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My Quest for BF: How I Found The Forum

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  • My Quest for BF: How I Found The Forum

    Hi all!

    We mods and most of our VIP members came over here ever since our old forum, BuffyWorld, had started experiencing technical problems and did not work more times than it did. Frustrated by BW's wonkiness, Nikki, our devoted and diligent admin, decided to start a back-up forum, a place where we could go to chat and post whenever BW was down. We were all extremely grateful to Nikki because let's face it we were and are all first BW and now BF addicts. Then over a year ago, BW forum was closed down permanently and we moved over to BF for good.

    We mods tried to set up the new forum (including its guidelines and rules, its sections and sub-sections etc.) as similarly to BW as possible so that old BW members would feel right at home here. The shutdown of BW was a shock to most of us but I think we recovered quickly. Our first day at BF as the permanent forum was filled with giddy excitement and the joy of starting something new. We mods were all eager and excited to get our new home up and running so despite BW's shutdown I have fond memories of my first day here.

    What about you? What is your BF story? How did you discover this place? What was your first day at BF like?

    Come in and share some of these nostalgic memories with other forum members!

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    In the beginning, there was a forum with all my television shows, friends, fanart and fanfic. All was good.

    Unfortunately no great story ends there. Instead, ours begins one January day when without warning the Nothingness engulfed the forum. Denied our kingdom and isolated from other denizens, slowly we coalesced into refugee camps. Too afraid and upset at being displaced, we reveled in the spam. Heated expletives and anxious questions filled the air. When would we get to go home?

    After 21 days, our kingdom reappeared, but was soon swallowed again. Each time the fog subsided we would return home, anxious to forget these huddled cold times, and willing to believe it would never happen again.

    Yet, the Nothingness was ever approaching and continued to obscure our kingdom for weeks at a time with only a few brief days of existence in between. Until finally, our beacon of light Nikki would not tolerate our banishments. Out of silver linings, kittens whiskers, and puppies dreams, she spun a new forum, one that looked like our old kingdom. We followed her there and rejoiced. Happy and content we then noticed our posts and rep points could not come with us. We were naked!

    We didn't know what to do. Should we hide till we could get our old clothes? Should we streak through the forum while gathering new posts and points to wear? Though it was cold, most of dared the elements and scavenged up some ragtag posts.

    Zugma posted the most brilliant art and we all basked in the warm glow. Galathea had obsessively tucked away my SN discussion so we did not have to forage for food but could dive right into familiar food for thought. Determined to make this place definitive and not just another refugee camp, I reopened my "Through the Glass" fanart challenge. Indeed, we had found our new Wonderland.

    This time when the Nothingness reopened our kingdom, we were reluctant to return. Most of us darted in to pack up what we could and capture our memories while they still stood. We now knew that the Nothingness would continue to ravage our once beautiful sanctuary without quarter.

    With a land of sunshine and promise now available, whispers of how to reach it began to spread like wildfire. Most came quickly and quietly. Others could not bear to leave their homes they had so lovingly built and instead raged and demanded the old kingdom be restored. With heavy hearts, we knew the end was now near.

    We stood on the cliffs and said goodbye, when the last attempt to eradicate the fogs was enacted. However this time when the clouds pulled back, we could see it was all gone. Just a few random outcroppings were untouched. Over 3000 of us were as if we never existed there.

    Setting sign posts in the most prominent places, we said goodbye one last time and opened our doors for the new community. Boisterous and in good spirits, ready to commit since there was nothing to go back to, the new kingdom exploded with life. Wounds could now heal and time would allow us to forget.

    I, along with a few others, vigilantly scavenged the inhabitable rocky terrain of the old land for lost souls and guided them here. I was surprised at how many people we saved. Each one so thankful for a little light amongst the confusion. Although we lost everything we had constructed over 5 years, we escaped with our most precious resources, all of you.

    Lydia made the punch!


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      It's amazing how this forum has blossomed and how it managed to bring over a slew of BWers! We should be so thankful that we have this new home and that we were able to find our way over.

      I registered at BuffyWorld forums back in the summer of 2002! Nearly 6 years ago. Wow! And BF has become just what BW was...but more! Because we have our lovely Nikki all in head and in charge!

      So, not much mystery as to how I found my way over. But I know we have a great deal of members who probably have no idea what BW means when they see it written across the boards. But it was where most of us first met. And we are pleased that others have found us on their own to become part of our new family!
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        Originally posted by Jenni Lou View Post
        I registered at BuffyWorld forums back in the summer of 2002! Nearly 6 years ago. Wow! And BF has become just what BW was...but more! Because we have our lovely Nikki all in head and in charge!
        Oh damn yeah! I registered 5 years ago this summer! In that time so many things have happened and BW, and now BF have grown to be a shelter, a place where I can be myself

        "The Change" seemed to be a 'bad' thing, when we lost all our postcount at BW and all things we had build up. But soon it was clear that this was just sooo much better! Like Jenni Lou says, with Nikki in charge, the forum just grows so much more! The difference with someone loving the forum is huge!

        My first day at BW... haha, that was when Nikki had decided that after those 'temp free forums' she would decide on a more perminite one for when BW would go down again, we'd have a better replacement. The BW struggles had been going on for over a month, and so we started building up this community, like Cori said, just like BW, to feel right at home!
        And so we did! Or at least I felt straight at home!

        Can't imagine the days without BF/BW anymore
        And so I hope this is the first aniversary for many many more to come! :2party


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          Oh yeah! Registered a good three years ago, lurked a good six months prior to that... a day without logging in is... weird! Initially I found BW just looking for transcripts prior to owning all the dvds... that was in a smoky internet cafe in Berlin... now I have broadband in my apartment and life is good!!!


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            I came to BW five years ago. And that is still the only forum i can call home online. I love that place for all the amazing people i met here. And for creativity: this place is a huge inspiration for me, here i learnt so much. Can't believe i was totally scared to write my first post, and lurked around for a half a year i think


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              Great stories you guys. I especially loved Ehwylen's tale, it put a smile on my face

              I haven't been around as long as you guys have. I joined BuffyWorld back in July of 2005 and immediately loved the place. Before that I hadn't been a member but used to come to the site to look at transcripts for years.. way before 'Buffy' even ended I'd go on the site and the read the transcripts, I can't keep away from spoilers! One day I decided to check out the forums and I remember seeing a pretty heated conversation about how Buffy should have used nuclear weapons to kill the ubervamp army and that she was an idiot. After hearing the responses, the heated debate, both the nonsensical and intelligent responses, I knew I had to get into this. So I joined. For a while I felt like I didn't exist, I remember for a while no one ever quoted me and I began to wonder if I was non-existent Finally I started to get replies, had my first argument with Pesha, had my first banner made by Peace, had my first lovely private message from Farah.. and I settled..

              Then Buffyworld went down, and Nikki gave us this great place. I was pretty reluctant to move over here, I tried to resist because it was a foreign place to me, I didn't want to loose everything I had built up over at Buffyworld. But I realised I had to, I came over here and posted on Buffy season 8 and it all started again from there. Now this place feels like home and Buffyworld (what's left of it) feels like the alternate reality.

              I don't post in the VIP section a lot, I don't know everyone's personal life like others do, I forget people's names pretty easy, but I still love this place and love readings the members posts in here. It's a great place and I'm so thankful I found it

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                Originally posted by vampmogs View Post
                For a while I felt like I didn't exist, I remember for a while no one ever quoted me and I began to wonder if I was non-existent Finally I started to get replies, had my first argument with Pesha, had my first banner made by Peace, had my first lovely private message from Farah.. and I settled..
                Oh yeah! I was totally shy for a million years... then I realised if I wanted to chat to people, I would have to start, and so I jumped in (to the fanfic comps!) and had a blast!


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                  Originally posted by Veverka View Post
                  Oh yeah! I was totally shy for a million years... then I realised if I wanted to chat to people, I would have to start, and so I jumped in (to the fanfic comps!) and had a blast!
                  It's a bit like that isn't it! I never did a welcome post or anything like that (I can't even remember if they had them over at Buffyworld?) so I just jumped in without introducing myself or anything, you feel like an outsider

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                    I don't remember when exactly I joined Buffyworld, I have no memory at all for dates but I think it was sometime around 2004. At that time I was obsessed with AtS and searched for a transcript, stumbled over Buffyworld and joined the board, but didn't post since my debating home at that time were the old 'City Of Angel' boards. When that board closed down, I packed my things and went on a quest for a new home. I tried other boards, but ultimately the quality of debates on Buffyworld made me stick around and then finally, hesitantly I started posting and just like that *snaps with fingers* BW became my home. Once I settled here I made a speedy run to the 500 post requirement for the VIP section, with most of my posts revolving around AtS analysis and fighting for the Cangel love on the board! That were fun times LOL

                    The biggest influence Buffyworld had on my personal life was that I discovered the fanart community and got drawn in by the wonderful, expressive art there, which made me decide I had to try that too. Inspired by incredible artists like Zugma, Ehlwyen or Nikki I became obsessed with art and finally caved, bought PS in October 2005 and it's a part of my life ever since. I would have never discovered that creative outlet for the love my shows inspire in me, if it wasn't for BW.

                    I was sad to see BW go (and my posts and reps with it ) but I settled into BF very fast and the stability of this board and the fact that Nikki so excellently moderated it, cared for it (which the BW owner never did for his own board) made me feel at home here. May the board live long and thrive for many years to come!


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                      I registered at BuffyWorld Forums years ago. It was like a sanctuary to me, where I could immerse myself and hide from the world because my real life was not going so well. Boy was I shocked when I saw that my sanctuary was no more. Destroyed and never t rebuild. One day I had posted on BW and someone from this great site sent me a message with a link to this wonderful paradise. So now I remain in paradise. I no longer need a sanctuary, but its wonderful to exist in this paradise.


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                        I reregistered in late 2006, early 2007. I began posting prolifically and had gotten close to 600, maybe 700 posts and 200 rep points. I had just entered the first of the new fanfic challenges and become a VIP.

                        And then the site crashed. And, if it hadn't come back up long enough for me to read a post mentioning this place, I might have been SOL with catching up with this community.

                        Luckily, I got the link and here we all are
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                          I was on a late shift at work, surfing the net between calls and taking various Buffy trivia quizzez when i decided to expand my search. I found Buffyworld, lurked around for a bit, read a few posts and was finally tempted to make my very own first post.

                          Funnily enough, it wasn't a Buffy topic that got me started but a thread about religion. I remember some cracking debates on there though (vampmogs i think you contributed to that thread quite a lot, right?)

                          Since then there has been no looking back and BW and now thanks to the wonder of Nikki BF have become my online home. I think it's actually close to physically impossible for me to go online and not find my way here.
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                            Originally posted by tangent View Post
                            Funnily enough, it wasn't a Buffy topic that got me started but a thread about religion. I remember some cracking debates on there though (vampmogs i think you contributed to that thread quite a lot, right?)
                            Mmm might have. It sounds vaguely familiar but can't be positive? I recall having discussions about religion somewhere, but I thought it had something to do with Btvs and Ats but that might just be my memory going a little fuzzy. That stuff usually interests me though, so it's likely if I were a member by that point I'd popped in now and again.

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                              Great post Ehlwyen.

                              Can't remember when I registered at BW but I only posted a few bits of crappy art (I think) I do remember thinking that all the art was awesome, especially Nikki's, Dana's and Jenni Lou's, so that probably made me a bit nervous posting anything else. Probably visited it on a weekly basis, then all the crap started with the down time so I didn't bother much. I think I found the news of BF on Nikki's site, so I mooched on over here in June 2006 and boy I am glad I did. As someone already said there isn't a day when I'm not on here, either posting or having a good old browse. It's the first thing I do in the morning and the last thing at night. (sad I know, but I'm probably not the only one LOL) Words cannot express how much I love this place and all the people on here who make it feel like home. Just like to hijack this post a bit to say thanks to everyone who has given me feedback or help, it's really appreciated. Love you guys


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                                Aww Ehlwyen! *tears up* that was a lovely story, I felt like it should have had "An we all lived happily ever after..." at the end, I'll edit in my story later (Is this party place staying open after today? :S)

                                Gotta go!
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                                  How I found the forum:

                                  I was moving away from home to the cold, dark, friendless north, and Ehlwyen insisted that the best way to keep in touch with her was through Buffyworld private messages, as this was her internet home. I joined up, made tons of PMs to her, and lurked on the forums, until one day (and many days after) the whole thing went down. I freaked, losing my tenuous lifeline to my best friend, called Ehlwyen, and she steered me on over here.


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                                    I don't remeber when I first joined up in Buffyworld, or know how I got here. Perhaps it was through Google with me wanting to know more about what was happening in the shows, wanting to talk about Buffy/Angel in an active site.

                                    But as the years went by, Buffyworld seemed to die, everytime I had a question or wanted to know something or know the next episode of Charmed, Smallville etc, the forum wouldn't let me post. And as weeks past on, I almost gave up until I saw Nikki's post talking about Buffyforums. Taking a last look at Buffyworld I rushed to Buffyforums which was full of activeness. Smallville/Supernatural/Charmed episodes were updated, the old threads were remade and I felt like at home...BUT

                                    The forum wouldn't let me come on as Willow's Tara, it annoyed me to no end so I joined up as Alyson's Amber, finally walking around for a bit as Alyson's Amber and then changing it to Willow's Tara, I remeber the other members, Vengance and others joining up one by one, and at last the forum was alive and I felt home. And where I could get all the information I needed in all of my shows.

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                                      Well I can't compete with Ehlwyen's epic post there, lol, but I'll do my best!

                                      It began with a ship.

                                      Cangel to be precise. I was surfing the web for Cangel-y goodies and fansites when I came across—ironically enough—the long-dead (then) Anti-Cangel thread on BW via Google. I investigated and then found that there was a whole ocean of ships and clubs within reach on the site, including not only a living Cangel thread, but lots of others I shipped and which looked intriguing as well. And upon further investigation I found that there were tons more threads of all different kinds beyond the clubs and ships section--I knew I had to register with this place!

                                      Since I did in June 2006 it quickly became one of my favorite sites, if not my favorite, as I spent tons of time on the forums and in the games, accumulating posts like crazy. Within a year I made it to the 500 mark and had joined VIP—which was lucky, since BW was starting to really be on the fritz by then, seeming as if it was down as often as it was up. I found out a bit late about the new forum BF, since I seemed to have missed the first memo (probably b/c I wasn’t on much in February anyway for Lent--but luckily I did see the announcement/link during one of BW's up times so I wasn't lost from the community forever!), and I remember not thinking much of it then, especially since you couldn’t take all your posts and rep points with you! I still thought that BW would continue to be the main site, and remember scoffing that the suggestion that we make BF the main site early on….

                                      But then, as Ehlwyen so eloquently put it, our wonderful little “kingdom” crashed once and for all as all, with the majority of people’s accounts (mine own included, which had made it to 600 posts) eliminated forever (though luckily I had been able to get VIP here while I still had an account on BW for Nikki to verify). It was then that I realized that BF was our home now, that we were here to stay—and I’m glad we have. It has been a great place, and a great time rebuilding the community here, and much better under Nikki’s control! I’m so glad we all had a place to move to and keep the lovely BW community intact, though I’m also glad that so many new people have joined in as well here!

                                      Now this place really is home, and is just as good if not better than BW was in its heydey! Even if I spend a bit too much time here sometimes, it’s worth it to spend quality time with you fine folks geeking out about our favorite shows! It’s been an eventful journey from BW to BF, but totally worth it! Like Tangent, it is very hard for me to go online without coming her first or second thing! Thanks to Nikki and everyone else for making BF the wonderful place it is!
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                                        Well, I obviously must tell this story again (because somebody told me to.)! I'll tell it from the beginning this time, instead of backwards. And with a little more detail, because I'm bored and I like reading stuff I type

                                        I found Buffyworld through various fanart sites. Nothing exciting there, except for the fact that I found it through all the people who inspired me and continue to inspire me. I just notice a lot of people entered Buffyworld fanart challenges, and it seemed like something fun I had to do. I think it was like, the beginning of 2006 when I started posting (because that was just before I opened More Adventurous)

                              , fun, Buffyworld fun passes and the forum goes boom. Sad. I kind of backed off for a little bit, not knowing what the whole forum situation was. But it was a sad, sad time. Like there was a void in my life. Because I obsessively stalked the awesometastic Ehlwyen, and without Buffyworld, the stalking was a little difficult. That's when I decided I had to follow her here. And I'm completely serious.

                                        Oh gosh, I almost forgot the ROFL Waffle bit. I'm a big ROFL Waffle enthusiast, and I had a bit of a hunch that Buffy Forums would be the best place for my ROFL Waffles. (And OH! I was right!)
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