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    Hey guys, just to give you a little heads up, the new AFA website is now online with lots of update-y goodness such as:

    - all winners announced & awards added (PS. Lyn your awardsare linked from here I'll PM you soon though)

    - Red carpet arrival shots of all banner sets now added, AND all avatars added

    - Red carpet arrivals, candid shots added

    - Best/Worst dressed, poll added, winners listed, awards added ready for pick-up!

    - New buttons & banners to help spread the word before next year

    - New layout!

    - Not to mention, proposed categories for 2009 that have now been updated.

    So, loads going on, over at the new site!

    But, the reason that I am posting, is that I am looking to compile a few reviews of the ceremony from our members to add to the site to help pimp the event out for next year, so if anyone feels like giving their own little spin on it and you don;t mind writing out a few lines (or an essay if that's what you feel like lol) then give it a shot and post here with your review to be added to the website, It can include cat fights over Jensen, discussions of the new Justin Hartley tv network, drunken debaucles, people falling over, and of course... the awards!

    I hope to have all of the 2007-2008 content online and completed by the end of next week, so that I can take a break for a little while, since I do have a whole year ahead of me before the next big event!

    *keeps fingers crossed for some kick-ass reviews* Heh.
    Thanks guys,
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    Urgh, I fail at...using fewer words. In summary: ROFL Waffles, scandal, insanity, and awesome fanartists. All in one place!

    The full story (that is, what I can remember. It's still a little cloudy )
    The First Annual AFA Awards Ceremony was the most mcroxoring celebration of internet drunkenness, actual drunkenness and fanart I have seen yet. I was amazed at how many people (most of whom are just crazy, while others are completely insane) gathered in the same place at the same time. All for the love of one of our favorite hobbies. Flashing paparazzi cameras, that is. And of course, for the love of fanart!

    Easily, the ceremony was the most glamorous night in fanart history. Of course, anyone could define glamorous as clumsy, scandalous, or drunken by AFA standards! Everybody tried to make their way from thread to thread before the show and during the show. Even the most hardcore of us would have had trouble navigating the place! The venue was more like twelve parties going on at once, rather than one. Partygoers would either enjoy watching or participate in the catfight over Jensen Ackles. What seems like a minute and three pages later, Justin Hartley already has his own (much needed) TV channel, ROFL Waffles are being served, members bring flapjacks back, Sayjay's snapping photos of sneaky arrivals, and everyone's searching for certain elusive no-shows. This all happens while certain people are searching for their bottles of tequila! The ceremony itself was madness, and much credit must be given to the Night Owls who stretched the night into an awesome afterparty, complete with The SCC Union, premature hotness, movie casting, more ROFL Waffles, and that mysterious missing member.

    With all the simultaneous fun, we can't forget our original excuse to unite so many crazy folk. The AFA is not just about the glamour. We honored and celebrated many very deserving fanartists. The presentation just fueled the excitement even more, and we screamed, cheered and shouted impromptu I LOVE YOU's. It was great to see experienced, well-known artists and some fresh faces receive awards for the pieces that wowed us in the past year. And the awards themselves deserved prizes of their own! They all came in different styles, sizes, colors and even concepts. Seriously, the awards were like miniature artworks themselves, and they represented the diversity of our fanart community well.

    With such a fun night, full of memories that some of people might have forgotten the morning after, I could barely pick out a negative. Sure, the Night Owls had to battle the forum to keep the after party rolling, some speeches were cut off by the obnoxious music, and a few of us might have gotten scratched a little trying to contain the Jensen catfight. But the AFA gave fanartists a chance to make their opinions count! (Not that we have any political agenda, as far as I know.) We got to show our appreciation for the people in this fanart community. We saw clear favorites and pleasant surprises, and we were there to share all the joy and excitement when they picked up their awards. Hopefully, next year's ceremony will match this year's awesomeness. Because I don't know if there are many ways for it to be much better. (My suggestion: Unicorns!)
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      Thanks hun! I love your review, it's awesome! I just got home last night and didn't really get a chance to sit down and read it until now, but I'm all giddy now, I officially have a review to add in, woo!!! :P

      Art by Sayjay at Radiance


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        I just noticed this thread. I can't believe only J.J. posted a review...Anyway, here's mine.

        What an excitement it's been through the all process. I've always been a ceremony addict and this was heavy stuff
        What I really liked about the AFA is community. The members enter pieces and the same members vote and create awards. This is really a fun way to go, working as a small group, almost as family giving what you share and sharing what you receive.
        Voting was the funniest moment but also the scariest, cause sometimes it's just insane to do a choice through so many amazing pieces so when it goes to the choice of the 10 best pieces of all...well it's tough, reeeally tough.
        The ceremony itself was unforgettable moment, it started at 1.00 am for me (which I voted for, I'm a night-person) with the red carpet. The dresses and tuxedos were beautiful plus with the most silly/funny red carpet-chat ever
        And then, surprisingly enough, you get stressed, you know it's just for fun and all but with the ceremony starting you get stressed. The awards were so amazing and so different, seeing everyone's style merged into one ceremony was really something great. Every category awarded gorgeous entries, having the best pieces of the year in front of you is quite intimitading.
        This year I got nothing, as I expected, it was my first fanart's year. But I got great reviews on my awards (thanks galathea, Ehlywen, Sayjay, J.J....).
        And like it wasn't enough, The AFA gave me the biggest shot of inspiration, I had made zero pieces between November and February, and after The AFA, I made 7 pieces in 3 weeks!!

        I'm gonna use the opportunity of this post to thanks Sayjay again, you did the biggest amount of work without complaining once, and the result was just breathtaking. You created a fanart reunion, THE fanart reunion and big big thanks for that, I can't wait to take my chance next year with better pieces and I'm sure I'm not the only who can't wait...So see ya for the AFA 2009.

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          Hey hun! Just noticed that you had posted this, I've been a bit lurky on the forums lately, but thanks for the review and I'll add it to the site shortly,

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