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    What are your top 10 shows that you?re completely obsessed about? It can be a show from the past or from now. But it has to be a show that you love or like and you?re always watching it on DVD. (although I don?t have all on DVD)

    Mine are:

    1. Buffy, the vampire slayer
    2. Angel
    3. Veronica Mars
    4.Ghost Whisperer
    5. Sex and the City
    6. Grey?s anatomy
    7. How I met your mother
    8. Firefly
    9. CSI NY
    10. Criminal Minds

    I?m actually gonna start collecting the entire series of Sex and the City. And then, maybe have a look at Alias.

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    1. Alias - my first obsession and favourite show of all time.
    2. Veronica Mars - a solid 3 seasons that i could watch over and over.
    3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer - the first non-children's show i watched.
    4. Charmed - seeing a pattern here...strong female lead characters pwn.
    5. Grey's Anatomy - just love the drama and surgeries.
    6. Prison Break - first season blew me away. went downhill after season 2 though.
    7. Malcolm in the Middle - favourite ever sitcom.
    8. The OC - just a bit more interesting than Dawson's Creek IMO.
    9. Desperate Housewives - just a nice drama.
    10. Everybody Hates Chris - very funny sitcom.

    honourable mentions go to Lost, which isn't a bad show, just drags on and on...and Heroes and a past favourite in Dawson's Creek. another show that i use to watch every now and then was Cold was the only show of that type i watched, but always found it interesting whenever i had time for it.

    i love these shows, but obsession really stops at alias and veronica mars; everything else past that is just a great show to watch.

    Will be watching the Felicity series after my exams end in November...never seen it before, but doesn't look bad. plus, new shows these days kinda bore me.
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      I don't have a real obsession for 10 tv shows. The only real obsession (if you want to call it that way) would be Angel (and Buffy because it's one world).

      My favourites (this list changes every day ... ):

      01. Angel
      02. Buffy (but only the early seasons)
      03. Doctor Who
      04. Bones
      05. Veronica Mars
      06. Pushing Daisies
      07. Gilmore Girls
      08. Chuck
      09. Dexter
      10. Mad Men
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        Mine are probably

        1. Buffy - of course!
        2. Skins
        3. Dirty Sexy Money - can't get enough of it
        4. Gilmore Girls although I still haven't seen it all. I'm at the beginning of Season 6
        5. The Mighty Boosh - Fielding & Barratt are as gods.
        6. The OC - agree that it's not quite as stupid as other American dramas *cough* One Tree Hill.
        7. Black Books - Dylan Moran AND Bill Bailey in the same room? Genius.
        8. Bones although have only seen the first season, I watch it a lot just can't afford to buy any more on DVD yet!
        9. Does Big Brother count? I was addicted to it this year and gutted that Stu didn't win
        10. Heroes. I don't own any box sets but I babysit for people who do and I always look forward to when the kids are in bed so I can watch it!


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          Mine change pretty rapidly, because there's around 50-60 TV shows that I absolutely love, but right now,

          1) Babylon 5
          2) Veronica Mars
          3) The Office (US Edition)
          4) Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
          5) The Tick Vs.
          6) Firefly
          7) Everwood
          8) Carnivale
          9) Deadwood
          10) Rome
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            Sort of in order but I am a TV fanatic so the whole list can change on a whim (except for the top 4). I've been watching a bit of The Office lately and it looks really good so it might have a spot on this list one day.

            1. Firefly - my #1 always
            2. Extras
            3. Angel
            4. The Simpsons (early seasons only)
            5. Futurama
            6. The X-Files (early seasons only - why must good shows start to suck?)
            7. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
            8. Scrubs (seasons 1-3)
            9. Gilmore Girls
            10. Doctor Who
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              1. Angel My obsession for 1 ? year now maybe.
              2. Alias Watched the first two on television adn then started to by the boxes. Havn't watched them for years and started now again. And that show is truly amazing.
              3.The tribe My first obsession. And wow that was big. That was all i thought about, I even dressed in tribal clothes. Now it's better but I'm still active in the tribal forums (My name always Bramber after my favourite pairing )
              4. Terminator:SCC Not as big as the others. But kind of obsession.
              5. Gossip girl
              6.Chuck One word; Hillarious.
              7. Men in trees So sad it wasn't more then two seasons.

              I think that kind of it.


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                MINE ARE!!!

                1) Buffy the Vampire Slayer
                2) Angel
                3) Smallville
                4) Supernatural
                5) One Tree Hill
                6) Terminator : SCC
                7) Six Feet Under
                8) Friday Night Lights
                9) Heroes
                10) Alias
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                  Don't know if I can manage ten but here goes.

                  2)Doctor Who
                  4)Life on Mars
                  6)The Mighty Boosh

                  I think that's about as much as i'd admit to unhealthy obsessions over.
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                    Holy crap, that was a lot harder than I thought it would be.

                    1. Angel

                    My second obsession ever and my biggest one. Just brilliant.

                    2. Weeds

                    One of my later obsessions and it almost rivals Angel in brilliance. It's finishing it's fourth season, which has been just amazing. If the finale is as great as I think it is, and the next season is just as good as this one, then it will probably be number 1. It's my love.

                    3. Veronica Mars

                    Yeah, it's been No. 2 for awhile, but Weeds kind of killed it after Season 4. However, Veronica Mars is still has brilliant as ever with two magnificent (probably 2 of the best ever seasons) seasons of television and one extremely solid one! AWESOME.

                    4. Battlestar Galactica

                    Another late obsession. Jenni Lou converted me into an addict. I now own Season 2.0, Season 2.5, and Season 3. I hope to get Season 1 for my birthday (tomorrow! ), and Season 4 has also been great. Each season has been fabulous. There has never been a drop in quality. This is a dark, great, ensemble show with amazing stories and chilling special effects. Beautiful.

                    5. Alias

                    This is what made me start watching Lost, and watch the Pilot of Fringe. (both of which I really loved!) Jennifer Gardner is an amazing lead female in this spy series, which works perfectly as a standalone and a crazy supernatural mythos thing. The Rambaldi story is perfect, and Sloane is a great bad guy. Filled with great characters, Alias takes risks (like destroying the whole premise of the show halfway through season 2!) and they pay off!

                    6. Bones

                    Never liked David Boreanaz on Angel. He's great on Bones, where his chemistry with Emily Deschenel shines. It's comedy gold, as well as great sexual tension, awesome mysterious cases, other great characters, and some season long arcs. It's not as plot-heavy as most of the other shows I like, but whatever, it still rules!

                    7. Gilmore Girls

                    I did not see it when it was on air. I've only seen half of Season 1 and half of Season 7. But, I HAVE SEEN Seasons 2-6, and they're brilliant. I laugh like crazy during them, and a lot of the storylines aren't your typical, "we're a teen drama so let's over exaggerate everything!" storylines, they're heartfelt and just awesome. A great "sick" show (to watch when you're sick) or just whenever you're down!

                    8. Chuck

                    Yeah, it's only been one season. Yeah, it's only been 13 episodes. But, yeah, there hasn't been one single episode that I haven't loved yet. Amazing acting, amazing characters, amazing stories, and amazing comedy (sprinkle on some amazing action and amazing sexual tension) and all is well. I'm in love with it! It will probably move up the list as seasons go on.

                    9. The Office (US)

                    Another late obsession that Jizzle Dizzle made me watch, and I'm laughing like crazy through every episode. There's some great Jam stuff, and all the characters (well, most) are truly insane, which makes for a fabulous show. Steve Carell's character, Michael Scott, pisses me off time and time again, but that's his character. He's a bitch. And it works so perfectly.

                    10. Firefly

                    I'm sad to see Firefly at the bottom of this list, but it's only had 14 episodes, so I'm afraid it will never move up the ladder. However, it's still a love of mine. Joss Whedon made another fantastic show, but FOX killed it unfairly. A great ensemble show that will never be forgotten on my "JOSS WHEDON SHELF"

                    Runner-Up's: (cause we know I love so many others)

                    Tru Calling
                    South Park (sorry, but I love it)

                    I watch many other shows, but these are the ones closest to my heart right now
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                      Well I have had and do have so many that I'm going to break it down into past shows and present shows (so I can cheat....)

                      Shows that are no longer running new:

                      1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer - duh
                      2. La Femme Nikita - my very first television series obsession
                      3. Alias - my tv series obsession that got me started with fanarting (and once upon a time fanfic)
                      4. Angel
                      5. Charmed - up until about the 5/6 season. Then they ruined Cole's character and the series just sucked
                      6. Roswell
                      7. Felicity - I am memory blocking the time travel retardation
                      8. Friends - sheer perfection from beginning to end
                      9. Dawson's Creek - or otherwise known as the loves of Joey
                      10. The X-Files - up through the 7-8th season, then it just got too hard to keep up with.
                      11. Lois & Clark - sorry but I couldn't exclude this one, it was one that I was totally obsessed over and watched religiously over and over....

                      Current shows:

                      1. Smallville - my favorite obsession of the current shows
                      2. Supernatural - Dean! that says it all really
                      3. Grey's Anatomy - McSteamy is so drool-worthy
                      4. Chuck - my favorite new comedy!
                      5. Battlestar Galactica
                      6. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
                      7. Lost
                      8. 24

                      Wow, do I really only follow 8 shows right now? I'm losing my touch....


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                        Here's mine in no particular order...cause like that's just waay to hard!

                        1. Buffy - my everlasting passion
                        2. Angel
                        3. Friends
                        4. Ghost Whisperer
                        5. Supernatural
                        6. 24
                        7. Only Fools and Horses - greatest EVER British sitcom
                        8. Bones
                        9. Heroes
                        10. The X-Faxtor - corny, cringy, yep! but I still love it.


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                          In no particular order, except for Btvs being number one;

                          1) Buffy- My favourite show of all time, nothing has ever touched me as much as this one has. The earlier seasons especially.

                          2) Angel- Don't love it as much as Btvs but I still adore it.

                          3) Alias- Just rocks, it's so cinematic and classy and oh my the twists, no one does better twists than 'Alias' you never, ever see them coming.

                          4) The Office (US)- Love this show, my heart's really warmed for the characters, I'm obsessed.

                          5) Skins- Brilliant show, brilliant characters, love everything about it. Though at this point it's Skins season one and two as now all the characters have changed I don't know if I can bare to continue

                          6) The OC- Shameless I know but I did actually get into this show, like all teen drama's at times it can be very superficial but it really has a heart this show, it has something else, it has substance. Despite it's appearances there's something else going on.

                          7) The Simpson's- *Early seasons* when it was still a nice funny *family* orientated show. Where the stories were grounded and normal, where the story actually had a beginning a middle and an end and didn't just waffle along. When the stories revolved around Homer not wanting to go to church, Bart and Lisa playing ice hockey together and not Homer flies a jet ect. It used to have heart, now it's just an empty mindless shell.

                          8) Firefly- Only had 13 episodes but I loved them all..

                          9) Tudors- Really got into it, I love all the twists and betrayal

                          10) Heroes- I hope it can get me back.

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                            I must go with the no order approach:

                            - Buffy
                            - Angel
                            - Firefly
                            - Battlestar Galactica
                            - Veronica Mars
                            - The X-Files
                            - Arrested Development
                            - Sports Night
                            - The Office (UK)
                            - The Office (USA)
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                              I can't do that but

                              Shows I Love

                              Rescue Me
                              Heroes (s1)
                              Big Love

                              Shows I like

                              Hannah Montana
                              The Riches
                              The Shield
                              The Office
                              My Name Is Earl
                              X Files
                              Tru Calling
                              Gilmore Girls
                              Dead Like Me
                              (and more I can't think of)