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    So I'm home sick from work for the third day, and I'm too sick to do anything but too well to sleep all day. And I am very, very, very bored. I can rent movies from itunes to watch, but I have a very hard time finding movies on's hard to browse. So can anyone recommend something for me? I generally feel like watching:

    -an action movie with a lot of humor (something like Iron Man)
    -a romantic comedy that doesn't make me want to throw up (so...not too cheesy)
    -a comedy that's not too gross
    -sci fi that's not got any horror to it at all (I'm a giant wuss about horror films)

    Take pity on a poor sickee and offer some recommendations??

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    Mean Girls is always a good sick in bed movie. Also The Devil Wears Prada...

    I personally LOVE to watch Star Wars: A New Hope when sick... I dunno why, it is just that kinda movie for me.
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      I always love the Gilmore Girls when I'm sick, many hours of enjoyment


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        Aww, I wish I had gilmore girls, that would be perfect.

        Thanks for the suggestions!


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          Lord of the Rings is one of my personal favorites. And the movies are so long you won't have to worry about changing movies as much. Star Wars is also great. My favorite movies to watch when I am sick are Serenity, Dirty Dancing, and Pretty Woman.


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            Oooh for a romantic comedy you can watch How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days! That movie is hysterical, don't anyone judge me. For a a funny movie that's slightly like an action movie you could watch Snatch. "Periwinkle blue" I'm just givin ya a few more options since you're probably not going to get over your cold in one day hun. Plus it's the weekend.
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              Thanks guys! true story that I am not yet over my cold...still in bed. blegh. But more opportunity for movies!



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                I want to recommend a movie... it doesn't really fit your genres there other than comedy, but it's not quite just that...


                (Yes, I know, predictable for me.)

                But the Director's Cut is a 3 hour movie (so not much changing of DVDs)... It's funny, sad and has a lot of amazing music and gorgeous costumes. It's a visual and aural feast with a psychological drama (jealousy, genius vs. mediocrity, Abel & Cain) and based on historical conspiracy theories (the rumor that Salieri poisoned Mozart haunted Salieri when he was still alive). Plus, Tom Hulce, IMO, isn't hard to look at and has the most memorable laugh ever. If there's anything that can make someone appreciate classical music, it is the Requiem Mass scene at the end of the film. The Lacrimosa in particular is just jaw-dropping. Excellent performances and one of the few Oscar winners that actually deserved its 8 Oscars (and deserved a 9th for Tom Hulce--both Hulce and Abraham were nominated for Best Actor in the same film).

                Now, if you want to be cheered up, go for The Sound of Music (any old musical, really). Grease is another.

                Then there's a lot of Molly Ringwald and '80s teen movies. You can shake your fist with me because Andie chooses Blane over Duckie (poor Duckie). Ferris Bueller's Day Off is always an appropriate movie if you're missing school/work.

                I also recommend all of the Mickey Rooney and/or Judy Garland musicals. With Christmas coming up, Meet Me in St. Louis would be appropriate. I'm also very fond of the Andy Hardy films, Babes in Arms, Babes on Broadway, etc... Boys Town is always a good cry movie with stunning performances.

                If you want sad, classic and heartwarming, go for A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. James Dunn's performance as the father is amazing.

                If you want to go for comedies: neither The Blues Brothers or Animal House are really gross comedies in the way they are made today (and Animal House invented the genre). Ghostbusters, Beetlejuice, etc... are also good comedies and they won't make your brain completely dribble out of your ear either (which is the feeling I get about most recent attempts at comedy).

                Tim Burton movies are always great. Edward Scissorhands is very sweet.

                The Princess Bride is probably my favorite parody film. That and Young Frankenstein--always a hoot.

                My sci-fi fantasy/adventure films of choice will always be the unadulterated Star Wars original trilogy and the Indiana Jones trilogy.

                If you want movies with a lot of music in them, but aren't musicals--La Bamba (about Ritchie Valens--starring Lou Diamond Phillips) and Great Balls of Fire! (about Jerry Lee Lewis--starring Dennis Quaid and Winona Ryder) are good for that.

                American Graffiti is also one of my favorite movies of all time. It's the authentic oldies movie whereas Grease is the Broadway version of rock'n'roll. Plus, American Graffiti has John Milner (Paul Le Mat), Carol (Mackenzie Philips) and Bob Falfa (Harrison Ford)... Some of the best character interactions ever put on film.

                And Ghost is a romantic movie that is good for a nice cry. And it's about to get a heckuva lot sadder with Patrick Swayze having cancer.
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