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New but not really (use to come here before)

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  • New but not really (use to come here before)

    Not really new here to the board....I use to register here before during the last season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (or was that after, I can't remember) when it was a very busy board. I was under a different username before which I think was JayTheCanadian or CanadianJay (can't remember) but I didn't post much back then.

    Just awhile ago, I re registered (my first username must have been deleted for that reason) as CanadianJay. I saw the thread about the closing down of the site and board before but it looks like it was taken over by somebody else to bring the board and site back.

    Now had to join again as it looks like the board got revamped again.

    Anyways....I like the new look of the board and hoping to be more active here than before.

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    Welcome back to BF.
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      Welcome to BuffyForums!! Glad you found your way here!

      It's been a hectic year here but this new board is all Nikki's so we're glad to have an active owner and administrator now. Hopefully activity will pick up once the fall tv season starts. Though there is a lot of action in the Buffy S8 Comic section.

      Basically all the same rules which you can read at the top of any section. And if you have any questions or comments let us know.

      Look forward to seeing you around!

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        Welcome to BF CanadianBtVSFan/JayTheCanadian/CanadianJay! Have a great time posting.
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          Yello! Also from Canada here But the other coast from you Hope we don't clash too much!

          See ya about



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            In the Fan art forum, can you request a banner or avatar to be made?


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              The Avatar Request thread is in the Miscellaneous Section. You can request banners in there as well, however members can only have a banner in their signature here after 3 months and 250 posts.

              Lydia made the punch!


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                Welcome CanadianBtVSFan! Enjoy your stay


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                  Hello and welcome to Buffy Forums! Glad you found your way here!

                  Please check out our posting rules and guidelines and our FAQ! Thank you.

                  Happy posting!