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    oke... this is random and weird but I started reading this fanfic on buffyworld, way back but never had a chance to finish it, and now I can't find it anymore.... so I'll just write a few things I can still remember from the story and maybe someone recognises his/her story or has read is as well and can tell me if I can find it anywhere else.... soo here it goes...

    It was an au where everybody was human and in highschool together... Elizabeth (buffy) and William (spike) (I think) used to be these great friends, but then he got popular and well Buffy didn't.... There was something with Spike's mom having killed herself and when Buffy needs to tutor Spike the two grow closer and go out ...

    Well... that's about all I can remember.. so well.. if you recognise anything and can help me find the story I'd be thrilled (I just have way to much free time on my hands...)

    love malou
    hiding, scared
    why won't it let go?
    What did I do?
    Will it ever end?
    Ever get better?