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    What stuff do you want to appropriate from Whedon's world? I mean any objects: clothes, weapons, any? For me it is definitely Spike's Zippo lighter. I do not smoke, but that is such a cool thing!

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    The Hyperion Hotel.

    Or more practically (or not so practically):

    Darla's 1753 alley dress, Darla's 1753 Liam's home dress, Darla's 1760 Master dress, Darla's 1765 barn near Arles dress, Darla's 1767 Marseilles dress, Darla's 1860 green convent dress, Darla's 1880 London green outfit with hat, Darla's 1880 mine shaft red outfit...

    Just give me the rest of her closet while you're at it.

    ...Angel's long cloth coat (though Nikki's/Spike's would be a better fit), one of the Claddagh rings, Angel's cross necklace to Buffy, Angel's soul in the muo-ping, the '67 Plymouth or Angel's broadsword/battle axe.

    I'm quite fond of Angel's two small apartments as well. The birdcage elevator would be freakin' awesome. And Angel's Sunnydale apartment was stunning with all the gray walls and then suddenly that red bed comforter--stunningly symbolic use of color. I liked the garden and the fireplace, but I never liked the outside of the mansion.
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      For me it would be Spikes original duster (not the horrible cardboard affair he wore in AtS)

      Then Angels long cloth coat form season 1 (I think I'm beginning to see a pattern here. )

      Gunn's hubcap axe

      The Gem of Amara

      Spikes Zippo

      A pair of Giles's spectacles.

      The shadow cast device from season 7 (forget the name of the episode.)

      Buffy's bed from season 6.

      *looks up* Lord I'm a greedy so and so.
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        The dress Fred wore in WitW.

        Angel's W&H apartment. Also some of those amazing cars.

        Angel's sword, that's my favourite weapon on either show.

        Cordelia the flying horse.

        mr. Gordo

        Puppet Angel, but I prefer a real puppet and not the walking and talking version.


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          OMG How could I have forgotten puppet Angel!! I'd love the real one of those.

          And Angels sword! Of course. How did I forget that too.


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            I would definitely go with locales...which is, admittedly, quite expensive, but oh well.

            - The Library
            - Angel's basement apartment
            - The Hyperion

            Also the Buffy scythe, which interestingly enough I saw in a Medieval weapons shop in Michigan a couple years back
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              Buffy scythe all the way.

              Mr. Pointy
              Wes's collapsible sleeve sword.
              Sweets red suit
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                Do you think I could keep Spike?

                Okay serious ones would be:
                Mr Pointy
                Buffy's prom dress
                Angel's car before Season 5
                Definately a puppet Angel
                Spike's zippo lighter
                Spike's jacket
                Claddagh ring
                Orb of Thesulah


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                  Originally posted by carousel_girl8 View Post
                  Do you think I could keep Spike?
                  I think so. I hear he makes a terrific pet.


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                    Moved this to the Misc section as it's not discussing the shows.


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                      Eh. Spike's black leather coat, duh. We wantsss it, gollum!!!
                      Also, Angel's viper. That is one cool car. And the leather jacket he gives to Buffy. (See a pattern there? ) And the sword would be nice. Giles's practice sabre, though I have a similar one at home (yet tournament regulations require that you bring two and I haven't yet bought a second, so I always had to borrow an old and dented one 'til now ). Oh, and I'd like Buffy's crossbow, please... and could I have it with Buffy holding it?
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                        I just saw 'Couplet' yesterday, it was the episode where Groo gets Angel's favourite sword (and shirt ) and he looks so cranky. Can you imagine his face when he finds out we want to steal his cars, apartments, clothes and his sword?


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                          Let's see how much Angelus is in souled Angel, eh?
                          Sin is what I feast upon
                          I'm forging my crematorium
                          Your tomb is waiting here for you
                          Welcome to my ritual

                          -Judas Priest, Death