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    Well this may seem a little silly but I've begun this little project of creating Angel films. It has been said many times that Angel is a cinematic show so I decided that I would edit episodes together to create feature length films. I'd like to hear some opinions. I'm starting off with the first Darla which will run from the start of s2 to reunion. I will post updates and hopefully give a trailer and a link to a download for anyone interested.

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    Sounds interesting, I will look forward to it.


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      Personally i can't wait!
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      1.02 Never been kissed OUT NOW/ 1.03 Damned by the bell COMING SOON


      • #4 of luck! I can't wait to see the finished product. Just a thought: you could do a WHOLE Darla movie (incorporating clips from Buffy as well, and using a lot of the flashbacks).
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