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  • Power lost

    Hello. Buffy and angel poeple. Here in maine no power for weeks. I have it back now. And am trying to get my life back. I lost food, Burts pipes and my heatrer in the car blew becasue we where sleeping in there for a while. Hope to back on a more normal basis soon.


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    Look at this way.When you get through an experience like that in good order, something has been added to you. Well done, and good luck.


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      That sounds bad, glad that everything is starting to work again.


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        Good luck with getting back to normal! Sorry about all the disruption and upset.

        -- Robofrakkinawesome BANNER BY FRANCY --


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          Ack, that's nasty, but sounds like the worst is over now.
          May the Force be with you, Eric. You came through what already happened, so you can handle what's ahead.
          Sin is what I feast upon
          I'm forging my crematorium
          Your tomb is waiting here for you
          Welcome to my ritual

          -Judas Priest, Death


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            THanks for all the kind words. I am greatfull.


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              Ah, I was wondering what had happened to you. I hoped you hadn't seen some episode that totally turned you off the franchise or something. LMAO.

              No power for two weeks! :eek: Oy. In Maine. :eek: Mucho fr?o. I'm glad to be in the slightly chilly version of Sunny San Diego. Freezing our frijoles off by our standards and probably like a lobster in a jacuzzi by yours.

              May the force be with you and many more Jossverse episodes to come.

              Feliz Navidad from the opposite corner of the good ol' U.S. of A.
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