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  • Found you!

    Hi all! it has took me a while but I have found you! well I didn't find you myself I got a member of a parenting forum to do it for me! (I was never any good at hide and seek) now as I hadn't been a member of the other forum for long, heres a quick recap
    Cath, 34, married, 4 kids from Scotland!
    There that didn't take long, did it?
    good to see some familar names, look forward to posting!

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    Hi, Cath. Welcome to our new home here at BuffyForums!

    Have fun posting.


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      Hi Cath, welcome to the forum!
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        Welcome to BF Cath!!!!!!!!!!! It's very nice to meet you. Hope you have fun posting here.
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          Welcome home, Cath! This is a great place where you will find (almost) all the posters from the old BW (Great Database Disaster and Account Annihilation madness of 2007 - if you haven't heard, over 2,000 profiles were lost/deleted at BW.)

          Almost all of us old school BW posters really love it here and lots are saying that no matter what happens with the forum at BW, ths is our new home!

          I'm Cinderela, a *very* unnoficial Cheerleader for staying here - it's very homey and cozy and since the rules are the same and Nikki is even making some improvements to make it even better, I hope you'll stay with us!

          Happy posting!
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            Hi and welcome to Buffy Forums! Glad you found your way here!

            Please read the posting rules and guidelines and our FAQ! Thank you.

            Happy posting!


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              Hi Cathy!! Good to have you here with us!!
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                Hello, welcome, enjoy


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                  Welcome to the forum!
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