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Award Designs - Deadline, Info, etc..

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  • Award Designs - Deadline, Info, etc..

    With the list of award designers now pretty much complete (with only 2 slots left to be filled at the moment), and some of these awards beginning to be sent my way, I decided it was time to remind people of some things,

    The Awards...
    • Any dimension/size
    • Any colour or style of your choosing
    • Must have "AFA Awards Ceremony 2009" written on them
    • Must have the title of the award your are designing
    • Must have N'th place on it (so that I can edit it)
    • Must have "Artist" and "Wallpaper Title" on it

    Submitting Awards - Photoshop Users
    • Merge all of the layers except for the text layers.
    • Save the .psd file of your award.
    • Add the .psd file and any fonts you used to a .zip or .rar file.
    • Send them to [email protected]

    Submitting Awards - NON-Photoshop Users
    • Design you award and save file as a .jpg
    • Remove text from your award and save file as a .jpg
    • Add the .jpg files and any fonts you used to a .zip or .rar file.
    • Send them to [email protected]

    About the Deadline
    February 15th preferably.
    Ultimately all of the awards need to be finalised before the awards ceremony and I need to add in all of the placements etc, and make sure no one will win their own, so if you are going to be late I can offer an extension until March 1st, but please contact me and let me know if you are running late prior to February 15th!!
    [If an award has not been submitted by February 15th and I still have not heard from the artist that is designing the award by Februay 18th, I will release those awards to some very lovely last miute volunteers who will have until March 4th to finish the awards.]

    I have now updated the list of award designers to reflect who I am awaiting awards from, those that have submitted awards for categories will be behind the "Completed Awards" link for each category, I did this so that I could easily keep track of who has still to submit which awards, and so that you can check the list and easily see what awards you have still to do.

    CLICK HERE to view the updated list.

    For anyone interested there are currently 34 completed awards out of 168 already! (Which means that 1/5 of the awards are done!)

    Art by Sayjay at Radiance