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Scavenger hunt!!!!

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  • Scavenger hunt!!!!

    Hey everyone!
    I have a great idea i really would love to try out here. I've never done a scavenger hunt on a forum but i think it would be an excellent idea!!! All the participators would have a great time, and it could be a great learning experience for everyone, and it would be a chance to show off your creativity!!!! We are all from different countries, and i feel it would be awesome to see some sites from other countries from people we talk to on a daily basis!!

    Rules of the hunts will be as followed:
    ~This is a camera scavenger hunt, meaning you will need to be able to post pictures on BF at least on a weekly basis. And be in the pictures as well, we need to know that you took the pic!

    ~Every scavenger hunt will be lead by one person, that person will pick several things for the participants to take pictures of. Once the scavenger hunt is over that scavenger hunt leader will nominate a willing party for the next hunt.

    ~The scavenger hunt leader will pick things that will be acsessible to everyone, and also will pick the points of the hunt items, and deadline.

    ~Anyone can join in any hunt at any time.

    ~At the end of each hunt points will be counted up and the winner will have the highest amount of points.

    ~The leader of the scavenger hunt is allowed to participate in the hunt, but not allowed to win that particular hunt.

    If anyone can come up with any rules that i havent stated please im open to suggestions!!!

    This will be great fun if you guys are willing to try it out!

    I will wait until Monday November 17 until i post the first scavenger hunt list. RSVP please!!! I would love to know who is willing to try out my experiment!!! I as well will be playing in the scavenger hunt. I hope you all will join in on the fun!!!!!
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