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  • Who's on your list?

    Chandler: Well, we have a deal where we each get to pick five different celebrities that we can sleep with, and the other one can't get mad.

    Ross: Ah, the heart of every healthy relationship: Honesty, respect, and sex with celebrities.
    Without any really unnecessary splainy - who's on your list?

    Mine is currently at 4...still holding a spot open...

    1. Johnny Depp
    2. Natalie Portman
    3. Amanda Seyfried (new addition - just saw Mamma Mia and she is ridiculously hot!)
    4. Katee Sackhoff

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    Not in order cos that's too difficult.

    1. Kylie
    2. Sarah Michelle
    3. Susan Ward
    4. Brooke Burke
    5. Eliza Dushku.

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      No real order here, either.

      1. Anne Hathaway
      2. Sarah Michelle
      3. Eliza Dushku
      4. Michelle Trachtenberg
      5. Mila Kunis

      I could do this list every day and get 5 different names every day.
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        Oh man, this may need super amounts of editing every day.

        1. Dougie Poynter (yes I'm a teenie!)
        2. Joe Dempsie
        3. Noel Fielding
        4. James McAvoy
        5. James Marsters

        Honourable mentions: Sarah-Jane Potts, Eliza Dushku, Charlie Simpson, Agyness Deyn, Gordon Ramsay (shameful) and George Lamb.

        yum yum
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          1) Elvis Presley (1935 - 1977)
          2) David Boreanaz (1969 - ?)
          3) Alexis Denisof (1966 - ?)
          4) James Marsters (1962 - ?)
          5) Tom Hulce (1953 - ?)

          honorable mentions: Harrison Ford (1942 - ?), Johnny Depp (1963 - ?), Christian Kane (1974 - ?), Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756 - 1791), John Belushi (1949 - 1982), Dan Aykroyd (1952 - ?) & Mickey Rooney (1920 - ?).

          yes, i'm aware i have odd taste. they range from their thirties to eighties (let's discount mozart--who'd be 252 years old), three are dead and they probably have a mean of about fifty (again, minus mozart). :igh:: okay, some get personality points. and awesome laughs. and just plain cuteness. hey--as far as classical composers go, mozart was one of the more attractive ones (big nose included).

          but my #1 is still the king. mmm... '68-'74 + late '76... yummy (the big boss man!). musically--it's all about '69-'77 for me--though i love it all (he recorded between 1953 and 1977).

          being the little youtube whore that i am--click the names for the sexiness/personality awesomeness/talent. com'on. you know you want to see mickey rooney in carmen miranda drag. lmao. just me, then?
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            Again, no order (or a shifting order…and probably a shifting list). Actually, the first on the list is ALWAYS the first, everyone else moves.

            1. Johnny Depp (though I contend that all people who fancy men should get him as a freebie cos…well, like on Desert Island Disks, you get the complete works of Shakespeare and the Bible? Johnny Depp is the man equivalent of the Bard, surely? His face, as Drusilla so aptly puts it, is a poem).

            2. Mila Jovovich (as Leloo in the Fifth Element) – the otherworldly alien thing does it for me every time. Ditto with David Bowie, but I think I might have to retire him off the list now. Dude is just that leetle bit too old.

            3. Eliza Dukshu – never made the list til I saw Tru Calling, for some reason. Maybe the bad girl thing doesn’t really work that much for me?

            4. The woman who plays Shane from the L Word.

            5. Rupert Penry Jones (from Spooks) tied with another ginger menace whose name is hard to spell…Julian Rhind Tutt.

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              The first two are probably set in stone (although may swap around places) but the others would shift and change depending on my mood:-

              1. David Boreanaz
              2. Jensen Ackles (REALLY surprised that I'm the first to put that!)
              3. Keanu Reeves (only when he was in Speed really)
              4. Brad Pitt (a few years ago - he looks worn out now, what with all the sex with Angelina!)
              5. Johny Depp (cos that's what all the cool kids are doing!)

              Peter Capaldi is the 12th Doctor


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                Wow only 5? That’s gonna be tough! Plus that list changes constantly (apart from Jensen Ackles, he is definitely my no. 1).

                1. Jensen Ackles (Dean on Supernatural)
                2. Gale Harold (Brian Kinney on Queer as Folk)
                3. Jake Gyllenhaal (especially when he looks a bit scruffy)
                4. Jonathan Rhys-Meyers (Henry VIII. on The Tudors and various movie roles)
                5. Josh Holloway (Sawyer on Lost)


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                  Originally posted by Wolfie Gilmore View Post
                  4. The woman who plays Shane from the L Word.
                  Katherine Moennig

                  Which brings me to my list

                  (in no particular order, except maybe #1 )
                  1. Shia LaBeouf
                  2. Katherine Moennig
                  3. Jonas Armstrong (Robin Hood)
                  4. Megan Fox
                  5. Harry Lloyd (Will Scarlett )
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                    1. Scarlett Johanson
                    2. Michelle Trachtenburg
                    3. Megan Fox
                    4. Kristin Stewart
                    5. Rosario Dawson

                    Honorable Mention:-Iyari Limon, Eliza Dushku and Evangeline Lilly


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                      I like this one...very entertaining. And in no particular order, here is my list. Though I could list way more than this.

                      1. Johnny Depp...yes all the people are picking him...but damn it he is sexy.
                      2. Sean Connery...I don't care how old he is. He could read my microwave manual and make it sound so wonderful.
                      3. Jason Momoa...Stargate Atlantis...He is my big "crush" at the moment.
                      4. Patrick Swayze....Dirty Dancing...mmmm.
                      5. Michael Shanks...mmmm


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                        Who is this megan fox everyone keeps mentioning?

                        And Leloo, YES! Katherine Moenig, of course, I should perhaps add her to the fifth spot of my list...



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                          Here's Her IMDB page and here is her Wikipedia Page She is by far one of the sexiest women on the planet.


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                            this list changes for me every new television season.... But for today:

                            1. Brendan Fraser
                            2. Eric Dane
                            3. Colin Firth
                            4. Michael Vartan
                            5. Josh Holloway

                            HM: shit, I totally forgot about Julian McMahon....he is *so* sponge-worthy! Also, Tom Welling - wouldn't kick him out of bed either.....
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                              Originally posted by litzie View Post
                              Who is this megan fox everyone keeps mentioning?

                              And Leloo, YES! Katherine Moenig, of course, I should perhaps add her to the fifth spot of my list...
                              Megan Fox was in Transformers, most recently. She always looks like she wants to sex the camera

                              Katherine Moennig She is so gorgeous, she should be arrested
                              >> and we want s p e c t a c u l a r v i e w s if we're to stay for the w e e k e n d <<


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                                Why can't this list be a "Top 100?" Grrr!

                                1. Jensen Ackles ( )
                                2. Milo Ventimiglia
                                3. James McAvoy
                                4. Justin Hartley
                                5. Christian Bale

                                Other's I'd Bang in a Heartbeat: Jamie Bamber, Chace Crawford (even if the rumors are true and he IS gay for Ed Westwick... ), Ryan Reynolds, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Ali Larter (for the sake of including girl-on-girl. I wouldn't necessarily have an experimental tryst with her, but I'd certainly go out to dinner and go to a club with her 'cause she's just so gosh darn awesome! ).
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                                  1. Willa Holland (especially hot in The OC Season 4)
                                  2. Sarah Michelle Gellar (especially hot in BtVS Season 7)
                                  3. Ian Somerhalder (especially hot in The Rules Of Attraction)
                                  4. Famke Janssen (especially hot in Nip/Tuck)
                                  5. Charlie Hunnam (especially hot in Hooligans)
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                                    I've been watching a lot Friends recently so I had to click when I saw the title of this thread.

                                    5) Tom Hulce

                                    What a random but awesome pick! He's got such a goofy boyishness about him.

                                    Originally posted by Pandora's_Box View Post
                                    3. Ian Somerhalder (especially hot in The Rules Of Attraction)
                                    yum. I don't like such skinny men usually but he's just a beauty!

                                    I don't know about my list. *thinks* Gosh...hmmm...

                                    1. Michael Trucco, for sure.

                                    2. And I have always had a little thing Timothy Hutton.

                                    3. And Timothy Olyphant. Great smile.

                                    4. And I don't know what it is but there's something appealing to me about David Krumholtz and I think it must be the personality that shines through in all of his performances because he is so not the type I would usually be attracted to.

                                    5. And for the sake of girl-girl action, Ellen Page. She's cute as could be! Hot is one thing, but Ellen's got a real girl look to her that is awesome.
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                                      On my list:

                                      1) James Marsters (love the voice, the eyes, the body, pretty much everything, wouldn't think twice...)
                                      2) Brendan Fraser (my first teenage crush)
                                      3) Johnny Depp (he's just great)
                                      4) Michael Vartan (the only reason I ever watched Alias)
                                      5) Orlando Bloom (I think he's hot, not in LOTR though)
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                                        Originally posted by Heather View Post
                                        Why can't this list be a "Top 100?" Grrr! .
                                        *high fives*

                                        1. Justin Hartley - Fox Crane? ZOMG Perfect (yeah, they had to bring in another actor before they ruined the character and shot him. Even THEY couldn't do that to JH.) Oliver Queen? Pretty freaking perfect. JH?
                                        2. Joe Armstrong (*high fives Line for the Robin Hood love*) Allan has the nun-tackle. Also...

                                        s2 Allan + Oliver Queen? THAT IS MY "TEAM LEATHER". Um, yeah. Shipping me + them now.

                                        3. Jason Bateman. It all started with a dream about a Teen Wolf poster. TRUFAX.
                                        4. Hugh Laurie - I don't know why I STILL get weird looks when I bring up that one.
                                        5. The obligatory girl-crush: Rashida Jones. For her general awesomeness. Plus zomg I love freckles. Also, she is awesome.

                                        And honorable mentions of the moment: Jonas Armstrong, LOL Michael Johns (SUSPENDERS. ), Adam Levine (I'd go for Ryan, but I have issues with him growing out his hair.), and James Roday.
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