Wii Ski
                        • Nightmare Before Christmas Calendar!!
                        • LOTS of Make-up
                        • Classic Rock Album
                        • Nightmare Revisited CD - It's like, songs from Nightmare Before Christmas, but they're covered by different artists
                        • Sleeping Beauty Special Edition DVD
                        • Bedknobs and Broomsticks DVD
                        • Hunchback of Notre Dame DVD
                        • 101 Dalmations (Cartoon) DVD
                        • Mamma Mia Special Edition DVD
                        • Little Voice DVD
                        • Leatherheads DVD
                        • Definately Maybe DVD
                        • Perfume
                        • Chocolate. Lots of Chocolate!!
                        • Clothes
                        • And lots of little stocking fillers.

                        Good times

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                          Lego Star Wars Wii
                          Final Fantasy Fables - Chocobo's Dungeon Wii
                          Dragon Quest Swords Wii
                          Buffy Season 5 Boxset
                          Christina Aguilera Inspire Perfume
                          Face Moisturiser
                          Shampoo and Conditioner
                          Nail the habit (you dip your nails in to make them taste bad so you don't bite them)


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                            Hm. Let's see...

                            some fencing equipment (both parents and godmother contributed to that, since it's rather expensive)
                            lots of books
                            nice hand-written vouchers (random shopping and then running sushi from my sister, shopping for clothes from my aunt)
                            as usual, some money
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                              I bought myself the Best of Enrique Iglesias. I still want the new Sugababes cd, the Britney Spears one and maybe a DVD.


                              • #16
                                I got

                                * Friends season 1 - 10
                                * Perfume - Britney Spears 'believe' and Lacost 'touch of pink'
                                * Chocolate
                                * Grooming stuff - You know, baths and shower stuff, hair products, makeup brushes etc
                                * Musical Jewlerry box
                                * Hair straightners

                                That's about it really


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                                  And of course I forgot the Athenian Owl tie. I'm dumb.
                                  Sin is what I feast upon
                                  I'm forging my crematorium
                                  Your tomb is waiting here for you
                                  Welcome to my ritual

                                  -Judas Priest, Death


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                                    Charmed: The Complete Series Limited Deluxe Edition
                                    Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 2
                                    How I Met Your Mother Season One
                                    One Tree Hill Season Two
                                    Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie
                                    "The Tales of Beedle the Bard" book
                                    A Muppets' Christmas Carol DVD


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                                      Let's see-
                                      • clothes
                                      • bathrobe with matching socks (but I returned it Bath & Body Works for shower gel/lotion/body spray)
                                      • WALL-E
                                      • Best Buy gift card (bought Tru Calling Complete Series)
                                      • X-mas money (I bought DVDs- Supernatural Season Three, Enchanted, Be Kind Rewind)
                                      • iPod Nano
                                      • Mary Kay shower gel/lotion
                                      • toothbrush holder/soap dispenser
                                      • chocolate covered pretzels
                                      Banner by Digital Leonardo


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                                        -Buffy season 2 (yay my collection is completed!)
                                        -Gossip girl season 1
                                        -Perfume -Christina Aguilera
                                        -I don't know what's the name in English
                                        - A card
                                        - Clothes
                                        - A computergame

                                        And a lot more
                                        "No one ever dies, and everybody lives happily ever after." -Lie to me