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What have I seen them in before?

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  • What have I seen them in before?

    Oh yes, a question I seem to be asking myself soooo very often watching TV and films.

    With the amount of shows discussed on here and the gazillion of day players that act in these shows it's not surprising to see them pop up in lots of shows playing lots of different people.

    On a recent re-watch of S1 Supernatural, it really bugged me that in the episode Nightmares the mother of the telekinetic boy was definately in something else previously and I couldn't remember what. Turns out she was one of the aunties (Zelda I think) in Sabrina, the teenage witch. On a recent re-watch of the film Magnolia, I noticed none other than Jim Beaver (Supernatural's Bobby Singer) sitting at a bar in one of the scenes! Or did you realise that Sophia Myles (of Moonlight fame) was also Renette in the Dr Who episode "The Girl In The Fireplace"?

    So this thread is to ask that question. You notice someone in a show that seems awfully familiar but can't remember who it was or what they were in and desperatley need to know, or to share some possibly unknown tiny appearances of some of the main/bit-part actors in your shows. This is for all shows not just Joss stuff.

    Peter Capaldi is the 12th Doctor