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Xander and The Vamps Fun Time With Caps

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  • Xander and The Vamps Fun Time With Caps

    I've posted this at Buffyworld, but since we have new members here, I'd love to have you laugh my my four parts story. It has relationship issues, heartbreak, and slash.

    Part 1:

    How Xangelus started:

    Angelus: I'm gonna make you scream with painful pleasure!

    Xander: What are you waiting for then?

    Angelus: I'm gonna take you right here!

    Cordelia: What the ...?

    Xander: Uh... Cordelia is watching.

    Angelus: No!

    Xander: *whimpers* vampires are rough.

    Angelus: Now we're alone. Give us a kiss, sweet.
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