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  • Category Grouping 4: Extra

    All awards announcements for this category grouping will be presented in this thread once the ceremony begins tonight. I am going to take this opportunity to remind you of our categories and nominees.

    Best Celebrity Piece

    Aldieb - Swallowed in the Sea
    Amy - Kristen
    Andrew - Summer Sarah
    Bre - All I F*cking Wanna Do
    Ciderdrinker - Lady in the Water
    Clement - Sarah Michelle Gellar
    Dana - Buffy Lives
    Debbie - Weep
    Ehlwyen - Aspire
    Galathea - Frozen
    Heather - Jessica Alba
    Jenni-Lou - Suicide Makeover
    J.J. - Chemical Stress
    Joe - Dreamworld
    Kate - Gave All My Heart
    Katie - Just Smile For Me
    Lexus - Alba & Bell
    Linda - Sarah Michelle Gellar
    Line - So Perfect
    LRae - Josh Holloway
    Marie - Eyes
    Marilyne - Little Boys Grow Old
    Matilda - Catherine Deneuve
    Mindy - The Bitch
    Nicole - Class
    Peace - Popart
    Romain - La Mome
    Signe - Marilyne
    Zugma - Helena Bonham Carter

    Best Film Art

    Aldieb - Especially in Michigan
    Amber - Insanity
    Amy - Dirty Dancing
    Andrew - Eternal Sunshine Clouds
    Arista - Panther
    Bre - Give Me My Sin Again
    Clement - Life
    Dan - Beyond the Goblin City
    Heather - Sanity
    J.J. - Dumbledore's Army
    Kate - Enchanted
    Linda - Grindhouse
    Line - More Than Meets the Eye
    Marilyne - The Dark Lord
    Nicole - No Happy Ending
    Romain - Destiny
    Signe - You Know Who
    Stephanie - Kindling Light
    Zugma - Ghost

    Best Wallscroll

    Amber - 8 Easy Steps
    Amy - Run Up To The Breakdown
    Bre - Forever And a Day
    Ciderdrinker - Dead and Gone
    Clement - The Young & The Restless
    Debbie - The Body
    Ehlwyen - Cogs
    Galathea - Proud of You
    Jenni-Lou - Recovering the Satellites
    Kate - My Confession
    Marilyne - The Body
    Nikki - Stand Still
    Nicole - Oceans Away
    Peace - My Last Mistake
    Sayjay - Set Me Free
    Signe - Begin
    Stephanie - One Terrible Night

    Please note: ceremony will not begin until the planned times.
    Art by Sayjay at Radiance

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    Best Film Wallpaper

    I am going to dive right into our next category of the evening, which is "Best Film Wallpaper". We received 18 brilliant nominated pieces in this category covering the familiar Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, as well as various other films. There are 7 awards for this category, so good luck to those of you nominated!

    Best Film Wallpaper

    1st Place

    Zugma ? Ghost with 144 points.
    This award was designed by Andrew.

    2nd Place

    Stephanie ? Kindling Light with 131 points.
    This award was designed by Jenni-Lou.

    3rd Place

    Signe ? You Know Who with 74 points.
    This award was designed by Heather.

    4th Place

    Arista ? Panther with 66 points.
    This award was designed by Sayjay.

    5th Place

    J.J. ? Dumbledore's Army with 61 points.
    This award was designed by Katie.


    Bre ? Give Me My Sin Again with 59 points.
    This award was designed by Jenni-Lou.

    Aldieb ? Especially in Michigan with 52 points.
    This award was designed by Jenni-Lou.

    We certainly are on a roll with the awards now! Further congrats are in order to those of you who have just picked up a Best Film Wallpaper award. We are now going to take another short break before continuing with the ceremony. I hope everyone is enjoying themselves, and hope to see you again in a few short minutes for our Best Comedic Wallpaper awards!

    Art by Sayjay at Radiance


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      Ack! Sweetness! Jenni Lou's episode awards are hiliarious! THANK YOU! Congratulations to the winners!


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        Oh my god, Jenni Lou. I just fangasmed a bit when I saw Steve Carell on the award (Also, Heather! Plastics. Pink. Polka dots. ) Beautiful awards everyone!

        WHOA!MYGOD That's my name I'm going to have to go thank Katie for the amazing design!
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        buy a new diamond ring for me


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          Oh damn, these awards are brilliant. Espcially in love with Sayjays and Katies awards .. so forceful and pretty! Heh, I think everyone I voted for won an award! Congrats all!


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            *Help my mouse is burning up with all this clicking back and forth* Anyway congrats again to all the winners. Such amazing entries and the awards are in the words of Austin Powers "Groovy Baby"


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              Gorgeous awards again and congrats to the winners!
              Banner Set made by the lovely Dana.


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                *applauds* Gorgeous awards! Big congrats to all of the winners, you guys did a fab job!

                *is having an awesome night and loving this ceremony*
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                  This was such a tough category, Congratulations to all the winners!!, The awards are awesome

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                    wow, such awesome awards...Jenni, I especially the runner up awards! They're just gorgeous!

                    Congrats to all of the well-deserved winners in this category! Super work!


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                      Wonderful, just wonderful!

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                        Woooo! Congrats everyone! Jenni Lou's awards that she made are to die for - as are everyone else's!
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                        YAY! AFA'S! COME CELEBRATE WITH US!


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                          Gorgeous entries and awards!!!


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                            congrats people !
                            icon by me

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                              Wow, those runner-up awards are so awesome!!

                              Congrats to everyone!


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                                Omg those awards are amazing!!! Congrats again to all the winners!!
                                >> and we want s p e c t a c u l a r v i e w s if we're to stay for the w e e k e n d <<


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                                  Aw, thanks! I'm glad the awards are well-liked! Congrats tro the winners!
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                                    *offers drink to date Dana, and squeals with delight at the awards!


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                                      Most excellent awards! Oooh look even Sin City!

                                      Congratulations to everyone! Beautiful artwork and I hadn't even seen most of these movies!

                                      Also wanted to shout out to Nicole how much I loved her piece! I think I told you this when you first posted it last summer, but seeing it again made me fall in love all over!

                                      Lydia made the punch!


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                                        Originally posted by Amber View Post
                                        *offers drink to date Dana, and squeals with delight at the awards!
                                        *cheers with Amber and drinks* This is nummyness! Awesome night, don't ya think?
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                                        With the return of PAAP comes the integration of Screencap Paradise
                                        Keep a look out for Chosen Art, Roadhouse and the others