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  • Hi Again

    Hey all, it's good to be back.

    When I heard from Maria about what went down with BuffyWorld, I felt like I lost something very dear to me. Granted, I never posted all that much (due to procrastination, laziness and the absence of an Internet conection at home), but I read alot of posts and the whole place made me feel like there was someplace I belonged where everybody understood the language I was speaking. So, its good to have a place to go to again.

    So I guess I have to do this again:

    Well, I'm Hazlin and I hail from Malaysia. And I don't blame you if you don't know where that is cos I get it all the time. I'm 21 and have been watching Buffy since I was 11. On our tv, we got Buffy a year late; so when you guys were watching season 5, I only got season 4. But no matter, cos I always had the Net to keep me updated.

    The Jossverse for me is like having my life defined when I have lost the words to do so. I feel like besides it being a source of great entertainment, it also helps me put a lot of things into focus and understand things I would never have. I've learned alot from it and I believe I am a better person after being part of this 'verse.

    As of yet, I have never met another fan here in Malaysia. Not anyone who watches Buffy/Angel the way we would anyway. Some of them are just people who watch it every now and then for the fun of it but never get it. So it's been hard not having anyone to talk Joss with. But I met Maria on BuffyWorld, and its' great that we're in the same region, so we get together sometimes and we have a great time discussing the Jossverse.

    So again, it's good to be back. I feel like I've found a home again. Yay, can't wait to post.

    Joss is Boss.

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    Welcome to BF!!!!!!!!!! Have a great time posting.

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      Welcome to BF. Hope you have a great time.
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        Welcome to BF it is great you've found the site and made such a good friend since BW

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          Hello and welcome to Buffy Forums! Glad you found your way here!

          Please check out our posting rules and guidelines and our FAQ! Thank you.

          Happy posting!


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            Hey there Welcome to Buffy Fourms

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              Welcome to Buffy Forums...

              Talk to you around the boards


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                Thanks guys for the warm welcome. It's great to be back here with all you people.


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                  There you are gorgeous!! I was just thinking of calling you again, using my husband's Malaysian line I'm ecstatic you're here and will now do the dance of joy. Welcome home. Now I can do the long-delayed posting of our picture as soon as I get another ounce of courage. Enjoy yourself
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                    Thanks all. It does seem like coming home. Now I'll go do my dance of joy!