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Where do you stand on spoilers?

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  • Where do you stand on spoilers?

    Do you like to know what's maybe possibly going to happen as soon as the slightest hint of a rumour emerges? Or do you cover your eyes if someone even suggests what might be coming?

    Spoiler whore or spoiler-flaccid? What's your stance?

    For me, it entirely depends on the show. Some things (eg Doctor Who), I seek out spoilers like a trufflehound. Perhaps it's because I have to wait so long for the actual episodes? And that there aren't that many in a season, so I want to eke out what there is?

    One thing I do NOT get is people not wanting "spoilers" for a film when they've already read the book of that film. I remember it with Lord of the Rings. Like...dude, a) the book's been out for 50 odd years, it's not exactly news and b) you've read it five times a year since you were ten... surely you can guess roughly what the film might be about? (clue: some hobbits, and the lord of said rings does not end up with afformentioned rings.)

    I try to steer clear of spoilers for certain shows (tried not to get spoilered for the Wire, for example... not sure why that show and not another...). i kind of wish I hadn't been spoiled for BSG season 3, as it would've been interesting
    to experience finding out which characters were cylons at the same time as them.

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    Mainly I'm a spoiler whore through and through.

    The only show I didn't spoiler myself for was season one of Heroes and thats because I'd heard how good the show was and I wanted to watch it 'fresh' so to speak.


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      I usually avoid spoilers, though if I'm not too much into a show I won't mind if someone tells me what will happen.

      If, on the other hand, I'm interested in the show, I turn them into vampires as a punishment. Nah, I don't take it so seriously, but I'd rather not be spoiled, in general.

      That said, sometimes (a number of years ago) I read spoilers (or transcripts) just to discuss a show sometimes, even before watching the episodes, but then I got bored of that.

      So, usually, no spoilers for me.


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        I'm mostly anti spoiler. Or I don't mind a mini spoiler. Or I might need something to hold me over during a long hiatus.

        For me, I like to experience a moment of a show and to have only my own thoughts and reactions in my head. As opposed to thinking oh it's this scene that everyone has been talking about, I wonder how I'll like it, oh I'm looking for this point that someone else mentioned, or a hundred other things. These things take me out of the high that I'm caught in the moment like a character, and instead they bring back the bitter reality that I'm watching a movie. Something that a million other people are experiencing and not special or unique to me at all.

        For me plot (and ultimate story conclusion) can be less important than the visual nature and overall ambiance of a film. I have spent over six months avoiding Twilight promos and stills, so the movie would feel new and worth the experience. Books don't have visuals or audios, it's all in your head. Movies are visuals and audios of an idea from some elses POV. For me it's a large enough difference worth preserving.

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          Originally posted by Ehlwyen View Post
          I'm mostly anti spoiler. Or I don't mind a mini spoiler. Or I might need something to hold me over during a long hiatus.
          I'm pretty much the same. I try to avoid spoilers during a season because I like to be surprised by the twists and turns that make my shows so good. I will read episode descriptions on titanTV for the episode for that week, which I guess could be considered a spoiler, but it doesn't really give anything away except what the episode will be about, so I don't count it.

          I DO however, cannot stay away from spoilers in between seasons. I just hate to wait that long, so I'll read every tid-bit I can find about upcoming seasons, and then stop as soon as we're reasonably close to the season starting back up again.

          As far as books go, I HATE spoilers. I much prefer reading a book to watching a movie because you get to get inside the characters heads, which is always so much better. I spent forever avoiding all Twilight art and such so that I could read the books with fresh thoughts, and for the most part I was able to do that with the exception of
          Bella being vampirized in BD
          . Someone let that cat out of the bag for me, and I must say I wasn't too thrilled to know how that was going to end up...


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            I'm a complete spoilerwhore, well more or less. For me it really depends on the show. With some shows such as Supernatural, I just have to read spoilers because not knowing makes me too anxious and really messes with my head (especially during the summer hiatus). I also don't mind being spoiled for shows such as GG, SV, Bones, GA, Chuck etc. But then again there are things where I don't want to be spoilt, for example when it comes to a show with huge plot twists such as 24, TSCC or even True Blood. I also don't want to be spoiled for the Twilight movie because even though I know what happens plotwise, I do not wish to know how they adapted the book into a film exactly. I wanna be surprised and hopefully awed when I go to watch the movie at the theatre.


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              Spoiler - 'HO!

              I have to know how my favorite characters are going to fare in any story - book, TV.

              Because I become very emotionally attached to characters I have to know what to expect emotionally from the story line. If I go in blind - and a fave character dies - I actually grieve!

              It's kinda like that old joke about the guy who tells his friend his cat died. I have to hahve more time to prepare emotionally.

              Now, shows where I'm not that emotionally invested in thhe characters I don't go into spoilers. Currently it's just LOST - for Sawyer and anywhere I can find info on Spike at this point.
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                Originally posted by ThePoet's<3 View Post

                Because I become very emotionally attached to characters I have to know what to expect emotionally from the story line. If I go in blind - and a fave character dies - I actually grieve!
                Ooh-Yes! Exactly. I need to prepare myself.

                I watched BTVS on DVD I knew before watching Season 7 that Spike would pop up on Angel. I still ended up sobbing in my room all evening. (I was sharing a house with other grad students at the the time. One of them heard me and came to see if everything was ok. I tried to explain and she said "But wasn't he a bad guy anyway. More. Sobbing.)

                In the recent Angel comic
                the dusting that didn't stick sent my into a tail spin-I almost couldn't finish the book. I need to know that kind of thing going in.

                So yeah-Spoiler Whore here.

                That said. I don't like to be told major plot points. Like I was not thrilled to find out who the killer on Veronica Mars-first season was before I had a chance to figure it out for myself.

                Mostly-I like to know character-related spoilers.

                Although, at this point. I'd be totally cool with someone explaining the lost island to me.
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                  I wouldn't really call myself full on spoiler ho but a quasi-ho. I wasn't really online when Buffy was on, only after the show ended for a bit I started looking for places to talk about it but HAD I been online whilst watching I would have been sooooo spoiler free because I wouldn't have wanted to be told about huge events before hand. Now a day's there's not really any show on tv that I'm obsessed with so I don't mind too much if I do get spoiled but I generally don't go looking for them. The one spoilers I do read though is for my soap opera. I can't go through the pain again of hoping my favorite character was coming back. I swear I spent about 3 weeks sitting at home home waiting for my fave character to get into the car wreck that would bring her back to Pine Valley hospital but it never happened. Very sad times. So now I read all the spoilers for my soap, that way I'm not surprised.
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                    It depends on the scale of the spoiler. Things like which actor is going to play what part don't count as spoilers to me, or images or titbits from the show. On the other hand, spoilers that spoil the whole plot displease me. I really, really wish I hadn't been inadvertently spoiled for <i>Serenity</i> for instance.
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                      I'm pretty much a total spoilerwhore.

                      But there are points where I back off reading them. Like with Lost, often times, full episode synopses come online the day before the ep airs and I won't read those. But I will pretty much read anything else. Or with BSG, I am wary about what I read because there is an occasional shocker that I would prefer to not know beforehand.

                      Generally though, I love me some spoilers!
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                        I want to not read spoilers, but I do cause I'm impatient.

                        Take, for example, Battlestar Galactica. It's almost a whole 12 months for the season to return, and I can't wait. I'm grabbing every spoiler I can find. I can't wait. For Smallville, I also don't mind getting spoiled. Same with Heroes.

                        However, I stay away from T:SCC spoilers, Supernatural spoilers, Chuck spoilers, and if Dollhouse stays strong, I stay from those. Same with Bones (but is there really anything to spoiler? ROFL).

                        So, for's half and half. But I don't want to read spoilers. I just can't wait.