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  • Characters in Three Words

    I saw this in another forum and thought it's interesting and fun, write three words you think fit this character:

    Buffy – strength, endurance, forgiveness,
    Xander - loyalty, courage, protectiveness
    Willow - change, power, sensitivity
    Giles – father-figure, guidance, tradition
    Angel – redemption, persistence, leading
    Cordelia – honesty, growth, independence
    Oz - tranquility, intelligence, laid back
    Riley - dependability, sweetness, solidity
    Anya - frankness, innocence, depending
    Tara - nature, kindness, caring
    Spike - growth, love, determination
    Dawn - innocence, youth, cleverness
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    I can't think of three for all the characters right now so the couple I have thought about I'll post now

    Buffy- Resilience. Love. Possibility.

    Xander- Protectiveness. Loyalty. Courage.

    Willow- Power. Gifted. Nurturing.

    Angel- Redemption. Selflessness. Hope.

    Cordelia- Change. Determination. Sacrifice.

    Giles- Guidance. Knowledge. Authoritarian.

    Tara- Delicate. Kindness. Earthy.

    I'll post more later

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      I don't think it is real to sum up people as if they had no negative or ambivalent features.

      Buffy: Courageous. Autocratic. Ruthless.

      Willow: Loving. Brilliant. Egotistical.

      Xander: Loyal. Brave. Thick.

      Cordelia: Vain. Snobbish. Heroic.

      Angel: Soulful. Melancholy. Fighter.

      Dawn: Innocent. Charming. Irritating.

      More later maybe.


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        This is all i could get done at the moment. maybe more later.

        Buffy ? stubborn, powerful, victory
        Xander - loyal, stubborn, heroic
        Willow - power-hungry, genius, powerful
        Giles ? rebel, learned, ruthless
        Angel ? atonement, father, loss


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          Moving this to the game section, it's more that than a discussion