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  • Category Grouping 5: The Emotions

    All awards announcements for this category grouping will be presented in this thread once the ceremony begins tonight. I am going to take this opportunity to remind you of our categories and nominees.

    Best Comedic Wallpaper

    Aldieb - Make You Feel Better
    Amber - Dear Mr. First
    Amy - New Watcher
    Bre - F*ck Off
    Clement - Hypnotic Cheese
    Dana - Daddy Like
    Galathea - (Un)Lucky
    Heather - Naked
    Jenni-Lou - Fabulous!
    J.J. - Like Romeo And Juliet
    Joe - I Hate Piz
    Linda - Batman
    Marilyne - Nervous Flyer
    Nikki - Bite Me
    Sayjay - Carpe Diem
    Signe - Itch
    Slaygal - Orgazmater

    Best Dramatic Wallpaper

    Aldieb - Everybody's Changing
    Amber - You'll Fail
    Amy - Stalked
    Andrew - Getting Out
    Arista - Stay Dead
    Bre - Betrayal
    Clement - Gray's Anatomy
    Dana - Daddy's Home
    Debbie - Why
    Ehlwyen - Looks Like You Got Away
    Galathea - Bloodstained
    Heather - The End
    Jenni-Lou - Learning From Failure
    J.J. - Another Way
    Joe - Her Knight
    Kate - Who Are You?
    Lexus - Freak Nation
    Linda - Heart
    Line - No Review
    Marilyne - Nightmare
    Matilda - Warriors
    Nicole - In The Shade
    Nikki - Brain Tumour
    Romain - Just Life
    Sayjay - Twisted and Broken
    Signe - Never Before
    Slaygal - It'll Last Forever
    Stephanie - Bleed
    Zugma - If Hell Exists, I'm In It

    Best Love Scene Wallpaper

    Aldieb - Shut Your Eyes
    Amber - Save Me
    Bre - Notice
    Clement - Kissing You
    Dana - Love Exists Within Me
    Debbie - Believe
    Ehlwyen - Not Long Enough
    Heather - Head to the Sky
    Jenni-Lou - Stay Away
    J.J. - Perfectly Aligned
    Joe - Closer
    Kate - Hold Me
    Katie - Heartbreaks
    Lexus - Sway
    LRae - Far Away
    Mindy - Hot Blooded
    Nicole - True Love
    Nikki - In Love
    Romain - Closer
    Sayjay - What I'd Give
    Signe - Thank You

    Best Tearjerker Wallpaper

    Amber - Things Fall Apart
    Andrew - Your Warm Arms
    Bre - Want You Here
    Clement - Empty Grave
    Dana - What About Me?
    Debbie - Letting Go
    Ehlwyen - Holding on to a Memory
    Galathea - Shreds
    Heather - You're Not Coming Back
    Jenni-Lou - Taste Goodbye
    J.J. - Sadness
    Joe - Long Time Coming
    Kate - Goodbye to You
    Katie - Heartache
    Lexus - Leave Me
    Linda - Beloved Sister
    Line - No Review
    LRae - Please Don't Forgive Me
    Nicole - This Isn't Real
    Nikki - Heart
    Sayjay - Turn Back Time
    Signe - Mourners
    Stephanie - There is Another

    Please note: ceremony will not begin until the planned times.
    Art by Sayjay at Radiance

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    Best Comedic Wallpaper

    And I'm back to move onto the 5th category of the night. We now have the Best Comedy Wallpaper awards for you guys, with 17 nominees featuring some really funny moments and portrayed in a comedic manner, I can now announce the 7 winners are?

    Best Comedic Wallpaper

    1st Place

    Galathea ? (Un)Lucky with 135 points.
    This award was designed by Signe.

    2nd Place

    Amber ? Dear Mr. First with 102 points.
    This award was designed by J.J.

    3rd Place

    Nikki ? Bite Me with 97 points.
    This award was designed by Sayjay. (Note that this is a limited photo, and not available on the net.)

    4th Place

    Slaygal ? Orgazmater with 80 points.
    This award was designed by Amber.

    5th Place

    Bre ? F*ck Off with 74 points.
    This award was designed by Sayjay. (Note that this is a limited photo, and not available on the net.)


    Marilyne ? Nervous Flyer with 64 points.
    This award was designed by Sayjay.

    Sayjay ? Carpe Diem with 61 points.
    This award was designed by Sayjay.

    We'll be right back, after this short break, for our next set of awards, The Best Use of Stocks. Stay tuned.
    Art by Sayjay at Radiance


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      Ohhhh my god! Best. Awards. Ever! Oh lordy!

      Congrats to the winners!
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        Damn, I can't keep up

        *appluads* Awesome awards, love the awards by SJ, such fabulous pics!! Congrats to all of the winners!!
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          OMG first place! Thank you so much! I totally LOVE my award Signe! Sammy in a clownsmask laughing is like his worst nightmare Congrats to all the winners and the awards are all fantastic!

          *this is one exciting night*


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            Congratulations to artists and award makers for being just damn brilliant.

            *Jumps up and down* Eeeek my favorite squeeable VM men. Love, love that picture!!
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              O. M. G. BEST AWARDS EVAH! Totally agree. And I amazingly adore and giggle-love mine!!! Thank you so much, I'm going to cherish this one forever. It's just... great. Thank you, thank you!!


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                Awesome awards (especially the Jason & Michael ones ) and congrats to all the winners. The pieces were all amazing!
                Banner Set made by the lovely Dana.


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                  Originally posted by Heather View Post
                  Ohhhh my god! Best. Awards. Ever! Oh lordy!

                  Congrats to the winners!
                  I know! I almost SCREAMED when I saw the first place design And SAYJAY! Oh. My. God. My two favorites from VM (Also, I'm so sorry Amber. I just found the comedy award as the only time I'll ever get use Dwight, Lily and Gemma in the same piece )

                  Congrats everyone
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                    Wow, fabulous! I absolutely love that award Amber!!!


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                      wow, I never thought I'd have an award in this category ! thanks a lot ! the award is very gorgeous Sayjay congrats guys !!!!!
                      icon by me

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                        I voted for 4 out of the 6 winners! Seriously, congratulations to everyone in making a funny piece in the first place - I can't do it!! The awards and entries are all great

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                          Congrats to the winners! Especially to Galathea, that wallpaper is hilarious! *hugs*


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                            Sayjay! Bre's award is sooooo fittingly hilarious! Super Awesome! I loved your other one too! Great photo's!

                            I loved this category! I think it was the hardest for me, because I'm largely drawn to a show for it's comedy, and this category really captured some of my all-time favorite comedic scenes!

                            Special congrats to Bre, whose wall decorated my desktop for a few months when she first made it because I nearly busted a gut laughing...and to galathea also for choosing the best screenshots for that wall!

                            Stellar work to all of the entrants and to the award designers! These were so fun to look at!


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                              All hilarious wallpapers, congratulations everyone.


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                                Originally posted by Smth_Blue View Post
                                Congrats to the winners! Especially to Galathea, that wallpaper is hilarious! *hugs*
                                Thanks hon! This is especially exciting for me since I think I totally fail at making funny wallpapers.


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                                  Heh, glad you guys liked the JD&MM pics, I HAD to use the one of them flipping one another off for Bre's **** Off piece, it was too damn fitting!!!

                                  Also thaks to everyone for voting for me in this category, I wasn't expecting to get that many points, and I snagged a runner-up award, so yay!!!

                                  Am off to do another post now, lol!
                                  Art by Sayjay at Radiance


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                                    Congrats again to the winners. Soo loving those awards SJ and the rest of the awards are fantabulous as well. God I'm having soo much fun "jumps and down with excitement" Damn just banged my head!


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                                      OMG Signe! That's frickin amazin and hilarious! I am stunned! Gorgeous awards Sayjay I love that lighting! And jj I love that box design of yours! I love the popart stylin Amber!

                                      Congratulations everyone! I got such a good laugh when going through all these pieces voting!

                                      Lydia made the punch!


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                                        OH. MY. GOD. second place????? AHHH!!!!! *starts the blubbering* I'd like to thank Dana who has always supported me in my art since we became friends in 2004. My boyfriend for walking into the room and thinking that was the funniest scene ever

                                        *music starts*

                                        NO, I will NOT BE STOPPED!

                                        Thank you mom for having me! Thank you Joss for well, everything!

                                        *has to be dragged offstage

                                        and thank you Mindy, I loved making that award.