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Anyone ever read Charliane Harris?

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  • Anyone ever read Charliane Harris?

    She is no doubt my favorite author. She just came out with a new book 'From dead to worse". It's the eighth book in her "Sookie Stackhouse" series. If you love buffy you will love "Sookie stackhouse"!!!! Her first book is "dead until dark". Just wanted to see if anyone else has read her and would like to chat about a few of her books.. and if you haven't read her... just read the first book.. you'll be hooked!!!!

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    I love Charlaine Harris. I've read them all the Sookie books with the exception of From Dead to Worse which I have ordered from the library, so can't wait. There are some wonderful characters in the book and I find myself both loving and hating Bill Compton, her ex who happens to be a vampire. I soo glad that HBO are going to be making a series based on the books called True Blood whcih should be televised in the fall. Apparently Anna Paquin is going to be playing Sookie.


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      I just got the first one from the library. While I still don't know anything about the series, I'm totally intrigued by the idea of Alan Ball and HBO making it into TV.


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        I had no idea they were making it into a show!!! I dont even have cable either... I absolutely love the books!!! I havent rea the last one either, I wanted to reread the first seven first. Now that I've read the seventh, Here i come "from dead to worse"! I don't know how i feel about Bill, But i do however LOVE Quinn!!! I was really rooting for Alcide as well! And Eric cracks me up! Veverka you will love the series!
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