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I'm purposefully avoiding the predictable Oscar Wilde reference.

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    The Dark Avenger

  • NileQT87
    I honestly think people are just naturally inclined towards certain preferences from their earliest stages of development. Maybe it is the people they were surrounded with, what traits those people have, what traits they are conditioned to look for in a person in their earliest years, etc...

    I personally like older men who are mature, intelligent, can handle a good discussion on historical minutia and a slight preference for tall and dark-haired. I'm 21, but I honestly am not attracted very often to anyone in my age group.

    I don't really feel comfortable with younger guys. Even if I were an older woman, I'd rather have someone with more experiences and knowledge to learn from. And it's not because I feel weak in some way, but because I want someone strong like me. Part of it is that I grew up around just my parents and their friends (I was an only and very sheltered child). I get along more with older adults than my peers because I never connected with my peers. Older, mature and smart people are my comfort zone.

    I've always been kind of pulled towards people who are way older. Go figure. It's all in my mind thus far, however.
    The Dark Avenger
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  • icecreamkiller
    Hellmouth Tourist

  • I'm purposefully avoiding the predictable Oscar Wilde reference.

    So I was discussing this with some of my friends - are age differences of any sort acceptable in romantic or sexual relationships?

    I'm inclined to agree that yes, they are, as long as both partners are old enough to decide for themselves whether they want to be in a relationship with someone of a different age group. However, I've heard arguments saying that an older male-younger female relationship implies a prejudice against older women - ie, the belief that women are only sexually attractive when they're young, whereas males remain sexually attractive for their entire lives. This, however, seems to discard the possibility of two halves of a couple simply being attracted to each other as people, and there happens to be an age gap separating them.

    Is sexual preference for younger people (I'm talking people above the age of consent here) a sexual and moral deviance, or is it just a preference, the same way a man may prefer dark-haired women over blonde-haired women, or a woman may prefer blond-haired men over dark-haired men?

    If the relationship is between an older woman and a younger man, does this imply a form of prejudice against men? What about same-sex relationships, what would be objectable about the age gap then?