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    I'm trying to remember what it's called. I think it's "banner". Whenever NileQT87 posts a message, underneath is an image about Angel as a "Fallen Angel". Does anybody know where I can find a 'banner' with Heath Ledger as the Joker?

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    You can have either of these If you want. I knocked them out only last night.

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      MaverickKing, since you are not a premium member yet, you are not allowed to have a signature image/banner yet. Here are the requirements for becoming a premium member:

      Originally posted by FAQ
      ? 3+ months as a member
      ? 400+ posts
      ? No current warnings (warnings that have expired are ok)

      The premium member user group includes amenities like avatar upgrades, signature images and access to our V.I.P. Lounge.
      So keep posting!


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        I think NileQT made her own banner.

        There are a lot of talented fanartists on this site, who could make a banner for you if you ask nicely. There's a thread for it in the VIP section, as on here only VIP's can have banners, but if you want one for another site then maybe you could ask for one in the Avatar Request Thread?

        Sue, those are really lovely banners! Where did you get the images from? I've been looking for Dark Night promos and they're really hard to find!

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          Sorry MaverickKing, I forgot about that daft rule. Oh well, maybe If you keep posting you'll reach a point where you're allowed to have a banner. If you still want to use them at that point, then go ahead.

          ciderdrinker I just used Google would you believe. I found quite a few images on there. I also looked through Flickr as there were some helpful stuff on there too.


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            You can have an avatar, however, the little icon thingy next to your name. This thread is where you can ask for something you want! Maybe Sue can even make an avatar using the images in the banner she made you


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              I've come across many a Dark Knight promo. They aren't hard to find for me. I can collect some up if you really need me to, but has a pretty good collection going right now.
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