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Has anyone ever invested into a CD?

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  • Has anyone ever invested into a CD?

    I have been researching different ways to invest money. I have read up on them and thought they were a good solid investment, and was wondering if anybody has tips, or maybe opinions on them. Pros and cons? Have you invested your money in one, and if so would you recommend it? Also who you invested your Cd with. It is a waste of time or totally worth it?? Feedback please by anyone who can help!

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    Er... how does this work, exactly?
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      A Cd or Certificate of Deposit, is where you deposit say.. $500 into a "cd" account and you pick any set length of time beforehand, and the money matures in that time and let's say you set the cd to open in 1year, and it's suppose to mature at a 2% increase, when you take your money out you would have the money you deposited plus the money that matured. It you can't touch that money without paying a servere penalty, and its supposedly a great way to invest money. It just sounded to good to be true. You take money you have put it into something similar to a savings account, and when you cn touch it it's 2% more than it was depending on the length it was held, the rate you set it at.

      I was just hoping anyone could maybe give me some advice on opening a "cd". Or tell me if they think it's worth it or not.