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Fantasy Show League: or the superteam game

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  • Fantasy Show League: or the superteam game

    You've heard of fantasy football, right? Where you create your own superteam out of players from different teams.

    Well, I'd like you to do the same with TV shows. But, instead of goalkeepers, strikers, defenders and whatnot, the "players" are as follows. If there are any key roles you think should also be included, feel free to add to this list And, if you fancy, add a bit about how you think those charactes would fit together and what the hell they're doing working together, living together. Think Justice League. Think the best, most crazy crossover in the world. If it makes your life easier, you could stick to Jossverse characters.

    [b]The protagonist[b]: eg Buffy, Agent Cooper on Twin Peaks, Doctor Who, Doctor House, George in Dead Like Me

    NB: If your fantasy show team runs as an ensemble, pck the person who'll get the most screen time. Or you could have a pair - eg if you're doing a Bones type show, you could have two characters are the protagonists, though I'd say Bones herself is really the protagonist...but, arguable perhaps

    [b]The nemesis - doesn't have to be evil if your show's not about good and evil[b]: eg Angelus, Arnie Vinnick in the West Wing (an eg of a non evil nemesis/opponent figure). This character could, of course, become a love interest, so you may combine it with the next figure.

    Mission's true love: (as Graham on Buffy put it). The love interest. The one the protagonist gets it on with. Could be the nemesis, could be many of the other types...or could be its own category, mostly there to be in love with/be loved by the main character. EG Donna on the West Wing (you know, if you're a lemonlyman subscriber and think that it's All About Josh .

    The maverick cool guy/gal baddie with a heart: eg Omar on the Wire, Spike, Gwen Raiden.

    The best friend/s: Eg Willow and Xander - you can have a few of these, or just the one.

    The mentor: This can be a parent, if the protagonist is young, or a teacher, or a boss, or just a creepy old dude who happens to hang around. You can miss this figure out if you don't feel they're appropriate. Instead they could have....

    The consigliere - the protagonist's advisor, sometimes the power behind the throne, but usually the one they listen to. EG stringer bell in The Wire. This character can take over the most powerful spot, if it's that kind of show. In Buffy, I'd say this figure is often Xander. It can be combined with the best friend role if it's a friends-having sort of a show.

    The alien: Anya, Illyria, Data, Spock. The outsider in a group who doesn't quite get how things work. Often a comedy character.

    The idiot: someone who's mostly there to bring the funny, who's often a bit stupid, or at least naive. But sometimes they can have a rough kind of wisdom, and a strange kind of beauty and charm to them. EG Jayne, Andrew on Buffy, Joey on Friends, Zack on Bones.

    The clown - not always the same as the idiot, the clown tends to be more aware of their role as comedian/loveable loser/performer. EG Xander or Lorne or Doyle on Angel, or CJ on The West Wing (playing to the crowd of journos).

    The Strong Silent Type: This isn't always the protagonist or the love interest, so I thought it's an interesting one to add. They're the person in the team or group who's loyal, tough, plays their cards close to their chest, and doesn't always let people close. On Buffy, that's possibly Angel, though arguably is also the love interest of the protagonist or the best friend. On Babylon 5, it's Ivanova, on Firefly, it's Zoe (though there's also an argument for Mal, but I find him a bit too chirpy for that!).

    The bitch: Cordelia. Lilah. They pretty much sum it up.

    The seer: someone who isn't quite operating with a full set, or on the same plane as others, but has access to insights that others don't. Phoebe from friends (what? She's so got powers ), River on Firefly, Dru on Buffy, Lily in Veronica Mars - she's just a ghost in the memory of Veronica, but she's very much a character, one who provides insights through dreams and flashbacks.

    The mother: not always a literal mother, but the one who holds things together and takes care of people. Tara on Buffy, for example, or Mrs Landingham on the West Wing.

    The ******* psycho who may or may not learn the error of his ways/reveal new layers: Owen on Torchwood, Logan on Veronica Mars.

    That's all for now, but do add more. Will do my own superteam shortly!

    -- Robofrakkinawesome BANNER BY FRANCY --