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    It's that time already?.

    Yes, I am writing to ask for some very kind volunteers to help out with the 2009 AFA: Awards Ceremony. Having learned from last year's biggest mistake ? I am preparing early for the next awards season, and am hoping to enlist some of you to help me out. As always, any help that you can offer is greatly appreciated, and I understand the real life constraints if you are unable to help. So, on with my requests?

    I am looking for some incredibly fabulous awards to dazzle next year's ceremony with. We had some awesome pieces last year, and I am hoping to create the same diversity and stunning awards this year.

    This time, I am giving you plenty of notice! You will have a fair few months to complete the awards and get them back to me. I do plan to have all awards in before the year ends, and I will be sending reminders every so often, just to make sure you won't forget, ;-)

    So, what am I looking for exactly? I am looking for awards of any dimension or size like last time; they must have "AFA: Awards Ceremony 2009" or "AFA: 2nd Annual Awards Ceremony" written somewhere on them. And it must say which category the award is for; and have ?artist title', ?wallpaper title' and ?nth place'. For those of you who have Photoshop, save the awards as .psds with text layers so that I can edit: placement, artist name, and wallpaper title. For those without Photoshop, if you can save the file as a .jpg with no text on it at all ? and a second file with the text on it, so that I know where to add the text. If you could zip/rar these files with any fonts that you have used and send them over I would really appreciate it.

    Now, for the bit you want to hear: the categories that are up for grabs! I have created a sign-up sheet, and similar to last year, awards will be given on a first-come basis. There will be 6 awards designed for each category, 5 placement awards and a runner-up piece. (If a category has a low number of nominees, it will become 3 placements and 3 runner-ups to utilize all of your fabulous awards!)
    Note: The only category I will not be signing artists up to at present is Lighting/Colouring as have yet to confirm whether this will be one, or two categories for next year.

    So, if there is a particular category you absolutely must design an award for, reply as soon as possible to secure your place in that category. There are only 6 artists per category remember!

    However, I would appreciate if you could sign up to do a few awards, as it really takes the pressure off knowing that I will have a certain number of awards being designed. I have no doubt in a few months time when I realise there are still gaps, I'll be sending another email around to ask for a little extra help, but I'll cross that hurdle when I get there.

    Useful Links:
    Sign-Up List:
    About Designing:


    Reply, PM or email me!!!!!! (form on website does not work!)
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    So, SJ! I was just wondering how all the award submissions are coming along. I know I turned my all in a little bit ago and I checked the AFA site to see if you needed more. Because I can certainly help out more, if needed. I don't know how long it has been since you updated the design list but there are tons of blank slots. So....are all those slots still open? And if so...damn peeps! Sign up! The year is almost over!
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      OH MY FREAKIN GOD JENNI LOU. I was totally going to ask about this too. Weird. Because I've finally started getting some awards out of the way, but there's a little thing I need confirmation on about a certain debated category...
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        I was thinking about this as well. I offered to do some as well and have got them finished but SJ hadn't got back to me, which is no biggie cause I know how hectic RL can be, so I wasn't sure if they were needed. Mind you I had a bit of a brain lapse and offered to do some for the categories that weren't finalised.