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  • Welcome to Party Central

    One year ago today BuffyForums opened its doors to everyone.

    We think it's been very successful first year; I just want to share with you how well we've done:

    - 520 members in total, 240 that have visited in the last 30 days
    - On average 110 members visit everyday
    - On average 2 new members join everyday
    - Between 600 and 900 posts are made everyday
    - Between 6 and 11 threads are started everyday

    The community is very much growing and everyone has played their part, hence party time

    I hope you can all take the opportunity to look around this special one day only section and take part in the games, chats and fun.

    If you have any questions please ask in here and don't forget to sign the Roll Call thread on your way out, we want a keepsake of every member who enjoyed this party

    Have fun and thank you for your part in making BuffyForums the success it is one year after it started

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    In this section today you can find several threads that should be fun to participate in. Please come in and join in, we will keep all these threads as a memento of our first year in the big wide world!! All the threads have an introduction so everything should be clear but if not ask in here

    We also have a clothing thread for you to pick something to wear for the party. And of course a chat thread for those who want to just hang out.

    Also to let you know about a couple of new hacks on the forum, there is a notepad in the UserCP which you can store text for any given reason, very useful. And in everyone's profile there is a world map showing the timezone of the member.