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  • Claim Your Episode Tournament

    Ok, this was a game we played a long time ago back on Buffyworld...probably named differently, though...

    The idea is to have a tournament of episode battles but with each player representing an episode.

    How it will work is that there are 254 episodes total between Buffy and Angel. Every one will be assigned episodes on a first come, first serve basis.

    First, I need you all to sign up to play. Once I get a list of how many will be playing, I'll know how many episodes each person will be playing with.

    For example, if 10 people sign up, each person will have 25 episodes (with 4 episodes left over).

    We will play single elimination rounds. Each episode you have will be assigned a number, not known to anyone else...when the numbers are called, those episodes will battle it out. If your episode loses, then it is eliminated. Once all of your episodes are eliminated, so are you and you will not be the winner of the may still vote of course, but you just won't win. The winning episode crowns the tournament winner.

    So, what I need from you all right now is to just sign up to play....after a day or so I'll post instructions for how you go about getting your episodes...

    Any questions, just ask!

    Let's play!!!!

    Episodes BOLDED are still available (but be sure to check the few posts above yours in case I didn't get them updated)

    Welcome to the Hellmouth - holypotatoes
    The Harvest - holypotatoes
    Witch - carousel_girl8
    Teacher's Pet
    Never Kill a Boy on the First Date - Nostalgia
    The Pack - holypotatoes
    Angel - LRae12
    I Robot, You Jane - Ojuice5001
    The Puppet Show - holypotatoes
    Nightmares - Chosen1
    Out of Mind, Out of Sight - Blasterboy
    Prophecy Girl - Ojuice5001

    When She was Bad - Nostalgia
    Some Assembly Required - Ojuice5001
    School Hard - holypotatoes
    Inca Mummy Girl - Ojuice5001
    Reptile Boy
    Halloween - ShinyFirefly
    Lie to Me - Blasterboy
    The Dark Age - holypotatoes
    What's My Line Part 1 - skinless
    What's My Line Part 2 - debbiefm
    Ted - ShinyFirefly
    Bad Eggs - holypotatoes
    Surprise - holypotatoes
    Innocence ~ LRae12
    Phases - ShinyFirefly
    Bewitched, Bothered, & Bewildered - Nostalgia
    Passion - debbiefm
    Killed by Death - sherrilina
    I Only Have Eyes for You - sherrilina
    Go Fish - carousel_girl8
    Becoming Part 1 - holypotatoes
    Becoming Part 2 - holypotatoes

    Anne - ShinyFirefly
    Dead Man's Party - Pandora's Box
    Faith, Hope, & Trick - debbiefm
    Beauty & the Beasts - debbiefm
    Homecoming - Ojuice5001
    Band Candy - skinless
    Revelations - debbiefm
    Lover's Walk - Chosen1
    The Wish - Pandora's Box
    Amends - debbiefm
    Gingerbread - holypotatoes
    Helpless - Nostalgia
    The Zeppo - Ojuice5001
    Bad Girls - Ojuice5001
    Consequences - Ojuice5001
    Dopplegangland - skinless
    Enemies - holypotatoes
    Earshot - sherrilina
    Choices - debbiefm
    The Prom - debbiefm
    Graduation Day 1 - holypotatoes
    Graduation Day 2 - carousel_girl8

    The Freshmen - ShinyFirefly
    Living Conditions - LRae12
    The Harsh Light of Day - sherrilina
    Fear, Itself - ShinyFirefly
    Beer Bad - carousel_girl8
    Wild at Heart - Wild at Heart
    The Initiative - Nostalgia
    Pangs - LRae12
    Something Blue - LRae12
    Hush - skinless
    Doomed - Jenni Lou
    A New Man - carousel_girl8
    The I in Team - Jenni Lou
    Goodbye Iowa - Ojuice5001
    This Year's Girl - sherrilina
    Who Are You? - Nostalgia
    Where the Wild Things Are - ShinyFirefly
    New Moon Rising - Nostalgia
    The Yoko Factor - LRae12
    Primeval - Ojuice5001
    Restless - Nostalgia

    Buffy vs. Dracula - Chosen1
    Real Me - Ojuice5001
    The Replacement - debbiefm
    Out of My Mind - Jenni Lou
    No Place Like Home - Nostalgia
    Family - skinless
    Fool for Love - holypotatoes
    Shadow - Jenni Lou
    Listening to Fear - skinless
    Into the Woods - Chosen1
    Triangle - Chosen1
    Checkpoint - sherrilina
    Blood Ties - Jenni Lou
    Crush - holypotatoes
    I Was Made to Love You - Blasterboy
    The Body - Blasterboy
    Forever - Pandora's Box
    Intervention - Jenni Lou
    Tough Love - Blasterboy
    Spiral - Pandora's Box
    Weight of the World - holypotatoes
    The Gift - Blasterboy

    Bargaining 1 - sherrilina
    Bargaining 2 - skinless
    After Life - Nostalgia
    Flooded - Pandora's Box
    Life Serial - Jenni Lou
    All the Way - carousel_girl8
    Once More With Feeling - Chosen1
    Tabula Rasa - LRae12
    Smashed - debbiefm
    Wrecked - Pandora's Box
    Gone - Blasterboy
    Doublemeat Palace - Pandora's Box
    Dead Things - Nostalgia
    Older & Far Away - LRae12
    As You Were - Jenni Lou
    Hells Bells - debbiefm
    Normal Again - LRae12
    Entropy - ShinyFirefly
    Seeing Red - Blasterboy
    Villains - Pandora's Box
    Two to Go - sherrilina
    Grave - Pandora's Box

    Lessons - holypotatoes
    Beneath You - Chosen1
    Same Time, Same Place - carousel_girl8
    Help - skinless
    Selfless - holypotatoes
    Him - Chosen1
    Conversations With Dead People - Pandora's Box
    Sleeper - Pandora's Box
    Never Leave Me - Pandora's Box
    Bring on the Night - Pandora's Box
    Showtime - debbiefm
    Potential - Chosen1
    The Killer in Me
    First Date - Pandora's Box
    Get It Done - skinless
    Storyteller - Pandora's Box
    Lies My Parents Told Me - Chosen1
    Dirty Girls - Pandora's Box
    Empty Places - Pandora's Box
    Touched - debbiefm
    End of Days - Jenni Lou
    Chosen - Pandora's Box

    City Of.... - LRae12
    Lonely Hearts - Nostalgia
    In The Dark - Chosen1
    I Fall To Pieces
    Room With A View - Chosen1
    Sense and Sensitivity - Jenni Lou
    The Bachelor Party - skinless
    I Will Remember You - debbiefm
    Hero - skinless
    Parting Gifts - LRae12
    Somnambulist - skinless
    Expecting - carousel_girl8
    She - Nostalgia
    I've Got You Under My Skin - Blasterboy
    The Prodigal - sherrilina
    The Ring - Blasterboy
    Five By Five - Blasterboy
    Sanctuary - holypotatoes
    War Zone - ShinyFirefly
    Blind Date - sherrilina
    To Shanshu In L.A - Blasterboy

    Judgment - sherrilina
    Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been? - ShinyFirefly
    First Impressions - ShinyFirefly
    Untouched - sherrilina
    Dear Boy - debbiefm
    Guise Will Be Guise - LRae12
    Darla - debbiefm
    The Shroud of Rahmon - Nostalgia
    The Trial - Chosen1
    Reunion - ShinyFirefly
    Redefinition - Nostalgia
    Blood Money - Blasterboy
    Happy Anniversary - ShinyFirefly
    The Thin Dead Line - ShinyFirefly
    Reprise - Jenni Lou
    Epiphany - Jenni Lou
    Disharmony - sherrilina
    Dead End - ShinyFirefly
    Belonging - carousel_girl8
    Over The Rainbow - ShinyFirefly
    Through The Looking Glass - sherrilina
    There's No Place Like Plrtz Glrb - skinless

    Heartthrob - Chosen1
    That Vision Thing - sherrilina
    That Old Gang Of Mine - LRae12
    Carpe Noctem - skinless
    Fredless - LRae12
    Billy - LRae12
    Offspring - debbiefm
    Quickening - skinless
    Lullaby - ShinyFirefly
    Dad - carousel_girl8
    Birthday - sherillina
    Provider - carousel_girl8
    Waiting In The Wings - sherrilina
    Couplet - carousel_girl8
    Loyalty - carousel_girl8
    Sleep Tight - carousel_girl8
    Forgiving - Blasterboy
    Double Or Nothing - carousel_girl8
    The Price - Jenni Lou
    A New World - ShinyFirefly
    Benediction - Blasterboy
    Tomorrow - Jenni Lou

    Deep Down - sherrilina
    Ground State - Ojuice5001
    The House Always Wins - Ojuice5001
    Slouching Towards Bethlehem - Nostalgia
    Supersymmetry - carousel_girl8
    Spin The Bottle - Chosen1
    Apocalypse, Nowish - Jenni Lou
    Habeas Corpses - Jenni Lou
    Long Day's Journey - Blasterboy
    Awakening - sherrilina
    Soulless - Jenni Lou
    Calvary - Blasterboy
    Salvage - carousel_girl8
    Release - LRae12
    Orpheus - Chosen1
    Players - Nostalgia
    Inside Out - Jenni Lou
    Shiny Happy People - Nostalgia
    The Magic Bullet - Blasterboy
    Sacrifice - carousel_girl8
    Peace Out - Ojuice5001
    Home - Ojuice5001

    Conviction - Ojuice5001
    Just Rewards - Nostalgia
    Hellbound - Ojuice5001
    Life of the Party - Chosen1
    The Cautionary Tale of Numbero Cinco - skinless
    Lineage - Ojuice5001
    Destiny - Chosen1
    Harm's Way - Ojuice5001
    Soul Purpose - debbiefm
    Damage - LRae12
    You're Welcome - skinless
    Why We Fight - skinless
    Smile Time - carousel_girl8
    A Hole In The World - LRae12
    Shells - Pandora's Box
    Underneath - Jenni Lou
    Origin - LRae12
    Time Bomb - Blasterboy
    The Girl In Question - Chosen1
    Power Play - skinless
    Not Fade Away - Shiny Firefly
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    Oh, this seems really fun.. Sure I'll play..

    I know Dead Things is mine..
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      I'm in.
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        Okay then.
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        • #5
          Me, me, me
          No power in the 'verse can stop me.


          • #6
            I wanna Play too.


            • #7
              I'm not sure if I get how this game is played but OF COURSE I'LL PLAY!!!!!!!!!! I better get ENEMIES.

              I kind of hope I don't get Angel episodes though. Mostly because I don't watch Angel so I might be lost.
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                I'm in......


                • #9
                  I'll play


                  • #10
                    I'll play! Yay!
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                    • #11
                      Count me in too...sounds like fun


                      • #12
                        I'm in! And of course you know which epp I'll be claiming... (Hint: Rhymes with Earth Day! )
                        Promise that you'll return to me.

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                        • #13

                          I'm not too late, right? I hope I'm not


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                            Ok, so we have 13 players....

                            Here's how we will decide who gets what eppy...

                            Like I said in my first post, it's on a first-come first serve signed up in the following order....

                            1. LRae12
                            2. Nostalgia
                            3. Ojuice5001
                            4. Jenni Lou
                            5. ShinyFirefly
                            6. skinless
                            7. holypotatoes
                            8. Pandora's Box
                            9. carousel_girl8
                            10. Chosen1
                            11. debbiefm
                            12. sherrilina
                            13. BlasterBoy

                            So, we will go in that order choosing episodes...There are 254...everyone will get 19 and there will be 7 left over that will be eliminated right off the bat.

                            After you see the person listed above you choose an episode, feel free to choose yours so we can get through the choosing process quickly. I'll try and update the first post in this thread as often as I can to keep you updated as to which episodes are left unclaimed, but be sure to check the first post, and the few above you to make sure it's free.

                            Once everyone has chosen their 19 episodes, I'll give you all instructions on where we go from there....

                            So, since I was first up, I'm going with Innocence

                            Next up, is Nostalgia...

                   order to keep this moving quickly...if you do not post your episode pick within 24 hours of the person above you, you will be skipped and will have to wait until your turn the next round where you may pick two. I think that's fair, and it won't hold the game up for 6 weeks just to pick episodes.
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                            • #15
                              I'll take Dead Things

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                              • #16
                                Darn it! I'm last Good thing I won't have to say all the good ones are gone


                                • #17
                                  Since some people aren't here, can we just, not go in order? That would be interesting....


                                  • #18
                                    Am I talking to myself? Man, I think I am.


                                    • #19
                                      It's like I'm a robot. A cool robot that loves awesome episodes! How 'bout that? Can I be a cool robot? Not temperature wise, but, ya know, cool.

                                      Maybe I should stop?


                                      • #20
                                        Okay then, but if anyone picks my epp I'll beat them with a shovel a la Willow....
                                        Promise that you'll return to me.

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