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  • Year 9 SATS

    I was just wondering if anyone else is in Year 9 in the UK, and is taking their SATS in just over a week?

    If so, I'd love to talk about it with someone because I am so nervous!
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    Hey! theres nothing to worry about, Im in year ten and i can remember taking my SAT's, just take as they come because you come into year 10 and all you do is gcse exams and coursework, its such a drag! Just wondering have you had the day off today because of that strike thing?


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      Yup, there's nothing to worry about. We analysed every single theme, motif and character in 1984 to the point of nausea, and the actual question they asked was, after printing the scene in Room 101 in a booklet, 'How does Orwell make this extract particularly horrifying?' Hardly the most challenging of questions! Also, in the Maths paper, they print half the formulae on the first page! (This was 2003 mind, dunno if they've changed it since.) Also, as you get marks for the presentation of your English exam, you're guaranteed not to get zero as long as you write your name and write on the lines!